Why Learning Blues Guitar is Easier and More Fun Than You Think?

Why Learning Blues Guitar is Easier and More Fun Than You Think? | The Enterprise World

Blues guitar can be an enjoyable and straightforward genre to learn. Playing well can bring great pleasure! 

Blues music should not simply be about playing notes on a guitar; rather, it expresses emotion, passion and soul. 

Make chord progressions sound bluesier by employing a flat fifth on the A string. 

Here’s why it’s worth learning blues guitar:

1. It’s Easy 

Blues music is an ideal starting point when learning blues guitar because it is one of the easiest styles to pick up ear. Once you understand basic chords and scale, picking out blues songs and riffs becomes much simpler – also helping to develop skills such as how to bend notes up a semitone (depending on key) can add lots of emotion to your playing! 

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Learning to bend notes is a skill you’ll use in all styles of music, and will give you more control of your playing. Learning this skill will teach you to prioritize quality over quantity of notes played – something every guitarist should strive for! Once you master the fundamentals of blues playing, then more advanced styles should be accessible. 

2. It’s Fun 

Blues music isn’t simply about style; it’s also an expression of emotion – passion, pain and hope all at once! When played well it can bring those emotions directly to audiences’ ears. 

Blues guitar lessons can be great fun. You’ll learn licks from legendary blues players like Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan that will allow you to jam with friends after learning their licks. 

Blues guitar can teach you some simple theory that will help make other forms of music simpler to perform. For instance, it will teach you that rests are an integral component of effective playing – not only between notes but also phrases – which makes for better phrasing in songs and solos as well as understanding why certain notes sound better than others – both skills that will come in handy regardless of genre you perform! 

3. It’s a Great Skill to Have 

Blues music can be an excellent way to hone fretboard mastery and learn to switch scales instantly and fluently, all while having great fun! Phrasing, tension and release are key aspects of blues, so mindlessly moving up and down scales doesn’t work in this genre; rather you can build and climax powerfully by using bends, dynamics and different picking techniques. 

As with other styles, ragtime guitar can also be an excellent way to learn space management – rests are crucial to giving music its meaning and staying power with listeners. 

As part of your training, you’ll also learn to play excellent blues backing tracks so you can apply what you learn to musical performances – this is essential if you want to become a professional musician! 

4. It’s Affordable 

Are You Starting Blues on Acoustic or Electric Guitar? TrueFire has created this step-by-step video course specifically tailored for beginners and early intermediate players looking to start learning blues guitar! Contains lessons created to give a solid foundation of Blues concepts and techniques. 

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This course will teach you more than just blues; it will show you how to play in a key that complements your natural-sounding voice, as well as use blues scale licks that stand out and create memorable melodies. It’s the ideal way to begin learning blues guitar on your own and inspiring people through music. 

The blues is an ageless style of music that has inspired legendary guitarists like Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt and Lightning Hopkins. Master it and take its lessons into other musical genres – it will open doors! Learn it well and you will take its lessons into other areas as well. It’s easier and more enjoyable than you realize! 

Blues guitar lessons are fun – not just because you’ll groove tо soulful chords and bend notes like your idols, but because it’s surprisingly easier than you think. Skip the dry drills and dive into the passion and joy оf blues – your musical journey starts with a smile! 

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