Why Your Company Needs an HR Ticketing System.

6 Benefits to an HR Ticketing System

Ticketing systems have been around since the 80’s in one form or another and were born to help people with IT issues. With the advancements of technology, the process has been changed and refined many times to get to where we are today. Many might think that a ticketing system is only for IT or a call centre, if that’s the case then you might want to adjust your thinking. How does it work in HR? What are the benefits? Read on to find out.

How does Work HR Ticketing System?

It works the same way any ticketing system would work; employees post a query on the software and that query will then be directed to the relevant person within the HR team. This system means that there is a complete electronic trail for all queries, they is one central point for all information for everyone in your company.

From this central point your HR team to manage and respond to all queries that your employees raise in an organized manner. With this system you also have the access to many reporting, data management and analytical tools to help you manage your business and see where improvements are needed.

Without a ticketing system the normal way for your employee to raise a query would be to ring or email the HR team to try and get their issue resolved. Then whoever answers the phone will have to take notes, look for answers or maybe pass it onto someone who can help, either way it can mean that the issue could take a while to get resolved.

But with a HR ticketing system this isn’t the case, when your employees enter a ticket or query through the software, they will first have access to a knowledge base that will help them to try and solve their query by themselves and thereby saving time for both them and your HR team. If they still need help them their ticket with then go into the relevant queue which means it will be picked up by the right person and all notes and actions are recorded for both the HR team and the employee to see.

With the analytical tools you will be able to see patterns or trends of requests and your HR team will then be able to be proactive in solving these issues. If you see the same query coming up over and over again then look add the answer to your knowledge base, for example, your employees might not know who to book holidays through this HR ticketing system, so why not add a guide in your knowledge base so that the employee can do it without raising a ticket?

Benefits to an HR Ticketing System

Most HR teams spend an inordinate amount to time having to deal with administrative work that isn’t their primary role. A lot of this secondary work could be reduced with a ticketing system. A lot of the common queries that employees have could be answered automatically with this system and therefore alleviate the pressure on your HR team.

1. Happier Employees:

Having a happy workforce is the goal of all HR team, that is exactly why they are there. That doesn’t mean it is easy to accomplish, but by having the right tools, like a ticketing system, it can help to improve your employee’s satisfaction levels. Remember the happier the employees, the happier the company and that boosts the reputation of your business as a whole.

2. Better Reputation:

Being a company with a reputation for a happy workforce can be a huge benefit, recruitment becomes is easier as people what to work for you and as your reputation grows for having a happy workforce other businesses will be drawn to work with you or buy from you as they see that as the start of good customer service.

3. Increased Productivity:

The downfall of any HR department is disorganization and without a HR ticketing system there is a greater the chance of this happening. Having software that deal with the repetitive questions that HR departments are inundated with saves a huge amount of time and with it being able to categorize and prioritize requests means that issues organized and are dealt with quickly.

4. Increased Confidentiality and Privacy:

Ordinarily, an HR department produces an enormous amount of paperwork and files. This then can cause problems as companies have a legal requirement to protect their employee’s information because whether its printed or stored electronically maintaining it privacy can be challenging. However, with this software being held centrally and with data segregation it means it you want to view a file you have to be authorised in order to see confidential information. Given the amount of confidential information involved in HR, not having to worry about lost paperwork or having to dispose of it is a huge selling point.

5. Holiday and Shift Management:

Managing holidays and employees shift patterns can be a massive job that requires a lot of people to ensure it can function and answer the many questions that arise. With a HR ticketing system this is mostly automated, holidays can be requested and approved without the need to many phone calls and the employee will be able to see what is available. The same applies to shift management. One big issue for those who work shift is knowing when they are on shift and when it changes, with one of these systems in place with a click of a button they will be able to see their shift patterns. It also allows you to easily organize shifts for employees.

6. Accommodates Remote Workers:

With more and more companies employing remote workers it has made the job of the HR department even more challenging. Think about how hard it becomes to requesting information, to dealing with queries and having to deal with time differences of employees. A HR ticketing system prevents this from becoming a major problem, even if they live in different countries, both the HR team and the employees with be able to request and get the information quickly.


No matter the size of your business there are many benefits to looking into a HR ticketing system. From saving time for all involved to making sure that your company is complying with government requirements for privacy and confidentiality to managing holidays and shift patterns. If you don’t have one already the question is, why haven’t you already sorted it? There are many companies out there that will help implement a system that works for you so what’s stopping you from getting in touch with one and getting the process started?

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