Utilizing Virtual Tours and Videos to Showcase Your Home

Utilizing Virtual Tours and Videos to Showcase Your Home | The Enterprise World

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According to LLCBuddy, listings with virtual tours attracted 87% more viewers than those without. They added that 54% of shoppers ignored ads without the tours, explaining why more home sellers are turning to virtual tours and videos to showcase houses to potential buyers.

How the Digital Era Has Changed Things?

A 2024 write-up by ClickUp revealed that approximately 94% of buyers would search for homes on online platforms before purchasing. These platforms allow you to sell your house for free without going to high street estate agents. By allowing buyers to access products from any place, online platforms ensure you can reach a broader audience and maximize profits. 

Virtual tours and videos cater to modern consumers’ preferences who value convenience and efficiency. They provide them with a convenient alternative that allows viewers to comprehensively evaluate the property’s layout, design, and features before deciding whether to schedule an in-person visit. This approach saves time for both buyers and sellers and encourages more productive and focused interactions during subsequent stages of the home-buying process.

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The human brain can retain approximately 65% of visual information for up to 3 days. With the interactive nature of 3D tours, sellers can be sure that they further enhance data retention and foster unforgettable impressions among viewers. Sellers can also improve their brand image, as a Google survey revealed that 67% of shoppers expected a virtual tour when looking at an ad.

Showcasing Unique Features and Highlights by Virtual Tours and Videos

With virtual tours and vidoes, viewers can enjoy a 360-degree perspective of the property, allowing them to navigate different rooms and spaces at their own pace. This way, you can capture the attention of potential buyers, encourage them to spend more time exploring the property and attract more inquiries. Bold Content found that ads for homes with videos received more than 403% of inquiries compared to those that didn’t have. In another study, Home Depot suggested that using 360 and 3D imaging to improve their online product catalog reduced product returns by 35%. 

Whether it’s the architectural design, interior decor, or outdoor amenities, virtual tours allow you to highlight the aspects of your property that set it apart from others on the market. Such details can help you communicate your home’s lifestyle to potential buyers. If, for example, your property features a spacious gourmet kitchen with high-end appliances and custom cabinetry, you can use video footage to showcase the kitchen’s layout, functionality, and design aesthetics. 

If you have a landscaped backyard with a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and entertainment area, you can use drone footage to provide aerial views. With the possibility of zooming in on specific elements like the quality of materials, virtual tours and videos ensure that sellers offer detailed and satisfactory information to buyers. In addition to showcasing specific features, home sellers can present their houses in a livelier and more immersive manner


To sum it up, virtual tours have become a game-changer in the real estate industry, allowing sellers to enhance engagement, showcase unique features, and build trust with potential buyers. By leveraging these innovative tools, you can improve the visibility and appeal of your home, attract serious inquiries, and secure successful transactions.

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