World’s ‘most sought-after’ whisky sells for $2.7 million

World’s Most Sought-after Scotch Whisky sells for $2.7 million | The Enterprise World

For connoisseurs who savor the world’s most exquisite spirits, a bottle of the highly coveted Macallan 1926 Scotch whisky fetched an astonishing £2.1 million ($2.7 million) at Sotheby’s auction in London on Saturday.

Considered the “most sought-after Scotch whisky,” the Macallan 1926 is an extraordinary creation, with only 40 bottles produced after maturing in sherry casks for an impressive 60 years. This particular bottle stands out as the oldest Macallan vintage ever crafted, a testament to the artistry and dedication of the distillers.

Most sought-after Scotch whisky

Sotheby’s had initially estimated the sale price to range between £750,000 and £1.2 million ($934,274 and $1.4 million). However, the auction took an unexpected turn when the prized bottle exceeded all expectations, commanding an astonishing £2,187,500 ($2,724,967). This sale not only shattered Sotheby’s projections but also established a groundbreaking record as the “new record for any bottle of spirit or wine sold at auction,” according to the auction house.

Prior to the auction, Jonny Fowle, Sotheby’s Head of Whisky, had the privilege of sampling a small portion of this exceptional whisky. Describing the experience, he shared, “I tasted a tiny drop—a tiny drop—of this. It’s very rich, it’s got a lot of dried fruit as you would expect, a lot of spice, a lot of wood.” Fowle emphasized the extraordinary nature of this whisky, urging enthusiasts to appreciate it with the respect it deserves.

The Macallan 1926 is part of an exclusive collection of 40 bottles filled in 1986. Interestingly, none were made available for purchase initially. Instead, a select few were offered to The Macallan’s esteemed clients, enhancing its allure and exclusivity. This scarcity has been a driving factor in the significant value attributed to these bottles, as evidenced by previous sales.

In 2019, Sotheby’s achieved a milestone by selling a Macallan 1926 adorned with one of 14 Fine and Rare labels for £1.5 million ($1.9 million). At that time, it set the record as the most expensive bottle of wine or spirits ever auctioned. The recent sale, featuring a label designed by Italian painter Valerio Adami, surpassed this benchmark, underscoring the enduring appeal of these rare and exceptional spirits.

Reconditioning at The Macallan Distillery in Scotland

Notably, the Macallan 1926 bottle auctioned on Saturday was one of 12 bottles featuring Adami’s distinctive label. This label, known for its unique artistic design, adds an extra layer of prestige to an already remarkable spirit. Furthermore, this specific bottle underwent reconditioning at The Macallan Distillery in Scotland before making its way to the auction, marking it as the first of the Macallan 1926 bottles to undergo such a process.

The remaining 12 bottles in the collection were graced with labels designed by pop artist Sir Peter Blake, while the last two were released without labels. Of these unlabelled bottles, one was meticulously hand-painted by Irish artist Michael Dillon. In 2018, it made history by becoming the first bottle of whiskey to surpass the £1 million ($1.2 million) mark when it sold for £1.2 million ($1.5 million), according to Sotheby’s website.

In the realm of rare and distinguished spirits, the Macallan 1926 continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike, with each bottle representing not just a beverage but a piece of liquid history and craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. The recent Sotheby’s auction further solidifies the Macallan 1926’s place as a symbol of unparalleled luxury and a testament to the enduring allure of exceptional Scotch whisky.

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