How to Build a Marketplace Website Like Amazon

How to Build a Marketplace Website Like Amazon

Digitalization is key in today’s market. Several businesses dream of creating a marketplace website like Amazon, but it is not easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an online marketplace resembling Amazon.

Apart from some unique features, most online marketplaces have similar features, including product listings, shopping carts, website searches, payments, shipping, notifications, support chat, admin dashboards, and so on. Including these features in your marketplace is the way to create a marketplace website.

9 Features to Include in a Marketplace Website:

1. Homepage

Starting at the Homepage, when focusing on marketplace development, the customer needs to have a simple system to navigate all the products. They should also have product filters to separate products by brands, price range, quality, ratings and more.

Another important feature in marketplace development is product suggestions based on purchase history, popular products, products on sale, or viewing history.

2. Registration and User Profiles

There are two types of users on the marketplace, and the marketplace developer needs to create two different registration processes for both users during marketplace development.

3. Buyer

The marketplace usually asks for a buyer’s name, email address, delivery address, payment details, and passwords. Their profiles also contain their order histories and wishlist. Thus, these are some of the features that need to be a part of the buyer’s profile.

4. Seller

Sellers are asked for their company names, addresses, phone numbers, tax information and more.They must be able to change their account settings and payment methods.

5. Advanced Search Feature

To create a marketplace website like Amazon, the developer needs to work on the Advanced Product Search. Due to innumerable products on the marketplace, the presence of an Advanced Search Feature is very important. Amazon, for example, utilizes a searching algorithm called A9 to help shoppers locate what they want among 12 million listings. A9 selects products based on numerous factors of the customer’s behavior.

6. Product Pages

When answering the question How to make an online marketplace, the developer needs to include Product Pages. Your marketplace’s sellers require the ability to generate and manage new products quickly. They should include as much information as available such as description, delivery info, price, high-quality photos, e-commerce product videos, availability, warranty and more.

Good descriptions aid in the decision-making process for buyers and are also beneficial to SEO. During marketplace development, you can utilize tools like autocomplete forms, error corrections, category recommendations, and others to encourage sellers to provide as many details as possible to make the process easier for the users.

7. Wishlist

A feature that the users much like is the wishlist on Amazon. The wishlist increases user engagement and sales.

8. Ratings and Reviews

When it comes to making purchases, customers rely heavily on ratings and reviews. So, ensure that your marketplace development includes features like IP address check and only accepting reviews from registered users to ensure that reviews are honest. Amazon features a Comments Manager where merchants may read feedback from the previous 12 months and the current day, respond to reviews, and ask purchasers to remove inaccurate feedback.

9. One-Click Ordering

Features like Amazon’s “1-Click” ordering button are extremely popular in online shopping, making it much more user-friendly. Customers only have to submit their billing, shipping, and payment information once and then place their order by pressing a single button. This one-button is a very important aspect during marketplace development as it takes the place of several other operations, such as payment and shipping. After customers select the “1-Click” button, the system waits 30 minutes before continuing their purchase and adding other goods.

These were some of the features that a developer needs to focus on to build a marketplace website similar to Amazon.

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