7 Ways To Place Artificial Turf On Your Commercial Premises

7 Ways To Place Artificial Turf On Your Commercial Premises

If you’re looking to enhance your commercial property, why not consider artificial turf? Synthetic grass doesn’t require much maintenance and looks great throughout the year, so it’s a cost-effective option for business owners in many industries.

But did you know that you can use artificial grass for purposes other than an outdoor grass alternative? For instance, some companies and organizations set up artificial turf in certain interior areas.

If you’re Wondering How to Make the most of Synthetic Turf in a Commercial Space, read on for the best ways to use Artificial Turf to make your Business Establishment more Functional and Visually Appealing:

1. Build An Office Park

Exposure to nature can be beneficial for one’s self-esteem and mood. For employees to be productive, they need to be in a conducive environment that enables them to connect with their natural surroundings.

An office park with artificial turf creates green space for the members of your team to relax and clear their heads during their free time. For employees who need a change of scenery, the park can be a place for them to think of new ideas.

Additionally, this space can be a meeting point for staff members to share views regarding work while enjoying the fresh air. When you want to add synthetic grass to your office park, seek professional assistance to ensure proper installation. Reputable service providers such as artificial grass company AGL are known for making artificial turf appear as realistic as possible.

2. Spruce Up Driving Ranges

Artificial grass doesn’t require mowing or watering to preserve its evergreen color. Investing in a long-lasting synthetic turf lowers the maintenance expenses for your commercial property.

In particular, artificial grass keeps driving ranges looking neat and classy all year round. And since it’s durable, it can withstand heavy foot traffic coming from all the golfers who’ll visit your site for practice.

3. Install Turf On The Wall

The best part about using artificial grass is that it doesn’t have to adhere to any of the rules for natural grass. While natural grass only grows in the presence of soil and has to be watered, the synthetic kind can be installed anywhere and stay just as green and lush without water.

With artificial turf, you can create a beautiful and natural-looking space with ease. You can use it to cover some of the walls in your commercial building for an eye-catching, modern touch. This design may trigger a feeling of being in nature, ultimately boosting employees’ productivity. Working in a green space is more pleasant than doing so in a typical office space with nothing but whitewashed walls all around you.

4. Use Artificial Turf As Carpet

Artificial turf can also be used as carpeting. Many commercial establishments go for this option because it’s easy to maintain. Synthetic grass carries no odors, is non-slip and effortless to clean, and doesn’t hold moisture. It’s therefore ideal for busy spaces, and since it absorbs shock quickly, it helps minimize injuries as well.

Installing artificial grass as carpet can improve the appearance of the space in no time at all. It creates a sophisticated look in various commercial properties.

5. Create An Indoor Putting Green

How about having an indoor putting green where employees can play a bit of golf during break time? Besides providing a way to relieve stress associated with work, indoor putting can boost employees’ performance since it allows them to stay mentally and physically active. Also, spending some time in a green environment can help promote happiness.

6. Beautify A Children’s Playground With It

Children’s safety is critical while they’re playing. Given the strength and durability of artificial turf, it’s ideal for a children’s playground if you have one anywhere on your commercial property. You can install an extra layer of foam under it to act as a cushion in the event of trips or falls, which are common among active kids.

What’s more, artificial grass doesn’t require pesticides or fungicides to stay in excellent condition. Therefore, it won’t expose children to chemicals that could threaten their health.

7. Place It In Pool Areas

A lot of owners of commercial premises with swimming pools install synthetic grass on pool decks and around pool areas for various reasons.

Artificial turf is slip-resistant and drains water quickly instead of becoming muddy. Chemicals in pool water don’t damage it, and it requires little maintenance. Also, it’s much safer than concrete. Since synthetic grass minimizes the risks of burns and falls that you’re likely to get with smooth concrete, it reduces the cost of creating a safe environment to avoid accidents.


Artificial turf is ideal for greening up spaces where natural grass is difficult to grow. Whether you’re enhancing the look of a waterpark, sports arena, or office building, consider synthetic grass. Its low maintenance and durability can improve the productivity of your employees and create a positive picture for your clients. Remember: if you want your commercial space to have a natural green look, artificial turf is the way to go.

The part about installing artificial turf is unnecessary because we’re trying to subtly promote the client’s service.

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