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The Fearless Entrepreneurs To Watch: 2019 features,

Joseph Chan, the Founder CEO of AsiaPay is revolutionizing the FinTech Industry with his seamless FinTech solutions. The company is one of the most successful and comprehensive electronic payment service and Technology Company in Asia.
It offers advanced, secure, integrated, multi-channel digital payment processing services and solutions to banks and merchants, across 12 markets in Asia.

Aakash Malhotra with his venture of Digato, digital marketing is helping the companies to grow on a larger extent, and Aakash Malhotra is helping the companies to crack the growth hack with Digato. He also is India’s leading travel influencer and likes to call himself a travelpreneur.
Facilitating the businesses to efficient systems is Swathi Business Solutions. The IT solutions and services are necessary for every company these days, and to provide these solutions under a single roof, Arun Thiyagarajan came up with the Swathi Business Solutions.

The healthcare industry is evolving every day, and with this scenario in mind, Leslie Richard and other few experienced people in the field of healthcare came along to develop smart healthcare solutions and started Healthcare 360 Degree.
Having worked as a freelance workplace and learning consultant, Mr. Mohan Madgulkar when learned about this unique consultancy Steps Drama, which uses interactive drama techniques to offer training services. Having a passion for acting, Mr. Mohan was up for the task, to bring something new to the consultancy scenario in India.

Larks Learning, a consultancy service provider, to coach the leaders for better leadership. Ms. Lovely Kumar, after the recession of 2008 saw this as an opportunity to train the officials to get more outcomes in their working.
Mr. Nasir Sharif of MN Realtors is helping the people change realty into reality, providing all the realty solutions under a single roof. No matter how big the project is, MN Realtors is standing up to the customers’ expectations.

Fabulous Media, as the name suggests, is a media agency, or being more specific, your growth agency. This media company, founded by Nikhil Sharma, is focused on providing the right business solutions for the perfect growth of your company.
Agriculture forms the backbone of Indian economy, and Siddhartha Choudhary, with his DestaGlobal has gone on to merge agriculture with technology, thus giving a superior edge to the agricultural systems.

Further on, in the interviews with Mr. Ashraf Kamal and Mr. Shinu J Pillai, you will know about the journey of their enterprise. OpenThrive by Ashraf Kamal is digital marketing platforms helping the companies boost their growth. And Synigoros Partners by Mr. Shinu J Pillai is providing the best advocate services to the clients.

Magazine Profiles

Harpreet Sachdeva


Harpreet Sachdeva- IgnisTec- Disrupting the Disrupters

Aakash Malhotra

Digato- Cracking the Digital Growth Hack

Aakash Malhotra - Digato

Ms. Lovely Kumar

Coaching Leaders for Better Leadership

Larks Learning

Jaydeep Singh - Complete Financing Solutions

Jaydeep Singh - - Complete Financing Solutions

Leslie Richard

Healthcare 360 Degree - Innovation In Healthcare

leslie richard Healthcare 360 Degree

Siddhartha Chaudhary


Siddhartha Choudhary - DestaGlobal

Mohan Madgulkar

Steps Drama Learning Development- Taking Steps to bring a change you seek

Mohan Madgulkar- Steps Drama Learning Development

Nasir Sharif- MN Realtors

Make Your Dreams into Reality

Nasir Sharif- MN Realtors

Arun Thiyagarajan

Swathi Business Solutions- Facilitating Businesses to Efficient Systems

Arun Thiyagarajan- Swathi Business Solutions | the Enterprise World

Nikhil Sharma

Fabulous Media- Your Growth Agency

Nikhil Sharma Fabulous Media

Nilesh Mohite

Mohite & Associates - Solutions Begin with Service

Nilesh Mohite & Associates

Interview with TEW

Shinu J Pillai

Synigoros Partners

Shinu J Pillai- Synigoros Partners- Comprehensive legal services commensurate in quality and speed

Ashraf Kamal


Ashraf Kamal- Openthrive- Attract, Engage, Retain

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