Sticker Marketing- How it Can Create a Buzz for Your Startup

Sticker Marketing - How it can create a buzz for your startup

Did you just start your business and are looking for ways to spread the word and gain new customers? Are you keen to experiment with your sticker marketing strategy to get the best possible result?

Then this article is perfect for you. In the next couple of minutes, we will talk you through all things sticker marketing. Yes, you read that right: stickers, like the little sticky pieces of plastic of paper you might have collected as a kid.

But stickers are so much more than a cool thing to play with. In fact, custom stickers are a long-established sticker marketing tool that can help you reach new customers and spread your message quickly at a low cost.

Intrigued? Then let us jump straight in and see how you and your business can benefit from Sticker Marketing.

1. The Power of Gift-Giving

Stickers are super cost-effective. Especially when bought in bulk, they come to only a few pennies per sticker. This means that you can add them to every order or purchase, hand them out during events or send them to influencers within your field.

Given in the right moment, these stickers will not be perceived as an advertising tool, but will be considered a gift instead. This immediately ignites positive emotions within your customers who are very likely to associate this positivity with your business.

Doing this, you can tap into the biggest power of stickers. This power is rooted in a psychological process called the rule of reciprocity. When we receive a gift, we feel the subconscious need to reciprocate, that is, return the favor. In this scenario, this can be a purchase, a recommendation or even a shoutout on social media.

This host of positive emotions also increases the likelihood of your customers actually using your stickers on their phones or laptops for others to see. Using sticker marketing, you can turn your existing customer base into true brand ambassadors.

If you would like to give this a try, we recommend investing in vinyl stickers like the ones you can find right here. Vinyl-based stickers are super versatile and resist scratches, water and sunlight, giving your customers ultimate flexibility and the best experience.

2. Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The word “unboxing” delivers 125 million results on Google. It is fair to say that the opening of boxes and orders in front of a camera has long become a viral trend that highlights the importance of the post-purchase experience.

With stickers, you can transform the unboxing of your product into a branded interaction. Think of the details: a sticky label with your logo printed onto, a “thank you” sticker or maybe even custom-made address labels all communicate to your customer that you care; not only about your product, but their experience.

You can even use your packaging to communicate your brand’s values. Are you selling a premium product? Then make sure to use high-quality effect stickers that can mirror the luxurious edge of your brand. Is sustainability one of the foundation’s of your business? Then choose a compostable sticker that communicates that to your customers.

3. Generate Exposure with Guerrilla Marketing

The term guerrilla was originally used to describe a specific type of warfare and not remotely connected to sticker marketing. Guerrilla war is fought by small troops against the traditional military. These strategies are based on the advantages of speed and flexibility those smaller troops had.

It is these features that are being replicated in guerrilla marketing. Its campaigns revolve around unorthodox ways to deliver a brand message. The main aims of such campaigns are to surprise potential customers, ignite an emotional reaction, and generate exposure for a business or brand.

The success of a guerrilla campaign is not dictated by huge budgets, but instead depends on time, energy and creativity. The better the idea, the more likely it is that such a campaign will go viral. All of this makes guerrilla sticker marketing the ideal playground for startups and small businesses.

You can go absolutely wild with your ideas. However, the quickest way to cover lots of physical terrain at a low cost is using custom stickers. The more places you can stick your stickers and display your message, the more people will see your brand.

Follow these tips, and you will see that buzz you are looking for! We hope you love these ideas, and we cannot wait to see your creations. Please feel free to share your experience or questions in the comments below.

Analyzing Sticker Marketing

As you may have noticed, sticker marketing is the unexplored way of marketing your business. It may create buzz or hype related to particular products/services.

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