YouTube to restrict Ad Blocker users to 3 Video Views

Youtube to Restrict Ad Blocker Users to 3 Video Views | The Enterprise World

A Reddit user noticed it on Wednesday, but as of right now, YouTube shows a pop-up informing ad blocker users who are being targeted by this test that “video player will be blocked after 3 videos.” It appears that you might be utilising an ad blocker. If YouTube is not allowedlisted or the ad blocker is not turned off, video playback will be prevented, the notice continues.

Currently, YouTube is conducting what it refers to as a “small experiment globally,” and it has advised viewers to turn off their ad blockers to prevent being restricted to seeing a maximum of three videos.

A Global Experiment

“Ads keep YouTube accessible for billions of users worldwide for free. With YouTube Premium, you can watch videos without advertisements while still supporting independent content creators. YouTube viewers will only have two choices after seeing this warning: turn off their ad blocker and accept adverts, or sign up for YouTube Premium to remove all advertisements.

YouTube acknowledged that the messages are a result of an experiment and urged users to either test YouTube Premium or accept adverts on the website. According to YouTube, which contacted BleepingComputer, “We’re running a small experiment globally that encourages viewers with Ad Blocker users enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium.”

When questioned if the firm intended to prevent users from accessing the platform if they were using ad blockers, YouTube replied that playback might be momentarily turned off in “extreme cases.” “Playback will be temporarily disabled in severe circumstances where viewers continue to use ad blockers. We take the decision to disable playback very seriously, and we will only do so if users repeatedly refuse to let YouTube adverts in, the business added.

YouTube Is Blocking Ad Blocker users

Not a New Thing

Viewers who use ad blockers can turn them off, accept YouTube advertisements, or sign up for YouTube Premium to avoid disturbance during this experiment. The number of participants in this trial and the places where these warnings are being displayed are not disclosed by YouTube. This comes after another “small experiment” in May in which YouTube tried to prevent people who were using ad blockers from using the service.

At the time, a representative informed Bleeping Computer that “Ad Blocker users detection is not new, and other publishers regularly ask viewers to disable ad blockers.” According to Variety, YouTube’s Music and Premium services just reached 80 million subscribers after gaining more than 30 million in a single year.

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