The Dark Side of Being an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is the glazing word for every salaried employee. Being an entrepreneur or a businessman is the golden dream of every person, who thinks to achieve money goals. Entrepreneurs inspire the masses. A large portion of people tends to perceive energy, motivation from works, strategy, and thinking of a successful businessman. The root cause that motivates a person to start his entrepreneurial journey is ‘The Possibility to Change the World’. But, as one advances on that journey, the dark side or unsaid sides of being an entrepreneur come into the light.

These are the things that never get highlighted because these things are not to be told, but to be experienced by every aspiring entrepreneur/ businessman. We often say that ‘It is always lonely on the top’. The dark side of being an entrepreneur is nothing but the psychological and emotional cost that one pays to fulfill his business dream. Let’s go through some of those specific points:


Success doesn’t make Entrepreneurs, but failures do! Entrepreneurs always learn from their failures and improve their mistakes afterward. Accepting failures and then working on them to create a smoother process for the future is the main characteristic of any entrepreneur. 99 Days are of Set Backs! Only One Day makes a successful entrepreneur.

So, before starting the journey to become an entrepreneur, first understand that failures are normal. You need to become confident with failures. Learn from them and avoid the same mistake in the future. That’s what entrepreneurs do!


Failure often leads to depression. As an entrepreneur, people are isolated with their decisions and the aftermaths of decisions. If the decisions and strategies are not worked in a prescribed way, it may lead to depression. Being an entrepreneur, you need to invest your physical, mental as well as financial attributes in your work. It takes a lot from you and if the investment is not paid off, it mostly leads to the unseen demon called depression.

So, it is important for aspiring entrepreneurs to stay motivated. Sharing problems, failures with people of your comfort reduces the chances of getting lead into depression. 

Family Time. Wait. What is it?

The first thing you need to understand when you shift from a 9 To 5 job to your own business is there is no fixed time of your job. 12-14 hours a day is the normal time shift for business builders in the initial stage. Weekends are not holidays. In fact, you need to be on your toes every second. 

Entrepreneurs need to micro-manage their time schedule. Family time is equally important when it comes to work-life balance. And mind it; you need to maintain this balance as it takes care of your mental and emotional well-being. Entrepreneurs need to walk on this work and family edge. Those who get succeeded in this get their way till the end.


Stress, Anxiety is real! Yes. These are not just stories. They are a fact in every entrepreneur’s journey. Previously discussed depression, stress, pressure, and anxiety are four mighty villains in the life of a businessman. Many people fail to cope up with these adversities. If they fail to deal with these external factors, they might not concentrate on their niche work and fail to achieve the decided goal.

If you see the pattern, these all factors are interconnected. And in the end, they are going to burst together.

Money Issues are the Fact

When working in a 9 To 5 job, the money in businesses and enterprises fascinates people. But, wait! The money problems are very much real as they are in a salaried job. When you are trying to kick start a new set-up, when people are switching from job to their own venture money issues get difficult sometimes. You are new in the industry. Your trust factor, credit capacity is very low as compared to other players in the industry. Even if you are a new entity, you need to pay salaries, manage operating costs with managing the payment difficulties from your clients. This is a difficult thing, guys! The purpose of these articles is not to scare aspiring entrepreneurs, but to make them aware of what are the ground realities when you enter into the entrepreneurial mode. Better be prepared than regretting afterward.

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