12 Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy

12 Best Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy | The Enterprise World

Since imitation is (said to be) the best form of flattery, maybe we can take pride in the fact that AI want to utilize creativity in so many different ways. While most of the conversation around AI for the creative economy focuses on app development, there are other more choices.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced in the post-pandemic era, with this technology’s generative tools being the most popular. You probably have tried using an AI essay writer to create captivating essays quickly. AI platforms for creating images and videos are also available. Learn more about them below.  

AI can bolster the capabilities of creators. AI-powered applications, such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), enable a diverse range of creatives to explore new formats, experiment with innovative storytelling techniques, and enhance the overall creative process. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to use AI to create various content types.  

Here are 12 Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy;

1. Editing of content

In moments of sudden inspiration, your brain may move quicker than your fingers, resulting in errors. It occurs to everyone! Grammarly is an AI-powered text editor that provides spelling, grammar, and style recommendations. Grammarly’s AI in the Creator Economy is always learning, sometimes with human assistance. Grammar mutually shared,

12 Best Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy | The Enterprise World

When a large number of users click “ignore” on a specific advice, for instance, Grammarly’s computational linguists and researchers modify the underlying algorithms to make the suggestion more accurate and useful.

2. Task management

Professional producers constantly produce 4.4 kinds of material on average, indicating that they juggle several responsibilities. AI in the Creator Economy, To assist creators in managing their calendars, task management applications such as Todoist include artificial intelligence.

For instance, the Trevor AI connection for Todoist automatically schedules things by connecting your to-do list and calendar. Additionally, the integration may generate daily, weekly, or monthly plans based on intelligent recommendations. Todoist is also developing an AI task builder to split your project prompt into smaller action items, which might speed up the process of designing your next online course.

3. Email replies

The majority of full-time creators do not have full-time or part-time workers, and just around half use contractors. This Is The 23rd Way To Use AI in the Creator Economy, This implies that artists are often responsible for content generation and commercial transactions. Try using AI the next time you need to react to a podcast advertising or brand sponsor.

12 Best Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy | The Enterprise World

Five years ago, Gmail’s AI-powered reply function, Smart Reply, accounted for 10 percent of Google’s email answers. Sparing a few seconds here and there should not be discounted.

4. Video transcription

Video courses, podcasts, and webinars are common methods of material distribution. Your deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members cannot access these materials. Including subtitles and transcripts enhances the enjoyment of your work for everyone and facilitates its repurposing.

Apps like Otter.ai and Clipto employ artificial intelligence to swiftly transcribe a YouTube video or other audio recordings into textual transcripts. Also powered by artificial intelligence are automated content outlines, keyword summaries, and searchable text. AI-generated summaries make it simple to locate the necessary material for repurposing the content without pausing the recording.

5. Image Generation

TikTok is not the only application with text-to-image artificial intelligence capabilities. Apps such as Jasper Art and Canva AI enable the creation of social media pictures, blog post banners, and ebook covers in a matter of seconds. This Is The 5th Way To Use AI in the Creator Economy , Since Microsoft released their AI-powered visual design application, you will soon have access to even more AI-powered art alternatives.

AI image generators enables marketers to create prototypes or mockups of marketing materials quickly. Whether designing a new product packaging, creating a website layout, or testing different ad visuals, AI can speed up the iteration process. 

Additionally, AI can generate images that resonate with specific customer profiles by analyzing user data and preferences, increasing engagement and conversion rates. Marketers can create personalized product images or social media graphics, making their marketing efforts more effective.  

Generating high-quality visual content, such as product images or promotional materials, can be time-consuming and expensive. AI image generation can help marketers create compelling visuals quickly and at a lower cost.

6. Social Media

Social media is an essential aspect of a creator’s toolset, and its influence on their company is rated 7.4/10 by full-time creators. Additionally, 34% of professional creators utilize a social media scheduling software to handle several social channels. Should you next use AI for social media? Maybe. Utilizing an artificial intelligence (AI) social media platform, such as Cortex, that proposes the optimal time to share your material might help you make choices and save time.

12 Best Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy | The Enterprise World

Additionally, AI might make your social media postings viral.

