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Jaydeep Singh - AskMeFinance.com - Complete Financing Solutions

AskMeFinance.com – Jaydeep Singh

When one thinks of coming up with a start-up, other than the management of the company, what is more, important is the management of finances. One needs to have good guidance to manage his/her finances so that there is a smooth running of the company. A single financial crack in the system can cause a big blow to the company.

What is needed for this is the proper financial management and good guidance for it. And there are many entrepreneurs, who have stepped up in the enterprise scenario, but they lack good financial support and guidance to manage the money. Intending to change this scenario, and to help the new emerging entrepreneurs in the fundraising for their company, Mr. Jaydeep Singh started askmefinance.com

Hailing from a good combination of IT and Finance Education, Mr. Singh has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application; he has a Diploma in Information System Audit and is also a CA (Chartered Accountant). He has worked in the finance industry long, to observe the anomalies faced by emerging entrepreneurs. And with this knowledge, he started his venture of askmefinance.com. 

“To help the entrepreneurs convert their dreams to reality is what we aim at”, says Mr. Singh.

He observed that the new companies stepping up in the start-up arena lacked proper financial guidance and management. Also, many existing businesses were unable to expand their businesses simply because of improper financial planning and the shortage of funds. Their products and the services were good, but the companies could not get good market value for it. And he decided to cater to it. Taking up the role of fundraising was a challenging role. The most demanding part of any business faces is fundraising. Without proper infusion, no one can start and survive.  

ASKMEFINANCE.COM is providing Advisory Services in Project Financing, Corporate Loans, Retail Loans, Structured Financing, Stressed Assets (NPA Accounts), and Trusteeship Services. The services provided by AskMeFinance.com are- 


 This serves as a missing link between Corporates, medium and small business projects which need capital and financial institutions that are offering the capital. Our expertise lies in preparing and presenting the case in such a manner that it gets cleared with minimum stipulations and time. 


We help revive those projects which face financial difficulty either due to lack of proper financial planning at the time of raising funds or due to inadvertent market conditions. We also help in arranging funds to NPA/Stressed Accounts for revival or settlement with existing lenders through NBFC’s and ARC’s


ASKMEFINANCE.COM offers complete and effective business advisory services to its clients looking for financial stability and business growth and stands by its clients throughout the life cycle of the project to ensure that the concept of its client gets translated into reality.


Security creation in favor of the Trustee for one or more lenders, holding financing & security documents in safe custody thereby avoiding frequent transfers of documents from one lender to another, hold the security, enforce the security and protect the interest of lender(s), act upon instructions of lenders, efficient and Quick release/ re-conveyance of mortgaged properties on repayment, enforce security, in case of default as per security documents, ceding of various types of charges subject to compliance of various pre-conditions, which would facilitate timely creation of security.

“Our project syndication division is developed uniquely to bridge the separation between the promoters and lenders through its understanding and experience in the area”, says Mr. Singh.

AskMeFinance.com works with all the major financial institutions in India and also abroad. And this has helped them to understand the credit policies and schemes of them all very well. With this knowledge, they can understand which product is best for the client, so that they can clearly articulate the presentation of that case. 

 Indian market is still lacking genuine and quality financial advisors. AskMeFinance.com offers a very good deliverable track record and market presence. By providing structured, tailored-made products at the lowest cost, AskMeFinance.com is helping entrepreneurs to get a step closer to their dreams. 

“I believe no one should be deprived of funds to fulfill his dreams. I want to help every deserving entrepreneur to convert his idea into reality. India needs Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur needs funds. Here we come”, says Mr. Singh 

And with this approach, AskMeFinance.com is now trying to bring better investments in India at a cheaper coupon rate. The company is also in the process to start its own NBFC in the coming months to serve the untapped market. 

And to make sure that the services of the company are on par, the company has ex-banker staff working. Their experience and advice have proved to be a real asset to the company. Listening to the clients patiently, check the complete merits and demerits of the client, helping them with healthy financial planning, and always being available to them for any of their financial needs is just the way the company functions, and makes sure that their clients are satisfied and their business growth is exponential. 

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