Why Flower Delivery Services are Booming Businesses?

Why Flower Delivery Services are Booming Businesses

Why Flower Delivery Services are Booming Businesses?

No one buys flowers just for special occasions anymore. In fact, many average Americans will purchase bouquets once a week to freshen up their home and bring color to their space. What’s even more shocking is the boom in flower sales despite the pandemic, or maybe, it isn’t so surprising. With more time spent inside, consumers are excited to bring nature inside. Eventually, flower delivery services are booming.

Popular Holidays and Beyond: The Popularity of Flowers

Although the meaning of flowers differs based on culture, gifting a bouquet full of blooming perennials is one of the most inexpensive and appropriate presents one can give. Whether you’re congratulating a colleague or mourning the loss of a loved one, there are flowers that can convey any emotion, such as love, sadness, hate, despair, purity, royalty, and more.

Flower shops already had cultural appreciation to fall back on. If you wanted to visit a florist near you to purchase flowers locally, you were spoiled for choice. However, once the pandemic hit, it became difficult for floral enthusiasts to buy timely flowers for holidays, special occasions, or for leisure. eCommerce saved many local businesses or even made them thrive.

Flower Delivery Services Stepped in as Audience Evolve

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest flower-giving holidays next to Valentines’ Day. 26% of all flower sales are attributed to Mother’s Day, and demand for fresh blooms in the pandemic skyrocketed. Faced with a smaller workforce and fewer plants, flowers became pricy.

Consumers had to pay 25% more than they had in 2020, which meant a bouquet of roses went up by at least $10. Transportation and shipping became expensive, which hiked the cost anywhere from 10-15%. However, the appetite for flowers increased by 20% from 2020 for their mental health benefits and accessibility. Flowers rose to the occasion by helping with loneliness.

While disposable income remains low, the need for luxurious purchases increased. Flowers are an inexpensive yet opulent item that brings joy to most despite their short shelf life. Still, most consumers want to have beauty around them during difficult times, and flowers can do just that.

How Flower Delivery Services Leverage eCommerce

Coupled with the rise of online shopping and the need for joyful gifts, flower delivery services are booming. Let’s take a look at some brilliant marketing tactics the flower industry uses.

Campaigns that Promote the Joy of Flowers

Flower delivery services have run several campaigns that reinforce the message that love is best shown through flowers. New generation consumers are more interested in giving to others than buying for themselves, and flowers are an inexpensive way to show you care. If you want to save money, the best thing to do is purchase from your local florist. You can find tons of great local shops in the US, from a Virginia beach florist to high-quality shops in California.

Content Marketing Engages Buyers

Adding content to any website is generally a good idea, even in the flower industry. Flower Delivery Services websites can use blogs, podcasts, and videos to show viewers how to care for their bouquets or plant potted flowers. This actionable content drives traffic and promotes growth.

Subscription Boxes Keep Loyal Customers

Subscription services ensure that your customers are engaged with your product, which keeps inventory flowing. A subscription service works perfectly for flowers because they’re a perishable product that needs to be replaced with new local or exotic blooms weekly.

Offer Gifts With Purchase or Similar Items

The vast majority of people who buy flowers are gifting them to someone else. Flower delivery companies are aware of this. They generally make sure you see the other options available on their website that fit well with your gift. Chocolate, cars, and stuffed animals go well with flowers.

Use Social Media Marketing Primarily

Everyone uses social media daily, but many of us forget a major holiday is coming up if we don’t get a reminder. Flower delivery services use the fast-paced nature of social media to let consumers know a holiday is coming and that flowers are the perfect gift option.

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