Three things that are available to mobile bettors who have the Pin-up app

3 Things Who have The Pinup App Are Available To Mobile Bettors

While it is true that some gambling sites pay a lot of money to have good design, others know that punters will use their platform if it offers enough options. Hence, many companies prefer to improve their betting sections, provide more bonuses, and even offer an app. The good thing is that the review of the Pinup app on this link explicitly says that this site’s app for Android and iOS offers one of the best mobile betting services. The Pinup app and desktop/mobile platform may not have the best design, but they make up for it by having loads of other products.

The best thing about the Pinup app is that it gives mobile and desktop clients the chance to use the same things. Most iGaming companies usually limit their mobile users, but Pinup app is different. Some gamblers might not be aware of the things that mobile punters can use, but after this article, they shouldn’t have any problems.

1. Special features

Even though things like In-Play and Live Streaming are popular, almost any iGaming company will allow their users to put them to the test. Some brands even offer these products to their mobile users.

Pin-up also gives clients the chance to put those products to the test, but it has several other things that are not accessible to other gamblers. One of them is a feature called Edit Bet, an option that is a dream come true for everyone who wants to bet on sports.

People who punt on the go often make mistakes by wagering on a different market or staking more money than they can afford. Fortunately, Edit Bet is a feature that will allow them to change some of those things even if they place a bet. 

Edit Bet can be a “lifesaver” in many situations, especially if you decide you want to add more money or choose a different market. With that being said, this feature is only accessible before the event starts. Once that happens, you have to use Cash Out.

2. Everyone who uses the Pin-up app can also access the news section

Betting on the go offers a lot of opportunities, but the only way to take advantage of them is by knowing what to focus on. That’s why gamblers who obtain the Pinup app for iOS and Android will have access to a stand-alone news section. This place will provide you with the latest betting information about everything related to online betting and sports.

Since Pinup app offers the news on its platform, you no longer have to search for other websites. This may not seem that important to desktop users, but people who want to bet using their smartphones will appreciate the fact that they can save a lot of time.

3. Highly monthly withdrawals

Since online casinos and bookmakers want to win as much money as they can while you’re using their platforms, they will make sure to allow you to make mobile payments. In other words, you should be able to fund your account, no matter which device you’re using.

Unfortunately, most of these brands do not allow mobile punters to make a withdrawal on the go. They want to make the process more complicated so that players can bet once again and (potentially) lose their money.

Luckily, Pin-up and its mobile applications have a different approach because they let people use various withdrawal solutions while betting on the go. Aside from everything, they even allow gamblers to make large monthly withdrawals (up to 45 000 EUR). The transactions also take no more than a couple of hours, making this iGaming operator a better option than many of its counterparts.

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