5 Tips To Improve Data Center Efficiency

5 Tips To Improve Data Center Efficiency

Data center efficiency is paramount to obtaining the best results. With a high level of data storage, computation, management, and communication, these centers require optimization to get the best results. Without Data center efficiency, there’ll be a big mismatch between the actual productivity of a data center and its expected results.

To achieve optimal performance is no joke, as the best results can only be achieved by maximizing several factors. While some data centers know how to achieve efficiency, others simply are unable to do so. Bearing that in mind, here are a few tips that can help you bolster the Data center efficiency: 

1. Consult Data Center Experts

Data center experts are your best shot for getting the best advice on achieving peak Data center efficiency. These consultants work with other specialists to plan and build reliable and highly effective data centers. Not too sure where to find them? You can visit this page for data center consulting.

Although consultation comes with a fee, it’s usually justified when you factor in security measures and other services rendered by these consultants. Some of these services require care and technical know-how that are exclusive to well-trained specialists. They also require time and patience so spending resources just training personnel for the job isn’t viable.

By consulting Data Center experts, you get professional-level assessment of your data workplace. Through an comprehensive design management model, they analyze the various aspects of your center and provide solid feedback that can be used to create an effective strategy for optimization. 

2. Keep The Center Clean

With data centers facing increasing pressure from clients to make data available, it’s challenging to keep the centers clean and free from digital clutter. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case for your business. A clean data workplace has several good effects on your data center’s efficiency. 

A must-do when cleaning your data center is to eliminate outdated and non-functioning equipment. Doing this will free up space in your facility and also get rid of obsolete equipment that might contain crucial data.

Before disposing of the old equipment, it’s important to wipe any form of data storage clean. This helps protect your data from being stolen via discarded disks or memory cards. Some companies offer data destruction, which may be helpful in this regard.

3. Optimize Power Management 

Data centers consume a lot of energy to keep your operations running smoothly. Therefore, to improve Data center efficiency, IT technicians or data center managers must ensure a continuous and adequate supply of power so equipment can operate at an optimal level.

Power can be optimized by reducing the amount of unnecessary energy going into equipment. Too much excess energy flowing through equipment can eventually wear down the hardware and even cause an overload that could cause a power failure, affecting the entire data center. 

That said it’s also important to check the total load of all operating equipment. See if there are devices or lighting that can be powered off or replaced with a more efficient alternative. Getting rid of unnecessary power usage means safer electricals and lower risks of downtimes caused by power failures. Where there’s energy conservation, Data center efficiency is assured. 

4. Keep Equipment Cool 

Aside from the energy powering the IT equipment, another factor that you should pay close attention to is the cost of cooling the equipment. 

Because data center hardware remain in constant use, they generate a lot of heat. This can cause your equipment to overheat and experience a decline in Data center efficiency. Although most modern servers have built-in cooling features, data centers will still need air conditioning equipment to provide the cool air needed to draw heat from your systems. 

Air conditioners or economizers (outside air refrigeration systems) are mandatory for cooling any data center. Isolation structures can also be built to house certain equipment that generates the most amount of heat so they don’t end up warming the entire room. You can learn more about colocation and other things data centres offer at Macquarie Data Centres.

5. Adopt DCIM Tools

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software can contribute to improving the Data center efficiency. The software helps provide the necessary links between the operational needs of the data center equipment and those of the physical facilities. 

With these solutions, data center employees don’t need to be on-site to identify assets that take up space, power, or cooling requirements. Data center managers have access to that data at the click of a button. This means it’s easy to check which pieces of equipment are running optimally and which ones need to be fixed or replaced to maintain the data center’s efficiency. 


Data centers are like engine rooms where all data processes run on computer servers. As demand surges for storage space, processing power, and information increases, there’ll be a continuous need for these centers. However, to ensure optimal output, the Data center efficiency must be improved consistently.

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