Top 11 Home Automation Companies in the World

Home Automation Companies

Wireless control of appliances with a home automation system is trending now. Although Home Automation is not new for the world, its relevancy and relativity are increasing day by day these days. Personalized solutions have changed the future of home automation. The market for home automation solutions will expect to grow to 151.4 Billion USD by 2024. As this particular sector is evolving, big tech players have started investing in home automation solutions. However, if you want to take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level, you can create a cashback website.

Here, is the list of top 11 home automation companies in the world:

1. Canary

Canary is a New York-based startup founded in 2014 by Adam Sager, Chris Rill, Jon Troutman. They in the latest round of funding has raised 66.1 Million USD funding in 2018. They specialize in Home Security systems. Few versions of Canary like the Canary Pro security camera have a Camera, Siren, and Air Monitor together in a single set-up. That’s why Canary is on the first rank of Home Automation Companies.

2. August Home

August Homes bring Smart Locks as the innovative product range that is dedicated to the security and technological advancements of smart lock systems. Apart from their signature smart locks, they have doorbell cameras and other accessories. Jason Johnson and Yves Behar founded August Home in 2012. There are around 55 patents registered with August Home in Locks; Keys; Windows/ Door category.

3. HomeSeer

HomeSeer is the leading technology provider in the field of home automation for the last 20 years. Smart Home Hubs are a specialized product range from HomeSeer. It brings integrated automation and security controls for Lights, Garage Doors, Temperature, Door Locks, Water Valves, and Security Cameras. The company claims that its products are easy to set up, automate and handle. HomeSeer was launched in 1999 by Richard Helmke and continues to grow on a steady path of progress since then. That’s why HomeSeer is on the third rank of Home Automation Companies.

4. Control4

Eric Smith, Will West, and Mark Morgan together founded Control4 in 2003 to provide user-friendly networking and home automation software solutions for housing and businesses. Products and systems by Control4 have automated and secured more than 400,000 homes across 100 countries. Along with its integrated automation systems for the entire house, it has dedicated automation solutions for lighting, video, audio, camera security, etc.

5. Vera

Vera helps to simplify our daily complicated systems. Along with the controllers and side angled security cameras, Vera also produces Vera Sentinel (Advanced Camera Management) and Vera Easy Start (Personalized Set-up Assistance). Vera was started back in 2008, by Lewis M. Brown and is headquartered at Causeway Bay. With around 25 employees on board and a number of clients, Vera has is one of the leading home automation solution companies. That’s why Vera is on the fifth rank of Home Automation Companies.

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6. Notion

The Notion works on the three basic principles of home automation i.e. assuring safety, increasing protection and reducing risks, and making technology simple and easy to use. It has a wide range of products such as Notion Sensors, Notion Bridge, Notion Magnets, etc. The Notion is currently led with the vision of Brett Jurgens. It is a 2014 founded startup working creatively in the field of security solutions and home automation. That’s why Notion is on the sixth rank of Home Automation Companies.

7. Savant

Founded in 2005, Savant is recognized as one of the global leaders for home control and automation. Savant is the first home automation company that combined automation with mobile technology, knowing the future changes. Robert Madonna founded Savant Technologies in 2005, and over the years the company has evolved as the leader in the home automation industry. That’s why Savant is on the seventh rank of Home Automation Companies.

8. SmartThings

SmartThings is an independent organization backed by Samsung, which works predominantly in areas of Smart Homes, Home Security, and Home Automation. Smart Home solutions from SmartThings can accompany you from 6 AM till 11 PM until you sign off to sleep. And the good thing about is, all controls, functions can be personalized according to your requirement. Alex Hawkinson is the current CEO of SmartThings. That’s why SmartThings is on the eighth rank of Home Automation Companies.

9. OM Wave

OM Wave is a Miami, Florida-based smart home automation solutions company which specializes in innovative automated lights for homes, and the best motorized window shades in the market. 

Their automated lights can automatically adjust to the ambience of any room, while the window shades can easily open or close with a single tap. And that’s not all; to stay ahead of the curve in the industry, OM Wave offers blinds that are custom-made to match the user’s windows, fabric, or color of their choice.

OM Wave celebrates over a decade of offering these high-quality accessories that are powered by cutting-edge solutions from Lutron, Sony, Sonos, Snap One, and other players in wireless technology. 

Through support from these entities, OM Wave continuously provides its customers with luxurious and sophisticated solutions that make their living spaces and business premises feel comfy both from the outside and inside.

With regards to the company’s culture, OM Wave takes safety seriously. The customized window shades and lighting systems are not only simple to operate, fully automated and integrated; but also secure. Customers need not be afraid of accidents such as electrical shocks or fires.

These intelligent home systems that are programmed to automatically switch to any mood in a home, or office are very reliable.

10. Wink

Wink comes with a wide range of home automation and security products. Starting from Smart LED lighting bulbs, it has motion sensors, door/ window security sensors, sirens, doorbells security cameras, etc. Michael Tanne founded wink in 2004. That’s why Wink is on the tenth rank of Home Automation Companies.

11. Avisio UK

Avisio UK is a home automation company founded by owners Ian, Gavin, and Adam in Tamworth in the UK. Their love for technology has led them to create advanced tech beyond the simple commands of asking an integrated program to turn on the lights. Still, it acts as a companion for homeowners who want to upgrade the technology behind their lighting, music, security access, and heating control. Once the tech has been installed into your home, you will command it using any device, including the voice command option, which would work well for anyone with visual impairments. That’s why Avisio UK is on the eleventh rank of Home Automation Companies.

Home automation focuses on controlling household devices for convenience and energy efficiency, while business automation encompasses a broader range of operations to enhance efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Business automation systems are more complex, integrating various software applications and hardware components to streamline workflows and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Unlike home automation, business automation solutions must scale to accommodate changing business needs and industry standards. Both aim to improve daily life or operations, but business automation serves larger organizational goals and requires customization for specific industry requirements.

If you’re looking to incorporate automation into your business, you don’t have to worry about funding. Exploring financing options like loans or grants can help manage costs and mitigate risks. As your business grows, scalability and strategic planning become important to ensure that automation aligns with long-term goals and adapts to industry trends. By carefully considering funding needs and potential returns, businesses can leverage automation effectively to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. Read this startup funding guide for 2024.

Whether adopting automation in the home or business sphere, understanding needs, objectives, and available resources is crucial. Start with small, manageable automation tasks to build familiarity and assess effectiveness. Prioritize solutions that align with long-term goals and offer tangible benefits, such as time savings, efficiency gains, and improved experiences. Embrace flexibility and scalability to adapt automation systems as needs evolve.

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