Witness the first Super moon 2020 this weekend

Witness the first Super moon 2020 this weekend.

The first super moon 2020 will appear in the sky later this Sunday on 9th February 2020. The super moon, which appeared in February, is traditionally known by many names, including Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Magha Purnima, Magha Pooja, Mahamuni Pagoda Festival Moon, Chinese Lantern Moon, and full moon of Tu B’Shevat.

Get your telescopes ready to experience the super moon and try not to miss this opportunity to watch the first super moon 2020. If you miss this opportunity, then you need to wait for next month.

It is believed that by this weekend, the daylight of the sun will continue for much longer. Like this super moon, the next full moon will also be a super moon. It will appear on March 9. However, February’s next super moon, also known as Snow Moon, is expected to hit February 27 in 2021.

The first Super Moon 2020 this weekend

According to NASA, the Moon will be visible for about three days from Friday evening to Monday morning and will be fully filled at 2:30 pm EST on Sunday, February 9. This will be the time when the super moon appears in the sky. Data provided by the Norwegian site TimeandDatcom.com states that there will be a full moon phase on Sunday at 1:03 pm. This means that the first Super moon 2020 for Stargazers in India will appear in the evening.

This super moon 2020 is nicknamed a snow moon. There is a lot of debate happening among sky enthusiasts whether this moon should be called the super moon or not. Some astrophysicists and bloggers are calling it the “Super Snow Moon” to classify the upcoming Full Moon as a super moon. Others are throwing kryptonite with this hyper-hyper nickname. 

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