Managing Your Workforce Travel

5 Tips To Manage Your Workforce Travel

Work trips can be incredibly productive. However, as a company director, sending employees to various locations on short or long-term tasks can cost a great deal due to the need for employee reservations and welfare. So to Manage employee’s Workforce Travel is very important. Nevertheless, there are ways to grow the firm’s network, improve the company’s exposure, and create a memorable experience for employees. Below are some of the tips on how to manage the hassles of workforce travel. 

1. Select a Smart Booking Tool

The introduction of online booking sites has led to businesses worldwide booking travel on consumer sites. However, when a corporate firm uses consumer tools to book travel, the CFO lacks the governance required. This forces the finance departments to micromanage travel expenses for each department in an overly cautious way. Using a smart booking tool will ensure you are offered efficient workforce lodging solutions. Here are the prominent features to look out for in your travel management tool: 

  • Self-booking within policy
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Travel spend reporting
  • Easy booking process
  • Travel support
  • Great inventory 

2. Establish a Travel Policy 

Whether you are managing your own program or not, it is essential to explain your Workforce travel guidelines and demands in an official policy. This brings the staff into the vision of your travel project and aids you in discovering what’s important to them. Your policy should: 

  • Explain travel consent requirements
  • Specify itinerary options
  • Describe allowable expenses 
  • Detailed safety protocol
  • Establish reimbursement processes 

3. Approval Workflows 

When establishing Workforce travel policies, you have to create several options for how stern or lenient you are going to be. Here are three distinct styles when it comes to regulating policies and setting up trips that are outside of the limits: 

  • No approval is needed for any trip
  • Approval is needed for some trips
  • Approval is needed for every trip 

If an employee tries booking a trip that is outside of policy, you want to have a basic approval procedure in place. In addition, you need to choose who is approving the trips. 

4. Organize and Utilize Travel Spend Data

Efficient Workforce travel management isn’t just for your administrative staff. Expense management in conjunction with your finance and operations team is also imperative. This will make travel spend reporting accurate and insightful. With the use of cost centers, labels and ensuring all of your trips are available in the reporting tool, smart reports that will aid the finance departments in determining trends, leaks, and opportunities for budget maximization can be generated. 

5. Ensure 24/7 Travel Support 

Ensuring that your employees have Workforce travel support 24/7 isn’t easy. Travel plans can get hit with unprecedented cancellations, adjustments, and other demands on nights and weekends, and you may be unavailable to help your employees, forcing them to wait for fixes. This costs the firm time and money. The smart solution to this debacle is to count on a partner who can give 24/7 travel support, so you don’t have to be an office manager. 

By choosing a smart booking tool, creating a realistic travel policy, setting up tools that reflect the business, and sharing the burden of travel support, work trips could become more productive and less of a struggle. 

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