7 Best Online Games to Play in Quarantine

7 Best Online Games to Play in Quarantine

Best Online Games to Play in Quarantine

Not meeting your friends and missing fun days hanging out with them, is one of the biggest boring disadvantages of quarantine forced upon us by this COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our cell phones and the internet, we have plenty of ways to pass time. We have Social Media, Video Calling, Group Video calling, which brings our besties together. We understand that there are still many days to pass with social distancing to follow.

Connecting your friends through your phones and having playful sessions of online games in quarantine can also be very exciting. There are various games that you cannot access in different countries, you can get the best VPN for Pokemon Go with excellent features. There are several blockchain games available in the market along with regular games. Online group gaming can be a great idea for the coming weekend. Whether you play card games, such as Solitaire in any of its variations, or you decide to go for one of the other games on our list, we can guarantee you’ll have fun. So, let’s not waste any more time, shall we?

Here, are some of the best online games to play in quarantine with friends:

1. Houseparty Games:

Houseparty is a group video calling app, which is just the same as other video calling apps. The only characteristic that makes it different than others is people joining video calls can play games together. There are four types of games available on Houseparty which are, Heads Up!, Chips, Trivia, and Quick Draw. The person who invites people can initiate new arcade games on the video. Participants just need to roll over the dice. That is why Houseparty games are the Best Games to Play in Quarantine with friends.

2. Monopoly:

Classic Monopoly never gets old. While there is an unwritten rule to have this game in every house, it is now possible to play a game online with friends. If you want to play it on your laptops, then it is free of any cost. For the mobile app version, there is a charge of $3.99. The mobile version is suitable for Android as well as iOS. This new version is very attractive and engaging for every user. For PC, users can download the game from the POGO website. Monopoly is the best classic Games to Play in Quarantine.

3. Online Casinos:

Another creative invention that allows playing your favorite casino games virtually. All types of casino games are available online, for short or as long as the time the user wants. Online casino game developers try hard to recreate a similar experience that is offered in typical casinos. Along with the classic version of the casino, several other formats are available online such as Slots, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker, etc. They also have free versions, if you want to practice before you hit actually.

During quarantine and lockdown, this creative option of online casino sites is getting popular. Several Indian Casinos websites are attracting multiple visitors and users. You can also try Twitch which is a video game streaming platform. It’s great to play with friends and try to get the most Twitch followers. Online Casinos are the best option for Games to Play in Quarantine.

4. Pokemon Go:

This game has created hype and buzz amongst the youngsters. It changed the future of AR-based gaming. Considering lockdown situations caused due to COVID-19 pandemic, the game developers have made changes in the game tracking GPS, limiting the travel to your backyards and garden compounds. You don’t have to roam around the city to gather pokemon. If you create lists of friends in the game, you can exchange some pokemon or even gift them. Pokemon Go is one of the topmost games to play in Quarantine.

5. Cards Against Humanity:

Uno or its newer version i.e. Cards Against Humanity can now be played online. You can challenge your friends online, and ask them to answer funny questions to move ahead in the next rounds. As you know there are two sets of cards in the game. There are black cards with fill-in-the-box options or questions and white cards with nouns that fill blank and answer questions from black cards. Many players like these games because they are very light-hearted to play and enlighten your mood. Uno is the Best online Games to Play in Quarantine.

6. Skribble:

Skribble is an online multiplayer drawing and guessing game that is available free of cost. Players need to draw their given words and others need to guess the drawing in several rounds. The person, who gets most of the points at the end, wins the game. So, one needs to draw a picture in 80 seconds from three options you get, and the other one needs to recognize the object drawn. Watching terrific drawings by your friends can be a perfect time pass. Therefore, Skribble is the Best Games to Play in Quarantine with friends.

7. Codenames:

We are familiar with the board game version of codenames. Now, the developers have bought an online version of the same. It is a game of guessing, which is related to hint-word sets given by another player. So, two teams are made and on consecutive terms, the spymaster gives hints about words on both cards. After taking 30 seconds to set up, the game lasts for 15 minutes. And no matter, who wins or loses the laughter after the game is always memorable.

Apart from above list there are many unique and engaging games such as Online Solitaire. Different forms of solitaire game such as Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Freecell etc. are easily available on the website. These are the top 7 best online Games to Play in Quarantine.

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