5 Ways On How To Organize Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

5 Ways On How To Organize Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

PDFBear – Organize Your PDF Files

The PDF is hailed to be the most convenient file format in the computer world. It has made a massive breakthrough in computer file history and is believed to last for the next century as it has perfected the needs of computer enthusiasts. It has filled the void of a dream file that can be easily shared and printed.

PDF files continue to contribute productivity and convenience, especially to corporate entities. Despite most people’s vast computer knowledge, some still cannot identify how to maximize these PDFs’ usage. Quite difficult to admit, but many people find it challenging to manage PDFs when making edits with its content. Here are some PDFBear tools you can use:

1. Compress PDF

The modern age required most of us to work and communicate online, and that involves our well-known webmail platforms. Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail, and even company emails, have limitations in uploading and sending files. Files with extensive content and high-graphic images occupy a considerable amount of space and will be troublesome for webmails to handle.

The most straightforward and convenient way to manage this dilemma is by converting your large files to the portable document format. But if your file is already in PDF, the best way to handle this is to compress PDF. By compressing, you will be able to shrink your file’s size without compromising its actual quality. Here are the steps on compressing:

  • Search for your PDF and upload it to the PDFBear compressing tool.
  • Depending on what you need, you can choose from the available options.
  • The analysis and compression process will commence and will only take a few seconds.
  • Your newly compressed PDF will now be ready to download.

If you wonder why the process seems so quick and easy, that is because PDFBear has all the appropriate sophisticated tools necessary for PDF handling. It consists of systematic tools with the highest efficiency. With the PDF compress function of PDFBear, you can now better upload and transmit your documents through your preferred webmail.

2. Split PDF

The split PDF function of PDFBear is another option for handling your oversized digital documents. If your document is composed of too many pages, you can use the PDF split to individualize them. Separating numerous pages and saving them as separate documents can save disk space; this will also result in a lighter file for online sharing.

You can also use the split PDF function if you need to separate pages from another as they might have different purposes. For example, your direct superior sent you a PDF for your client’s perusal. Then, you noticed that some pages are not supposed to be present in that document, you can use the split PDF to separate those pages from the compiled source:

  • Search for your PDF files, and upload it to the PDFBear Split tool.
  • Click on the pages that you need to separate from the original PDF.
  • Click to refine your selected pages and export them individually.
  • The split PDF will be ready to download.

3. Merge PDF

Since PDFBear has the versatile functionality of compress and split PDF, it is quite an excellent choice for intermediate computer users who lack information in handling PDFs. Now, if you have received documents in the portable document format that needs to be combined, then the merge PDF function is what you need.

While PDFs are naturally less modifiable, PDFBear has all the appropriate tools to make necessary edits to your documents. This process is essential in making a compilation of documents to prevent unnecessary data loss. Similar to split and compress, the merge PDF process is straightforward and time-saving:

  • Search for your PDFs and upload them all to the PDF merge tool.
  • PDFBear will combine your separate documents into one PDF.
  • You can make modifications after combining with the available options.
  • Your PDFs are now merged into one file and are ready to download.

Why Convert Your Files to PDF?

As mentioned earlier, converting your usual files to the portable document format is a way to upload, share, and print your files more conveniently. PDFs have the ideal structure for these types of operations. Also, common problems involving webmail’s limitations can be addressed by converting your files to PDF.

PDFBear is the best option to convert your PDFs. It can convert almost all the usual files that we use daily such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, HTML, etc. The conversion process is pretty easy, like the compress, split, and merge function. Here are the steps you should follow to convert your PDFs:

  • In the PDFBear homepage, you can select which file type you need to convert.
  • Search for your file, then drag or upload it to the PDF converter tool.
  • PDFBear’s converter tool will scan your document and convert it in a few seconds.
  • Your newly converted PDF file will be ready to download.

4. Conversion Example: Word to PDF Tool

The conversion process applies to all file types; we will discuss why you need to convert these commonly used file types to the portable document format. The Word application is where you can create compositions from scratch. However, unwanted and unnecessary edits can sometimes happen when transmitted to other users.

Whether it is intentional or not, accidents like unwanted file edits can happen with Word files. If you convert it to PDF, then your file will be safe from these mishaps. Once in PDF, your composition will be compact and easier to print. Thus, it becomes free from editing, even when shared with other users.

5. In A Nutshell

The digital era is primarily focused on working on digital files. The convenience that these technological advancements can offer is extensively excellent. In the modern age, where the world wide web’s power exists, lives are made more accessible, and everything can be accomplished with just a few clicks.  One site that can help you with your PDFs is PDFBear. Knowing how to utilize modern digital files is essential to continue stepping up your way to success.

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