7 Marketing Tips to Gain Right Viewers!

7 Marketing Tips to Gain Right Viewers SEO

The CBD sector is thriving, with new products being introduced on a daily basis, and current consumer brands are incorporating CBD into practically every area, from health and wellness to makeup to pet care.

According to the cannabis consumer insights firm BDS Analytics, CBD sales in the United States will top $20 billion by 2024—but, despite this astronomical rise, marketing CBD products is still difficult.

Techievolve, the best CBD marketing agency, with its skilled marketers and developers, can help your CBD business prosper by leveraging in-depth consumer and market knowledge.

Here are 7 different marketing tips that may increase your chances of gaining appropriate views:

1. Begin with What You Know

Your target audience is likely to share characteristics with people you already know. As a result, these “lookalikes” are a good option for expanding your audience.

Examine what you know about your present contacts to identify new people interested in what you do. Are many of them close in age? Do they live in a particular area? Do they consistently respond to a specific type of content? You can use that information to identify folks who are similar to you. Assume you own a neighborhood gourmet shop and discover that allergen-free pancake mix is popular among young families. You may use this knowledge to promote this product online to a similar population.

2. Use Social Media to Engage Your Target Audience

Whether you’re new to social media or have some experience, rethinking your social techniques and channels can help you build relationships. People want to connect with brands they enjoy on social media, with 66 percent of Facebook users following a brand. In addition, 65 percent of B2B organizations have utilized LinkedIn paid ads to acquire new business.

Compelling social media marketing posts do not necessitate the presence of a social media manager on staff. Anyone may write interesting blogs by offering expertise that is relevant to their target audience interests. For example, if you’re an event photographer, you may give suggestions on how to set up and capture a great family portrait, as well as your photos, to demonstrate your expertise in your profession.

You can also promote user-generated content, such as tagged photos. For example, a decorator may give DIY tips for creating a lovely family room and then invite people to contribute images of the décor they’ve put together using that advice. Once people start sharing these images, you can share them on your social channels to give your content more weight and make your audience feel more involved with your company.

3. Pay Attention to the Audience’s Preferences

Look for commonalities in your present audience’s goals, engagement habits, purchasing behaviors, preferred pricing, social media activity, and other facts. Then, utilize this information to inform or update your outreach efforts.

For example, you may discover that your most active connections come from LinkedIn or in response to an email campaign, which can signal to prioritize such channels. On the message front, you may discover that, rather than a price reduction, your audience responds to an offer for a free consultation with your top creative talent.

Marketing CRM software and an audience dashboard can assist you in organizing and connecting all of your audience data. This method allows you to uncover trends that can provide insight into how audiences respond, identify what they most want from you, and identify possibilities to build personalized communications that demonstrate you understand their needs and desires.

4. Make Use of Postcards to Make Your Business Stand Out

As per the Association of National Advertisers, effectiveness of direct mail is increasing. Postcards, which come in several sizes and formats, can be a cost-effective and eye-catching method to reach out to new potential audiences and reconnect with those you haven’t heard from in a while. For example, an optometrist in an eyeglasses store could send a postcard with a discount on eyeglasses and a reminder to make an appointment to preserve eye health.

Direct mail works exceptionally well in multichannel campaigns: response rates are 41% higher when combined with other marketing activities, and personalized mailing pieces can increase response by up to 50%.

5. Increase the Number of Visitors who Visit the Landing Page

Social media posts, targeted digital ads, and other content referring to your landing pages might attract new audiences who fit the profile you’re looking for. To drive page views, use powerful calls to action (CTAs) in your marketing based on audience priorities. This may be a free shipping offer for an e-commerce company with a budget-conscious buyer.

Also, make sure that these landing pages include something for those who want to learn more about your company. A digital advertisement may direct someone to a buy-now-promotion landing page that includes a newsletter registration form or a link to your blog. You may reach a larger audience by utilizing multiple methods. When you have an interaction option on your landing pages for each visitor you bring in, your efforts to bring them there will pay off.

6. Collaborate with Firms that are Complementary to Yours

Other businesses are most likely targeting your exact demographic with products or services that do not compete with what you provide. Why not give them permission to share your marketing message with their audience, and vice versa? Partnerships, co-sponsored events, and other forms of collaboration can increase brand exposure and marketing return on investment (ROI) for all parties involved.

“Be ready to pivot with the times,” Shantel advises. For example, a restaurant client collaborated on singles nights with the dating app Bumble. When the coronavirus struck, the restaurant collaborated with a nearby hospital to urge customers to contribute meals to doctors and nurses.

Finding a complementary partner with a similar audience to yours is critical. Develop a multichannel marketing plan. Then you may work together to find ways to increase visibility for both groups, both online and in person.

7. The Payoff can be Substantial

Campaigns that use three or more channels (such as email, banner ads, and social media) have a 90% greater retention rate than single-channel initiatives.


Visual marketing is still a valuable and potent strategy for attracting an audience. It will not only improve communication with your audience targeting but will also help your brand become more identifiable.

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