Web Apps for Business: Everything You Need To Know

Web Apps for Business: Everything You Need To Know | The Enterprise World

Have you ever scrolled through eBay on your phone and suddenly got a pop-up suggesting you install their app? And have you ever wondered what makes the mobile app different from the web version? That’s actually simple!

Web apps are cool, easy to use, and customizable – that’s what business owners like about them! And the great thing is that web apps can be used on any device with a browser, unlike mobile, or desktop ones. 

That’s why working with a web app development agency becomes a more and more popular choice in banking, e-commerce, and finance industries. By 2023, there were already about 30 million web app developers working around the world. 

Perhaps, you’re an entrepreneur looking to create a web app for your business? And you’ve likely got tons of questions! If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

So, what exactly are those web apps, why people use them, and what you should know to get one for your business?

What Is a Web App?

Web applications are apps that you can use on the internet via browser. A key feature of web apps is their use of an API (application program interface). That interface lets them get a lot of data from users and use it.

Web Apps for Business: Everything You Need To Know | The Enterprise World

Say, for example, that a business has an e-commerce web app. It can track which products a possible buyer looks at the most. Then, when that customer comes back to the site, the app can show them similar items based on what they liked the first time. If the business only had a website, all users would see the same options.

In some cases, browsers can make them look and work like mobile apps, but they’re not really the same things. 

Web App vs. Mobile App

Web apps are like websites you can access on your phone’s browser. They are always stored on the server, and don’t need to be downloaded on your smartphone or laptop. 

One big difference is that mobile apps are made to work only on a certain kind of phone or tablet, like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others. That’s why you install them directly onto your device, from app stores.

Though, many of the mobile apps we use everyday are actually web apps. These are called hybrids:

  • Facebook, 
  • Instagram,
  • Gmail, 
  • Yahoo, 
  • Google.

Hybrid apps are those that use both of the methods. You can put these apps on your device like native apps, while they can also use some external APIs. But hybrid apps can’t always work offline, like native apps can.

Why to Choose Web Apps?

Web Apps for Business: Everything You Need To Know | The Enterprise World

A lot of companies use web apps to make their services easier for customers. Others like them since they’re not expensive. Anyway, here we’ve gathered some of the best things about web apps.

They’re Easy to Access

The fact that web apps work on any web browser and any device, like your smartphone, or a laptop makes them easy to use by teams in different places. For instance, they’re perfect to share documents, and use other services to work together. 

They’re Cheaper

Developing web apps is way more cost-effective, than building native mobile apps. Plus, once you’ve created an API for your web app, it can be accessed through a range of other services.

Regular Updates

As you already know, you don’t have to download anything to use a web app. But the key feature here is that they also update automatically! It means that you’ve got your workflow synced… and less likely to have security issues.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Web apps are made to work smoothly on a number of different operating systems. Those could be iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. That’s useful when you work with different devices.

They Help Your Brand Stand Out

Having a web application can help people remember your brand, bring in more customers, and clearly express what your business stands for. This will help your business stand out in your niche.

What to Know to Hire a Web App Developer?

Of course, building web apps takes expertise! For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of key skills you should look for in a web app developer:

Web Apps for Business: Everything You Need To Know | The Enterprise World
  • Experience with no-code platforms;
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery;
  • Java or Python/Django for Facebook apps, or .NET/PHP for Google apps. 

That’s where to start. Thanks to the fact that the IT services industry is wide enough, it shouldn’t be hard to find a skilled web app coder. 

But if you’re completely new to tech, it’s always better to hire a web app development agency, instead of making a random freelancer do the whole management stuff.

Bottom Line

Well, if you’ve decided to make a web app for your business, you’re on the right track! That’s the only way to meet the digital market’s demands. But don’t forget that it always takes time and effort to make a good web app. 

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