5 Best CRM Startups

5 Best CRM Startups | The Enterprise World

Here are 5 best CRM startups

1. Bikky

Bikky, a company established in the United States, provides restaurants with an omnichannel CRM system. To better understand a client’s behavior and better serve them throughout their whole customer journey, Bikky creates a map of a guest’s footprint across all channels, from the point of sale to the delivery to the loyalty program. Through social retargeting, customized email campaigns, and SMS outreach, the platform enables marketing, operations, and founding teams to direct visitors to the channels that generate the most revenue for their businesses.

5 Best CRM Startups | The Enterprise World

In addition to this, it offers real-time return on investment (ROI) monitoring, which can be used to monitor the success of marketing initiatives and adjust them as necessary. The software solution expands restaurant footprints by automating target marketing in order to boost consumer interaction across all channels. The company was established in  the  2018 in the New York, United States.

2. Briker

Colombian startup Briker develops CRM software that is hosted in the cloud and can handle real-time sales as well as track customers. The platform gives real estate managers the ability to monitor the performance of individual sales units, generate and send automated estimates to customers, register prospective buyers, set up payment plans, and handle after-sale services. The company is able to boost their sales by centralizing all of their client data in one location, documenting their sales follow-ups, keeping track of their closed transactions, and recording their payments.

5 Best CRM Startups | The Enterprise World

In addition, the program optimizes processes by setting periodic targets for the sales teams, then tracking their progress in real time as they work toward those goals. It does this by offering real estate brokers who are working with the same property with immediate booking updates, which helps to eliminate the possibility of two separate sales of the same building. The company was established in the year 2017 in  Bogota, Colombia.

It Work in conjunction with Briker on the management of sales.

3. Xeno

Indian startup Xeno is a leader in the retail business in terms of CRM software development. The company employs solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to analyze consumer behavior and customise marketing efforts for business owners of retail stores.

The relationship management process, which is essential for generating repeat sales, is made more efficient by the software. The software gathers user data from many digital sources such as e-commerce or retail transactions, creates in-depth consumer insights, and automatically develops customer personas.

5 Best CRM Startups | The Enterprise World

This gives managers the ability to customise campaigns and offer individualized communication in order to increase participant participation. The software solution monitors the activity of existing customers in a variety of permutations and provides the most appropriate audience for marketing campaigns based on this information. Xeno provides automation for customer relationship management. The company was established in the year 2018 in Delhi, India.

4. Showroom HQ 

Canadian startup ShowroomHQ is a customer relationship management (CRM) and online ordering tool built specifically for the fashion industry. It allows partners in the supply chain of brands of clothing, health and beauty items, and homeware to centrally handle consumers, products, and orders in a single location. Users of the program are given the ability to manage client data and organize it according to geographic area.

It logs data about communications, schedules appointments, and sends out reminders for those appointments. The new business. This new business venture makes it possible for brands, retailers, distributors, and sales agencies to switch to data-driven order management and improve their internal sales processes. The company was established in the year 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.

5. Heardat

Heardat is a firm based in South Africa that provides audiologists with their own eponymous healthcare CRM application. The web-based software developed by the new company gives audiologists the ability to record patient information and manage their relationships with clients. The program will, on specific occasions, such as when it’s time for patients to have their yearly hearing exams, it will send out notifications automatically.

5 Best CRM Startups | The Enterprise World

In addition, Heardat follows up with patients who have just had their first hearing aid fitting to ensure that they are happy with their new devices. The service provided by the firm allows audiologists to develop patient relationships via the practice of target marketing, manage their investments, and provide frequent updates to patients.  Heardat is a pioneer in the field of healthcare CRM. The company was established in the year 2016 in Gauteng, South Africa.

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