Interesting Facts about Online Gaming You Can’t Ignore!

Did you know- Interesting Facts about Online Gaming You Can’t Ignore

Interesting Facts about Online Gaming

Online games are pretty popular among the youth these days, and why not? For the graphics and everything, they become too hard to miss. Fun and games are on one side, but what is even more interesting is that online gaming has also established itself as a prominent growth sector in the current and the global economy as well!

Now, who would have thought about that? In fact, in the past few years, its growth has been increasing widely, owing to the evolution of mobile platforms in the gaming sector. This evolution has thus added diversity and flexibility for the players across the globe.   

Here are a few facts about online gaming you don’t want to miss.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto V games series is probably one of the most loved games in the world. What you did not know was the fact that GTA V is the most expensive game ever made!

It cost approximately $137 million to just build the game, and about $128 million more for its marketing, making it one of the most expensive games ever made. Rockstar North, the developer of the game earned over $1 billion just in its initial 3 days!

Isn’t that baffling?

Next in line with the most expensive game is ‘Call of Duty: Modern War Far 2’ which cost around $250 million overall including the development and the marketing.

South Korea Had Once Banned Midnight Gaming

Because of the excessive gaming of South Korean children, the country had once passed a law popularly called the ‘Cinderella Law’.

According to this law, children under the age of 16 were not to play online video games after midnight (from 12 AM to 6 AM).

Although the law did not affect mobiles and gaming consoles, the children just couldn’t resist playing the games and thus began stealing resident registration numbers so that they could elude the law. This is an important fact in the list of facts about online gaming.

So much for the online video games!

VPN Making Online Games Better

In recent years, the Virtual Private Network or the VPN has been giving the players so much more benefits that it has now become a necessity.

The VPN simply allows the players to re-route their connection through a server in any country they want.

Now isn’t that amazing? It makes the gameplay smoother. This is an important fact in the list of facts about online gaming.

Thus VPN allows early access to DLC and its updates with the players’ security online.

VR Becoming the New Trend

We have all known of Virtual Reality through sci-fi movies, but today it is not limited to just that. It has now become a part of our lives.

The newly introduced VR Gaming Console has gained a lot of popularity making it a grand success. Looking at it in such a way, it is for sure that VR Gaming will have a bright future. This is an important fact in the list of facts about online gaming.

68% of Smartphone and Tablet Owners Enjoy Online Gaming

With the evolution of gaming in smartphones, there is no doubt that they have been a huge source for the industry’s growth.

Even though the quality of the games on mobile phones is not as great as compared to the PC or the Xbox, the developers have developed certain limits to it and have made it available to more people. And considering its reach, mobile gaming will only get much bigger and popular. These are some facts about online gaming.

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