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Taking any business to the next level requires the collaborative efforts of the leader and the team to ensure positive, healthy team culture and alignment. Often, external coaching is needed to facilitate alignment and planning both within and between teams so the business can achieve truly transformational growth. Management consultants assess business practices and develop viable solutions with the company leaders to align the operational, cultural, and organizational goals, identify problems and create strategic solutions. Management consultants also help to identify the overarching company challenges and work with the client to drive better outcomes.

This issue of The Enterprise World’s Most Trusted Change Management Consulting/Service Companies is featuring VIKRITI Management Consulting, a company that assists their clients to harness the power of change to achieve success in the marketplace.

The Company

Founded in 2015, VIKRITI Management Consulting is a company that specializes in delivering complex change management projects, all with a people centric approach. VIKRITI is a certified woman owned, minority owned and small business.

VIKRITI Management Consulting differentiates itself from other companies with their dedicated focus on all the ,stakeholders in their clients’ organizations. This key factor ensures acceptance and alignment across the entire organization, and helps them implement successful, long-term change. Most companies employ a top down, metrics driven approach to strategic change initiatives, which work well on paper but often fail without true employee acceptance and buy in.

VIKRITI Management Consulting utilizes metrics to determine directional change but then focuses on the barriers to acceptance and adoption that impede long-term, sustainable change.

Challenging the Challenges

When a market is crowded, with many organizations offering seemingly similar services, it can be difficult for a company to gain a strong foothold especially in the early stages of growth. Gaining new clients can also be challenging without a long track record. Asked about their path to success, CEO and Founder Sushmeeta Jolly Nanda stated:

“With the right network and some early successful engagements and testimonials, we were able to grow quickly and gain some marquee clients.”

It was in 2018 when the company began to grow rapidly.  That year they started working on multiple projects across multiple clients. By the summer of 2018, VIKRITI Management Consulting pivoted to having several teams working on several different types of initiatives.

“Our revenue jumped 300% as did our employee growth. We went through our internal change management challenges as we adopted more robust and standardized best practices and tools. This resulted in Vikriti’s ongoing ability to scale quickly yet cost effectively to continue to provide excellent value to our clients.”

“Change management is just not about the right idea or even the completion of the initial implementation. Truly successful change management is about acceptance of and belief in the new process. Without this focus, companies do not experience fundamental, sustainable change. Gaining this level of employee and stakeholder buy-in requires a change management process that considers people at all levels of the project. Not just who are the key people leading but who are the people responsible for adopting and implementing the change, what are their potential objections and barriers and most importantly, how can those be overcome?”

The Products and Services

VIKRITI Management Consulting has 3 practices:

  • Strategic Planning and Change Management Consulting (Multi-Industry)
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences Consulting
  • Technology Consulting

In addition to their focus on people as the nexus of successful change, VIKRITI Management Consulting has a deep bench of experts in their particular practice areas. These experts can address not only the high-level needs of the clients but provide specialized expertise in specific and unique areas of the industry.

In healthcare and life sciences, VIKRITI has experts in fields as diverse as Intellectual Property and Patent strategy, Reimbursement, Regulatory and Clinical, Payment and Utilization, Commercialization Strategy and Planning in addition to many other areas.

“This enables us to customize engagements to fit each client’s specific needs.”

The Next Big Thing

VIKRITI Management Consulting is structured to be able to respond to the changing needs of the market. The company has purposely kept a flexible structure with an extensive network of experts to enable them to respond to opportunities in the market without significant additional costs.

“Our decision process is typically based on strategic and philosophical fit of a new product or service, the revenue potential and expertise requirements.”

The next big thing in VIKRITI’s arsenal of services is Altheia, a product they have developed to address the spiralling cost of healthcare and lack of improved outcomes. Altheia is a wellness and disease management application built on a powerful and uniquely designed predictive health platform.

Salient features of Altheia are:

It is designed to provide true predictive data. By creating a probability prediction of 5 chronic diseases (CKD, CAD, Hypertension, Diabetes and COPD), Altheia helps in predictive analysis of a patient health and possible chronic conditions.

It allows longitudinal data which simply means that a patient/member and other stakeholders in the ecosystem are allowed to input data with the patient’s consent, this can be any type of data including claims, clinical, wearable, etc. The predictive capabilities of the application become even more accurate as more data is provided. Altheia also provides complete transparency regarding how predictions are developed and how accurate they are.

The company’s initial market focus is self-funded employer groups and their care management providers as well as smaller regional insurance companies and digital health companies.

Sushmeeta Jolly Nanda- Leading the Way

Strategic Operations Executive Testimonial

When leading the organization to great heights, one simple mantra Jolly swears by is that truly successful entrepreneurs focus not only on the needs of the market and how to build solutions to address those needs but also on their stakeholders, whether they are investors, advisors, or employees.

“The reason I believe this is so critical is to create sustainable long-term success.”

Enterprising a company is a challenge where the leaders need to be aware of every little thing that is happening around. When building a team, they need to understand the strengths of the team and take a step ahead.

Jolly has over 26 years of experience leading technology, strategy and integration within the healthcare, life sciences, retail, and manufacturing sectors. Proven results in creation and execution of enterprise roadmaps leading to optimization, process re-engineering, Offshoring/Outsourcing, reduction of operating costs and increased customer satisfaction.

In her executive journey with VIKRITI Management Consulting, one thing Jolly prides herself is of the partnerships she has established. These partnerships have allowed her to bring the right experts for VIKRITI’s clients.

Growing the network, the right way was a pivotal moment when you realize you need to grow your business to bring the best of the best to your clients. With the constraints of a small business, the only way to do this is via strategic partnerships.

“We have been blessed to have been able to create these partnerships and through them have gained mutual success.”

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