How The Right Meeting Technology Can Improve Team Collaboration

6 Tips To Improve Team Collaboration With The Right Meeting Technology

Team collaboration has become challenging through the years due to remote work setups. Despite the technological advancements developed through the years, some issues may come up from time to time, leaving people with no choice but to accept what’s available. 

Because of this, working as a team needed to be redefined. IT developers devised a solution that would become permanent in everyone’s lives. This includes sophisticated applications to make team collaborations possible. 

The first high-quality videoconferencing application was designed by the IT department of Cornell University in 1992. Not soon after, in 2003, almost all major instant messaging companies offered video calling. Since then, developments in this technology have reached greater heights, and many companies boast new exciting features to topple the others.

With this technology, Team collaboration became possible without having to meet people physically. Of course, you must choose the best meeting technology to Team collaboration productively in your organization. In this case, you may refer to IT services San Francisco or any other provider in your area to help you choose the best for your business. To give you an idea, here are ways how the right meeting technology can improve team collaboration in your organization:

1. Enhances Communication

With the proper meeting technology, you can reach as many people in your organization as you want. Most meeting technologies allow up to 300 participants, but for a premium option, you can upgrade your service to accommodate up to a thousand participants.  

This can be especially useful if you want to hold leadership conferences or launch a program for the entire company. 

2. Preserves Knowledge

Not all people can retain information as steadfastly as others. Some need to jot down notes, others need visual references, while some require crystal clear audio quality. Because events and conferences run quickly due to time restrictions and scheduling requirements, hosts must abide by the time limit. That’s why you may also consider high-quality translation equipment to maintain excellent audio clarity which would enable effective communication for the transmission of the content of your conference to your audience.

Suppose, for some reason, participants needed to review the conference’s content. In that case, they could come back to it anytime because meetings are recorded for posterity and everyone’s use after the event. 

Besides, if participants couldn’t make it to that meeting for personal reasons, they could still access what had been discussed once they logged in. 

 3. Boosts Participation

Today’s virtual meetings have become an exciting venue for the remote workforce that look forward to it more than in-person meetings. Moderators can host fun activities to boost everyone’s excitement and energy. They may even up the ante and give rewards or prizes to make it more interesting, fun, and lively. Because of this, event attendance has been higher than before. Even in different time zones, those on the opposite side of the world will try to make it to an early call time. Everyone will be glad to see each other on their screens and exchange ideas to create a better work output. 

4. Builds Relationships 

A meeting that would casually start with an ice breaker will enhance the relationship with everyone on the team. It’s a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level and even cross boundaries of culture that remote work often presents. In today’s modern work environment, it’s not unusual to be working with people from different countries who speak other languages and have different cultural views from what you have. Yet having virtual team building activities can make you feel like you have known them for a long time, like the language and cultural barrier never even existed. What’s even better is you can learn so much from each other.

5. Creates Several Channels

Remember how previously, you would walk around the office to get something from the art department or send an email to your researcher to ask for help with a task? 

Today you can do all that with the enhancements in meeting technology. You may create several channels that would act as your departments and distribute tasks to your team through that channel. It would also help if you pin the most relevant task and have the person you sent the job to unpin it once he’s done. It would make handling several groups of people seem less daunting and pretty straightforward.

6. Organizes Channels 

Team Collaboration becomes more organized with every channel having separate folders for workflow ease and convenience. Additionally, now we can archive conversations and shared files for a more extended period. This way, development in your organization can be accessed by anyone who may require them.  You may even keep files for 10 years for everyone’s reference. 


The proper meeting technology in this divergent time can spell success and progress for your organization. Team Collaboration can only be successful if there’s a decent venue to hold ideas and interactions. Organizations now have the technology to thank for the emergence of these new applications to make the lives of leaders and team members straightforward, productive, and collaborative.  

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