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Fulfillment by Amazon, widely known as FBA, is service by Amazon where process like packaging products and shipping them to buyers is taken care of by Amazon itself, in exchange for some fees. So, basically, sellers store their products in Amazon warehouses and once they are stored there, sellers can track their sales via Amazon inventories. In a span of the last few years, a third party sale is increased drastically from 3% to 58%. Buyers also prefer FBA products, as it is hassle-free and there are chances of winning a surprise box.

There is a wide range of products to select from FBA catalogs, and we think the following are the most successful amazon fba products.

Electronics and Accessories:

There is something add-on to the electronics industry. People are gadget freaks and right from sleeping devices to health trackers. Electronics items are large revenue generators for Amazon. And here are the reasons for it:

Wide Range of Variety and Multiple Choices available in almost every category.

The Amazon’s commission for electronics category is lower as compared to other categories. It is around 8%, while for others it is 15%.

Every day, there is a new addition to electronic items. There is an update to previous version. And people are going to buy it!

There is no limit to the age group and relevance of electronics category. For every age group, gender, financial type there is specific range of electronics products available in market. So, there is no stagnancy.


Yes. Books! Amidst the buzz that books are becoming outdated or with rising age of Kindles, e-Books, i-Pads etc., books are still profitable.


Because of huge profit margins.

If you buy books in bulk, they will cost a dollar or two. But, when sold online, sellers can actually earn 100% profit gains. The profit margin may vary based on the discounts and sales. But profit is sure. Even Amazon was started with book selling platform, so why not earn some good money by selling the books. Music books, World History Books, Books about Military Science are perfect match for buyers.

Jewelry and Accessories:

You can find numerous types and patterns of jewelry on Amazon, right from expensive Pure Gold/ Silver to cheap imitation accessories. And these are the trendiest items that are sold on Amazon.

So, if you are going for Gold/ Silver jewelry, then certain certification or quality certificates needed to buy online. Women’s Brooches, Bracelets, Necklaces and various accessories for men are bestselling items on FBA.

Exercise Clothing and Accessories:

Exercise has become part of daily routine. Running, Working Out and Yoga, type of exercise may vary. But, requirements remain the same for every sport. So, here are some bestselling FBA products which fall in exercise clothing and accessories category:

  • Yoga Pants
    • Training Tank Tops
    • Women’s Sport Bra
    • Power Yoga Sheets

Baby Products:

As long as there are fashion needs to be completed online, baby products will remain at the top position. And if you particularly choose to target first born children, the sales are high as sky. As the parents are more excited for their first child, the buying rate is very high as compared to further children. Out of all the variety, following products trends are popular among buyers:

  • Baby Toys and Accessories
    • Healthcare Kits
    • Baby Diapers
    • Baby Clothes and Accessories

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