X-Biz Techventures Private Limited – From Self-Funded Startup to FinTech Industry Leader

X-Biz Techventures Private Limited | The Enterprise World

Website: https://www.xbizventures.com/

Industry: IT Products and IT Consulting 

Company Size: 51-200 employees 

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Founded: 2012

Specialties: Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, and AI-Driven Document Management, Payments System

X-Biz Techventures Private Limited | The Enterprise World

The IT sector is currently experiencing rapid growth, with projected IT spending reaching close to 5.1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2024, representing a substantial 29% increase since 2020. However, the industry has been impacted by high inflation, higher interest rates, and global uncertainties, leading to reduced consumer spending and lower product demand.

To overcome these challenges, companies are prioritizing innovation and growth, particularly by utilizing cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity. These trends have the potential to make a recovery in the tech market.

X-Biz Techventures Private Limited is a renowned technology company known for pushing boundaries and providing advanced business solutions using emerging technologies. 

It focuses on solving real world problems, encouraging creativity, and delivering true value to the industry. 

It is Cultivating a Positive Impact

X-Biz Techventures was established in 2012 with a mission to use technology for positive change and empower organizations in the fast changing digital era. The company focuses on merging business and technology to nurture innovation, incubate promising ideas, and deliver value to the market.

The company’s founders, with diverse backgrounds, have enabled it to balance innovation, agility, growth and compliance. It decided to stay self- funded with the mantra of “Sustainable Profitable Growth” being central to its core strategy. 

Inspirationally, the company is driven by a common desire to build a school for deserving and underprivileged, focusing on all-round development i.e. in Skill, Sport, and Science, Social, Cultural and Spiritual awareness churning out capable responsible citizens for the country. 

Customer Centricity stay as top priority for the company with business value delivered through Innovation and engineering excellence.

A true reflection of this is Customer satisfaction and referrals that have played a key role in the company’s growth.


Under X-Biz Techventures’ “Innovate-Incubate-Invest” approach, the company’s innovation lab has successfully rolled out three distinct divisions. These divisions are DigiVision.ai, SecureNexus.io, and DigiDrive DMS. Specializing in advanced AI/ML/ Computer Vision, Cybersecurity and Document management capabilities respectively. 

X-Biz Techventures Private Limited | The Enterprise World

SecureNexus.io: SecureNexus is its cybersecurity arm providing solutions against cyber threats. With a team of specialist professionals and global advisors SecureNexus prioritizes proactive defense measures. It specializes in Attack Surface Management (ASM), Software Supply Chain Security (SCA), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) among others

DigiVision.ai: Specializing in Computer Vision AI with 24+ capabilities it can do what human intelligence can. Use cases in Digital KYC, Forgery and Fraud prevention, Signature matching, Data Extraction, Pattern and Face recognition, PII Masking, Financial underwriting, Cheque Clearance and more. 

DigiDrive.ai: A disruptive document management system powered by ai. Flexible and intelligentt, its features like auto-classification, auto indexing, document reduplication, and secure sharing are class apart.

Having delivered value in BFSI sector use cases, the company is now focused on enhancing its reach to a wider audience. 

X-Biz Techventures is dedicated to innovation. It follows a Three by Three grid innovation framework with Business Scenarios on one axis and Technology on other. Its lab continuously explores new technology application areas to create new possibilities. That’s its way to lead digital transformation and helping organizations succeed.

Commitment to Quality

As any startup would, X-Biz Techventures also faces challenges due to traditional mindsets while competing with established brands. Larger players have more resources, have better reach and higher numbers. However, X-Biz Techventures competes hard by being technologically superior, staying committed to results and building strong client relationships.

As the company expands globally, it foresees different compliance requirements in each regulatory landscape. However, X-Biz Techventures is determined to overcome these challenges through resilience and a dedication to excellence.

Tailored Solutions for Fintech Challenges

The X-Biz Techventures adopts a customer-centric approach that involves collaborative efforts and pre-built solutions, allowing them to effectively address complex situations. The team is motivated by challenges and strives to deliver innovative solutions. The following are the range of successful implementations and benefits.

The company’s solutions detect fraudulent loan applications and prevent Non-Performing Assets (NPA). In insurance, it helps in financial underwriting.

It leads in Aadhaar masking, processing over

1.6 billion Cases with high accuracy.

