5 Features And Functions Of A Digital Height Gauge

5 Features And Functions Of A Digital Height Gauge

A height gauge is one of the most used accuracy and precision tools in different industries. Some of these industries are manufacturing, automobile, metalworking, and healthcare. Typically, they’re used in production stages, such as in cutting and marking raw materials. In some cases, height gauges are utilized in quality control to check if products have met particular standards.

Although mechanical height gauges have been widely used in the past, digital height gauges rose to popularity because of their ease of use and functionality. Hence, many industries today consider digital height gauges as staple measuring tools in their warehouses or production areas. 

If you’re looking for a precision measurement tool, you’ll probably need a digital height gauge. To know more about it, here’s an article about its features and functions. Read on!

1. Computer Interface

Typically, digital height gauges have stainless steel bodies, a solid cast iron base, and metric and digital scales. It has a beam that contains an electronic slider and a computer interface. If you’re using the gauge, you’d notice that it has power buttons, switch buttons, and measurement sliders in inches and millimeters for precision measurement.

Because of the computer features, measuring a material’s dimensions becomes easier. In the same sense, workers could learn to operate the gauge’s system more quickly and efficiently because it’s user-friendly. Apart from these, here are the other advantages that the computer interface provides:

  • easier to read compared to a dial indicator
  • easier to change between units of measurement
  • able to collect electronic data
  • fixed zero set

Suppose you want to find out more about what digital height gauges offer through its computer interface. In that case, you may visit their manufacturer, industry worker, or online provider.

2. Air Bearings

These features enable a digital height gauge to prevent backlash and counter static friction. In addition, air bearings hold the gauge and the material being measured in place because the bearing prevents vibration. This way, the person could easily calculate the material since unnecessary movements are controlled. In addition, air bearings eliminate the need for lubrication, making the maintenance of digital height gauges more manageable.

3. Motorized Probing Operation

This feature allows the gauge to measure precisely as the probing head has enhanced movement. This way, it could quickly provide 2D measurement in probing the points on a workpiece. This feature is beneficial when it comes to aligning parts and checking whether the portions would fit or not. 

4. Precision Measurement

Digital height gauges can measure the parts of a workpiece in minutes. In addition, they could also measure the angles, flatness, and squareness of an object or its part features. A digital height gauge is used for accurate measurements regarding thicknesses and heights of objects such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components like integrated circuits (ICs). 

A digital height gauge can also be used with other measuring devices, including calipers and micrometers because it has adjustable jaws. Their jaws enable the tool to fit different sizes without having them changed manually. For this reason, more industry professionals use this precision tool than dial indicators that need frequent recalibration depending on measurement range. 

The following are the standard measurements that digital height gauge can provide:

  • Inside diameter
  • Outside diameter
  • Height
  • Depth
  • Slot
  • Centerline 

It helps manufacturers avoid scratches and burns because it supports better inspection during production and assembly processes, especially on small components and parts. Because of this, manufacturing and other similar industries have been using digital height gauges in prototyping and other production tasks.

5. Quick Measurement

Apart from precise measurement, digital height gauges are also known for their quick measurement. By measuring products quickly, digital height gauges help businesses increase the latter’s productivity. It helps by saving money, time, and effort as the production and quality control are accomplished faster than expected.

Wrapping Up

Measuring tools have been essential in production and quality control. With recent technological innovations, measuring devices, such as digital height gauges have improved functions and features. This way, these tools can provide an array of benefits not just to the worker who operates it but to the businesses that employ its use. 

Digital height gauges have been the preferred precision measurement tool because of their ease of use and variety of functionality. These tools can work with other devices for more accurate performance. In addition, most of the digital tools could keep and save records. 

Suppose you’re an engineer or an industry worker who’s new to digital height gauges. In that case, you may want to consider the features and functions in this article. Think about the points gathers in each component. So, when you start using a digital height gauge, you already have the basic knowledge on how you’ll operate it and see what it can do.

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