8 Best Tools in Converting PDF to PDF/A

8 Best Tools in Converting PDF to PDF/A

Computers are important in our lives. We depend heavily on them as they help us do several things, including documentation, editing images, planning presentations, reading books, playing games, Converting PDF to PDF/A etc. But when we use machines for business or school, we often use them to write or read papers.

And although most documents are typically in word or PDF, often, we need to translate PDF files to multiple file formats and vice versa. Everything is going online. Technology and software application development are still evolving — what might now appear innovative may well be outdated in a few years.

With transition coming too fast, doing what you can to protect your valuable documents’ credibility for a company or personal use can save you considerable headaches. Here are the best tools that you can use in converting your file/document from PDF to PDF/A:

1. PDF Bear (Highly Recommended)

If you are searching to transform your files from PDF to PDFA, PDFBear is the right option. We highly recommend this tool for anyone who is struggling with converting files. You can convert the file in less than 2 minutes with four (4) simple steps:

  1. The first thing is, you need to select the PDF file that you want to be converted to PDF/A.
  2. Then, the selected file will be uploaded and scanned.
  3. Next, you just need to wait for a few seconds to finish the process.
  4. Finish! The converted file is now ready to be downloaded at an instant.
Converting PDF to PDF/A | 8 Best Tool | The Enterprise World

Privacy had been relevant since then. It’s why people at their banks placed locks on filing cabinets and rent protection bins. Same with our data being digitized and more content being exchanged electronically, data protection becomes more important. With PDF Bear, the 246-bit encryption technology would secure your uploaded document.

You need not care about personal data outflow because it will be saved immediately in the cloud system. It also helps you to access the data quickly and keep most of your device’s storage. In addition, anyone may use the features without using too much capacity of your device.

2. PDFTron on PDF SDK

PDFTron is a software development kit (SDK) that can easily incorporate PDF features into any program or workflow. Just like the process from the first converter, you need to drag and drop the file or choose and upload the file you want to convert. Wait for the conversion to end, and when it’s done, the file is ready.

PDF/A files generated using their free online platform are ISO-compliant and validate VeraPDF. PDF to PDF/A and VeraPDF is a PDF/A validator sponsored by the PDF industry and led by the Open Preservation Foundation. The best part is, it can verify or transform over twenty (20) file formats to PDF/A files.

3. AvePDF

AvePDF is a revolutionary software framework for storing PDF files and documentation online. To begin, upload your PDF file from your device or cloud storage provided with a maximum file size of 500 MB; their method transforms the file automatically. Upload the PDF/A file directly to your cloud storage facility. PDF to PDF/A converted.

AvePDF secures the data using encryption techniques. Any files uploaded are immediately removed after thirty (30) minutes. You can manually remove your file right after processing by pressing the bin button.

Several electronic records are held for many years for legitimate purposes, such as life insurance since long-term access to files is essential. Converting your archives to PDF/A is vital to saving your key records for potential usage.

4. IlovePDF

IlovePDF offers a Free PDF Viewer with a complete range of PDF usability resources. It is one with all your document needs. It offers easy-to-use software to compress, organize, transform, and protect your PDF documents reliably. PDF to PDF/A Convert.

Converting PDF to PDF/A | 8 Best Tool | The Enterprise World

Boost your performance and improve stable data access with vast amounts of files stored on your desktop. Forget internet limitations and change how you deal with records with this specially built toolkit for business or personal usage.

5. Wondershare PDFelement

This converter is a modern PDF application to save your PDF to PDF/A format. Once you open this app, you can save it into a PDF/A file. You can export data, import data, and construct PDF forms with PDFelement.

Its user interface is straightforward, enabling you to quickly modify text in PDF documents by copying, inserting, or removing text and images. You may also change a document’s pages to keep it tidy and ordered.

This converter is user-friendly, enabling users to migrate their PDF files to different formats easily. It has versatile output choices and can translate various files into one document in multiple formats.

6. Soda PDF Converter, PDF to PDF/A

Another free PDF converter to suggest is Soda PDF. This app is well known to be available from everywhere, whatever device you use. You can download, read, annotate, and build PDF files on your desktop or online. You may pick what fits better at a specific moment.

7. PDFCreator, PDF to PDF/A

The PDF/A standard guarantees PDFCreator by enforcing rigid guidelines for putting in the PDF. PDFCreator can create and make PDF/A files and any documents for archiving. This one is easy to navigate and good for non-techy people.

Converting PDF to PDF/A | 8 Best Tool | The Enterprise World

8. 3-Heights PDF to PDF/A Converter

The 3-HeightsTM PDF to PDF/A Converter is a component for the long-term archiving of PDF documents. This aspect is durable and flexible, making it ideal to include in different processes like standardization, quality assurance, and archive migration.

By combining 3-Heights modules, they achieved standardization of the many PDF models in its DMS. The conversion of various image types into full-text PDF documents is also workable, and it supports all PDF/A levels. And convert PDF to PDF/A.

They render color spaces device-independent, embed, and subset color control fonts. They restore corrupt records, fix corrupt data like embedded fonts or images, and delete openness and malicious material, including the attached files.


Learning to convert PDF files these days is highly recommended since we are all going online today. Therefore, get and use the best PDF converter tool that can help you with your conversion problems, and hopefully, our list could help you with that.

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