  • The company’s Video KYC suite, used by top banks and insurers, offers advanced video and audio analytics, including auto transcription.
  • The DigiVision suite enhances AI capabilities in legal operations and digital banking.
  • SecureNexus.io 
  • It offers vendor assessment and management, API-managed security for top banks, and cyber insurance diagnostics.
  • DigiDrive.ai replaces traditional DMSs, centralizing document management and enhancing efficiency with AI-powered search and retrieval.

X-Biz Techventures is known for its commitment to practicality and real-life usefulness. Unlike other companies, it does not just offer theoretical ideas; instead, it focuses on providing evident tools that have a proven track record of success in meeting important business goals.

By emphasizing practical applications, X-Biz Techventures ensures that solutions are not only innovative but also highly relevant and efficient in addressing specific requirements. Utilizing techniques to overcome challenges helps X-Biz Techventures become a trusted partner with satisfied clients, demonstrating effective problem-solving and commitment to excellence.

Driving real change in the industry. X-Biz Techventures incorporates online and offline capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical services, even in remote environments.

Replacing Competitor Systems

X-Biz Techventures is known for successful implementations and satisfied clients. The competitors may have advantage of larger sales teams, but with consistency and marker feedback the company has replaced systems from even established competitors at marquee customers. Especially riding on better metrics, capabilities and flexibility coupled with strong customer focus

Its practical approach to cyber security, tracks technological advancements and specializes in addressing complex cybersecurity threats. It develops customized security solutions for clients. 

In all its products it uses a modular approach to develop efficient, customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. 

Leadership Roles in Focus

Sunil and Dipak, Directors in X-Biz Techventures, believe in effective leadership through opportunity identification, direction setting, and team empowerment. Rather than being the “Chief Everything Officer” they focus on Product, Distribution, and Operational Excellence for value-based growth. Have recently shifted to balance product development, marketing, and distribution. The company’s lab seeks market opportunities and trends to achieve breakthroughs they call “X.” Trust is central to their business approach as they prioritize building connections with clients, and partners for long-term success.

Staying Updated in Fintech

The best way to stay updated and relevant is by staying actively involved within the industry. X-Biz Techventures is fortunate to have founding members who come from the BFSI Sector, who actively participate in various capacities within the sector and have strong connections in the sector. This allows the company to stay informed about business complexities and challenges. In terms of technology, it adopts a multifaceted approach, including research, engagement, and continuous learning to align with the latest trends and developments. Additionally, the company collaborates among team members using diverse skills and perspectives to create innovative solutions and adapt to market demands.

Investing in Employee Growth

During the COVID pandemic, X-Biz Techventures prioritized employee well-being by ensuring 100% job security by transitioning those who were affected by the situation into product development. The founders took the financial impact on themselves inspiring unity and resilience within the team. This approach not only improved the company’s products but also resulted in growth despite the challenges. The team at X-Biz highly value its members as its greatest asset, investing in their knowledge enhancement.

X-Biz has a group of experts who collaborate to address problems with broad solutions. It promotes a culture of creativity, open communication, and collaboration, providing training, work-life balance, and recognition. The team is committed to excellence and consistently surpasses client expectations through innovative solutions.

Building Trust Through Results

X-Biz Techventures is focused on delivering tangible results and building strong relationships based on trust. In cybersecurity, it digs deep and creates specialized solutions strengthening systems and processes. The company’s GRC and Business Continuity Management tool enhances Tech governance and reduces interruptions enhancing reliability.

DigiDrive.ai DMS brings agility to ops processes with its Low Code workflows and thus improves efficiency. Enhances compliance by safeguarding sensitive data and handles millions of files very effectively, gaining the trust of clients from different industries.

X-Biz Techventures Private Limited | The Enterprise World


X-Biz Techventures’ commitment to technological innovation in BFSI is demonstrated through its ambitious goals and strategies for the future

Continued Innovation:

 It invests in research and development to pioneer advanced Tech-Lead business solutions. 


Seeking growth in new markets, X-Biz Techventures forms strategic partnerships to reach new customers and regions.

Customer Experience:

Providing exceptional service is a priority for X-Biz Techventures, enhancing customer satisfaction.


It focuses on robust cybersecurity measures, investing in SecureNexus.io and continuous research.

Talent Development:

It nurtures future leaders through mentorship and career programs, valuing team development.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

It integrates sustainability practices, demonstrating a commitment to societal and environmental well-being.

Financial Growth and Stability:

Balancing innovation with financial stability, it strategically invests for long-term growth and security.

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