Top 7 Women Dominated Industries

Top 7 Women Dominated Industries

The Man to Women work ratio is an evolving process. If we go back to 1950, Men occupied almost 66% of the work opportunities. As we started approaching the 21st Century, this scenario started changing ,here in this article mentioned some Women Dominated Industries. As the increasing percentage of the Female Workforce is inevitable, the percentage reached around 45% in 2017. The gender gap, wage equality, discrimination are still burning issues in front of the Women Force. In 2020, the gender pay gap in the United States is around 81% i.e. Women earn about 81% for every 100% earned by Men, which is something that the business sector needs to address in years come by.

With women in the workplace, this percentage from 2017 doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, there are many industries where women dominate men in terms of both volume and performance. Just like how there are some stereotypically male-dominated industries like construction, there are now plenty of careers and roles that have seen a large rise in women.

According to our observation, the women dominated industries are high-paid industries and require maximum precession in the work.

Let’s see some of the women dominated industries in brief:

1. Education

Education is a niche field for women. Right from Teaching to becoming Pioneers of Education System Solutions and Consulting, the horizon expanded for women. If we look at Women Workforce in Pre-School organizations, it goes around 97%. The Schools, Graduation, and further teaching professions have women participation of around 60-65% and becoming Women Dominated Industries. Apart from teaching, if we consider consulting, technical solutions and other parts related to education, women’s participation is on a very large side. Women are true up-lifters of the education revolution and quality improvement.

This isn’t a new trend either. Traditionally, teaching in western society has been a role conducted by a majority female workforce for around two centuries, with generic female traits of being caring being desired for the position. This is illustrated within kindergarten and nursery care, where we can see the highest proportion of women in teaching.

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Women also find themselves with higher roles in the education system too, with many being principles and superintendents, demonstrating a clear and less obstructive career path to the top. This pathway isn’t always present in other industries, with many women being overlooked for promotions in favor of men. This could help explain why the education sector is so popular for women because it is one that they can fairly progress in.

2. Public Relations

When it comes to maintaining and enriching the communication between brands, customers, and consumers, women seem to dominate this field. Women are better communicators than men. This proficiency and in-built skill help them to perform proactively in the PR domain. On average, 60% of the total workforce that belongs to the PR sector, such as PR Specialists, Managers, AD Managers, Reporters, Editors, etc. are formed with women.  

3. Healthcare and Medical

Caring is the fundamental nature of any woman and so is the basic principle of the Healthcare and Medical Industry. Right from nurses to expert physicians, from baby care providers to old age caretakers the percentage of women workers is very high as compared to men and become Women Dominated Industries. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that out of total workers and employees from the healthcare and medical sector 80% are women. And yet, only 20% are in the position of leadership/ power.

Top 7 Women Dominated Industries | The Enterprise World

This needs to change, as it shows a clear inequality in hiring for jobs in a position of power. For women within the medical industry, to give them the best chance of success, they’re going to need to get impressive qualifications and education. This can help them stand out when applying for jobs and make them undeniable for promotions and new roles.

For nurses, one of the best things to do is to obtain a higher education nursing degree from a respected University. One fantastic course is the Marymount University BSN to DNP. This course is online, allowing female nurses to continue working while getting the qualification, which can help them climb the career ladder a lot faster.

4. Human Resource

It is our observation that Human Resources is that kind of field which is only meant for women workforce. Many of you haven’t even seen a male HR in your respective organization. It won’t be exaggerated if we say HR is that industry that is solely controlled by women, with 71% of women’s participation and become women dominated industries. Taking care of employees, inspiring them, keeping records of day-to-day operations are some of the tasks achieved by the women workforce in the HR domain.

The reason for this high proportion of female workers is unclear. It may relate back to the gender pay gap and the types of salaries that men and women would traditionally settle for. As statistics state that women get paid 20% less than what men do for the same role, it implies that women are more used to lower-paying work. As roles in HR aren’t the most financially rewarding, it may simply be a situation where more men, who might be used to higher-paying roles, are turning their noses up at the role and are looking for opportunities elsewhere. In contrast, women are more inclined to settle for the role.

The above is just a theory in an attempt to make sense of this weird situation, but regardless of the case, it is clear that generic female traits do suit the role. Patience, kindness, and less aggression works well when dealing with conflict resolution and managing potentially disgruntled staff members.

5. Social Welfare

83%. Yes! That is the contribution of women in the Social Welfare and Social Serving industry. When we try to find an answer for Social Welfare being a woman-dominated sector, the basic reason, we think is the caring nature of women and become women dominated industries. Social Welfare is nothing but caring about people from deprived backgrounds, social and economic conditions. Women are said to sense the grief of people better than men, and hence we think it is the reason behind women’s large participation in the social sector.

Top 7 Women Dominated Industries | The Enterprise World

The social sector can be a really rewarding area of work, as helping others and making a difference in the local community can be really uplifting. For a lot of female workers, it gives them purpose and immense satisfaction.

However, as well as being rewarding, social work can also be challenging, as you might be put in difficult situations and have to deal with disturbing incidents. This implies that women are very much up for that challenge and might be equally suited to other mentally tough jobs that society traditionally leaves for men.

6. Content Makes

Women are the best and most creative content makers! Content and Digital Marketers are two different sections of the same industry. While women from a very less percentage in the Digital Marketing sector, Content Making is the field dominated by women. Trends in content tend to change frequently, and women sense this change very effectively, which is often implied in their content work.

Perhaps this correlation of content marketing goes back all the way to trends in University. In the majority of humanity subjects, such as English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing, the students are overwhelmingly female. As these students graduate, they’re likely to apply in creative and content-focused fields, which might explain the rise in female content marketers. Content marketing is also an appealing role. Creating social posts, blogs, and other forms of media can be fun and more enjoyable than other office roles such as accounting, which is an industry that is seen as a very male-dominated one.

7. Customer Services

Communication Skills are the primary skill required in Customer Services. Having a soft call with customers, understanding their queries or problems, and then connecting them with the proper decision-maker are some more niche skills required in this domain. Often people are disappointed with the services, they are angrier about the services/ products, so it is of great importance to comfort them with soft and generous words. Who other than women, can succeed in this task? Around 60-70% of women occupy places in customer services.

Another potential reason for this is that customer service roles can be part-time. With many women also being parents, having this flexibility where they can work but also spend time looking after their children can also be a reason why this role is popular among women.

Top 7 Women Dominated Industries | The Enterprise World

Apart from these fields, there are several sections like Law and Legal, Accountancy, Travel – Hotels, and Hospitality, where women are working in a higher percentage than men and becoming women dominated industries. As we are trying to close the gender gap, biased and unequal salaries, almost all sectors are encouraging women to work freely with their interests. New opportunities, new responsibilities, and new horizons are opening for women. Finally, we can hope for Gender Equality that we are waiting for for so many years.

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