I attempted an experiment by tweeting a thread of fifteen productivity tips twenty-four hours ago. It is now one of my most successful tweets ever, with over 1 million impressions and 23,648 interactions.

The fact is that an AI wrote the whole discussion.

Let me explain… 1/ https://t.co/Utyc6Ja9cd image.twitter.com/I46miMywKW

— Ali Abdaal (@AliAbdaal) October 20, 2022

Ali Abdaal, a YouTuber and podcaster, recently used Lex, an artificial intelligence word processor, to build a Twitter thread. He began by drafting one tip himself before providing Lex with a suggestion for the second tip. Ali persisted until he got a 15-item list of productivity advice created nearly completely by artificial intelligence.

Ali shared, after the Twitter thread gained one million impressions.

The purpose of this experiment was to see whether an artificial intelligence could produce Twitter-optimized material and if anybody could detect that it wasn’t authored by a person. I believe the solution is rather obvious.

7. Blog Writing

However, not every AI project is a stunning success. Freelance writer Ashley R. Cummings wants to see whether AI might speed up her process. Instead, the material was lacking. Therefore, This is The 7th Way To Use AI in the Creator Economy AI may not be ready to completely replace your writing just yet, she said in her email. The creator of Little Coffee Fox, Shelby Abrahamsen, augments her creative process using AI:

Jasper AI has been a tremendous assistance when composing emails and blog entries. He understands just what to add to my writing to get me unstuck.

Sheldon Abrahamsen

8. Writing email subject lines

Email subject lines are the key to sticking out in the inbox, but with 530 emails being sent per second, you’re going to run out of ideas sometimes. This is where an AI in the Creator Economy tool such as Copy.ai may assist. Simply provide a description of your email or product, and the AI will produce clever subject line suggestions. Then, use A/B testing to see whether the AI subject lines are worthwhile to use.

9. Voice recreation

12 Best Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy | The Enterprise World

Prior to this time, the majority of AI examples for the creator economy were text-based; however, there are now sophisticated AI in the Creator Economy tools for creating voice and video material. Josh Carrot and Ollie Kendal of the YouTube channel Jolly collaborated with Synesthesia and Descript to reproduce Josh’s voice and resemblance using artificial intelligence.

10. Sales copy

Your product launch’s sales copy may make or destroy it, which is an intimidatingly high bar. Pat Flynn, the inventor of Smart Passive Income, wanted to test the persuasive writing abilities of artificial intelligence. He put the SwitchPod’s product description into Copy. AI in the Creator Economy and let it to generate a sales page.

Pat said that the tool may serve as a source of inspiration, despite the fact that none of the sales text was suitable for use without at least a little modification. Sometimes I’m just not feeling it or I’m having trouble writing, so things like these might be quite beneficial. Nonetheless, it’s nothing near flawless,” he said.

11. Generation of Ideas

The urge to constantly publish material everywhere might lead to creative fatigue. Perhaps AI in the Creator Economy can assist with this? After 2,099 episodes of their YouTube series Good Mythical Morning, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal sought content inspiration from artificial intelligence.

The AI algorithm used past Good Mythical Morning content titles as a starting point before generating fresh ideas for Rhett and Link to test. After testing each concept, the pair would provide a rating of “AI, All Hail!” or “AI Big Fail.” Their movie demonstrates that AI content ideas do not need to be fantastic to serve as a starting point.

AI can help protect your ideas and intellectual property rights. For instance, AI algorithms can be utilized to monitor and detect copyright infringement, unauthorized use of content, or plagiarism across various platforms. This enables creators to take necessary actions to protect their work and maintain control over its distribution.

12. Chatbots

Utilizing numerous revenue streams and goods is a fantastic strategy to expand your company and better serve your target market. As your content backlog and product offers grow, your audience may require assistance locating the information they want.

12 Best Ways You Can Use the AI in the Creator Economy | The Enterprise World

You may employ an AI chatbot on your website to direct visitors to the resources that align with their objectives. For instance, if you operate a blog about home remodeling, your AI chatbot can begin by asking users about their level of expertise. Your chatbot might direct users to your’ simple wooden bench’ instruction or ‘guide to DIY bathroom renovation’ based on their preferences and comfort level with power tools.

A simple Zapier connection might allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter directly from the chat window.

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