Aakash Malhotra- Digato- Cracking the Digital Growth Hack

Aakash Malhotra - Digato

Aakash Malhotra- Digato- Cracking the Digital Growth Hack

It is the year 2019, we might not have flying cars and air traffic, but we sure do have entered a smart era, where technology has taken strides in every sector. Everyone we see is now busy in their mobile phones, plugged in to the social media, digging any new information they can. With the extravagance of this technology, the start-up scenario in India has expanded and this ecosystem is thriving for the new outlooks. This has been made quite simple by the social media, as there are no boundaries to the reach of it. 

To help the companies to hack this growth formula, Aakash Malhotra started a digital marketing consulting and advertising agency, Digato. An engineer in Computer Sciences from Amity University and liking for traveling and public speaking, Aakash Malhotra has accomplished quite a lot and bagged some of the honorary awards. He also is a leading Social Media Influencer and goes with the handle, Wander With Sky, a channel that gives it’s community tips, hacks and advice on how to travel while showcasing his journey. With more than 150K followers, he’s India’s leading travel influencer. He likes to call himself a Travelpreneur, an Indian who is out on a mission to travel the world.

Early Life-

Before coming up with Digato, Aakash Malhotra has had a bag full of experiences in many fields. He was the head of digital marketing and media at Creative Marketing Fix, an agency based out of New Delhi. He was also a digital marketing consultant at The Grub Fest, which is India’s biggest food festival. He’s transitioned from an engineer to Sales Rep, to Marketing professional, his life has been a roller coaster of different experiences.

Apart from the various jobs he has taken up as a digital media marketing or a consultant, he also has added a volunteering experience to his list of experiences. He was Vice President at AIESEC, worlds largest youth-run organisation and was on leading the Organising Committee of Udaan, an event for the underprivileged kids. 

Carrying all the bags heavy with experience and honours, Aakash Malhotra then decided to start his own digital marketing consulting and advertising company. And so started the journey of Digato!

Aakash Malhotra has had a digital marketing consulting experience in many of the companies and also some of the volunteering campaigns.

The Stepping Stones-

With this vast experience in the industry, there hardly were any problems and challenges Digato had to face. The services the company offers are unique and in a demand in the recent scenario, also with the result history the company has had, it wasn’t much difficult for the people to identify and distinguish them from the others. 

One of the challenging tasks though is to maintain the consistency of the services they provide. The technology is evolving, and there is a need to be a step ahead, always. Also, there are many people venturing in this particular field, so to be a step further, what is important is to provide quality services with consistency. The company’s aim is to do the best of what they can do and that is their strategy of being a step ahead of the competitors. 

Their Services-

The company has expertise in running high yielding advertising campaigns. And this is one through their fully managed private client work, the consulting, the intensive training events or keynote speaking.


Digato offers services in two major streams –

  • Revenue Marketing via Advertising
  • Marketing Consultation 

The revenue marketing has a comprehensive approach and it follows the important aspects which are Acquisition Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Retention Marketing and Advertising. These services help the companies to eventually increase their sales loyalty, the sales and the returns on the investments.

  • Digato Talent (Personal Branding)
  • Dig Deep (In-House Consulting)
  • Digato Experience (Event Marketing)
  • Digato Creates (App and Website Design and Development)

The company uses the newest technologies and the techniques to be on the top of the game. This has helped many of the companies to reach out to a greater market and opened new opportunities and avenues for the expansion of their company. The idea of changing the face of internet marketing keeps the Digato family inspired.

The Digato Family-

At Digato, what matters are the numbers and the results. They have induced a healthy work environment which includes the ‘work from wherever’ scheme. This does not bind the employees to a specific working schedule and helps them to concentrate on their work better. With the help of these work cultures, the company is able to pull off the targets and match the numbers in the accounted time. It has also helped them to conduct successful projects and keep the team spirits high.

“We also believe in the power of independent professionals, a.k.a freelancers and believe they match the vibe we are trying to set in our company’s culture”, says Mr Aakash.

  • A healthy work environment that includes a ‘work from wherever’ scheme. This helps the employees to concentrate on their work better, pull off targets more efficiently, and run successful projects.
  • Their expertise is the psychology of running high yielding Advertising Campaigns. 
  • As the tagline of the company goes ‘Marketers lie, Numbers don’t’, Digato focuses on the ROI or the ROAS- return on Ad Spend. The most important number is not CPC (Cost per Click), ad spend, or even revenue. 

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