Shinu J Pillai- Synigoros Partners- Comprehensive legal services commensurate in quality and speed

Shinu J Pillai- Synigoros Partners- Comprehensive legal services commensurate in quality and speed

Shinu J Pillai- Synigoros Partners

Being the second-largest country to practice the legal profession, India has over 600,000 lawyers as of now. Most of these lawyers are individual practitioners or small or family-based firms. Out of these firms and individuals, many of the firms are involved in the issues of domestic law and the other majority works under the litigation system of the country.

With globalization, more countries are showing active participation in trade, and thus have gained greater access to the domestic economies. And this has had a qualitative and quantitative impact on the legal service sector. Thus the legal service sector has seen a mini-revolution in the past few decades. 

In conversation with Mr. Shinu J Pillai, Founder of Synigoros Partners, let us find out more about the firm, it’s functioning, and future strategies.

1.     What was the idea behind this enterprise? OR What inspired you to start this enterprise? Tell us about its foundation.

The goal and idea behind the establishment of a corporate law firm are to deliver many professionalized legal services to targeted clients, which are corporate entities and professionals. The working nature and delivery of services of established law firms had inspired me during the early stages of my career. During that time Kerala mostly depended upon individual-centric legal practices.

The idea of the firm’s identity and a legal brand was not a recognized mode of operation here. I found that space as an opportunity and processed the idea with my then partner Philip T Paul. The small step we had taken in the year 2008 coupled with the assured quality in our services paved the foundation of Synigoros Partners.  

2.     Taking this enterprise further, was it easy or a catch-22?

The real strength of Synigoros Partners is its global reach through our associate law firms. Now that we have operations in 120 countries through our trusted brand partners. Our next target is to create a technology-based common network platform for our trusted associates and thereby ensure much better and speedy services to the clients

3.     What does your business offer? What are the products and services?

First of all our products are legal services and most of the time it lacks any flavor of business. Our services include transactional assistance, corporate regulatory guidance, intellectual property, civil and corporate litigation, etc   

4.     What is one thing you do that keeps you a step further?

Synigoros Partners is not supposed to be competitive in the areas of law. It is a field wherein which we are expected to possess responsibility, quality, and confidentiality and we certainly are keeping those expectations without any fail. However, we operate in a competitive environment where there is also pressure to perform and since the market is very volatile there are myriad decisions to make every day. Furthermore, we endeavor to advise clients from a commercial and practical standpoint.

5.    Can you brief us about your education and your professional background?

I had completed my legal education at Government Law College, Ernakulam in the year 2004 and I had started my career with a reputed law firm – Easwar & Mani; Synigoros Partners possesses the legacy of four generations of lawyers. The training that was imparted by my Senior Adv. S. Easwaran molded my thoughts and approach towards this profession. I can honestly say the accommodation and access given by Adv. Easwarn is the only reason that I am still in this profession.   

6.    Competition and progress go together. How do you cope with the competition?

This is not a field of direct competition even though elements of competition are visible somewhere. Our only focus is to deliver our best to the clients and upkeep the integrity and honesty warranted by the legal profession.

7.    How do you make sure your product/services are on par?

The quality of service delivery is a matter of efficiency and experience. Synigoros Partners always ensures the combination of efficiency, experience, and expertise in all our assignments. Our association with global law firms contributes to the distinctiveness of our services.

8.    What strategies are you working on to make the business a step further?

The acquisition of the right manpower is a real task in this field. The legal education system and the existing concept of legal practice here in Kerala do not favor the breading of corporate lawyers. So Synigoros Partners is now focusing on a team that could expand operations and manpower at our Chennai office.

9.    What keeps you going? What is the driving force of your enterprise?

My passion for this profession is the real driving force. I can sincerely say the exposure and opportunities of the corporate world also keep us motivated. 

10.    Employees are the backbone of any company. How do you maintain a healthy work environment?

This is not a stage for a one-man show. The freedom and comfort of our team and their contribution have enhanced Synigoros Partners’ dynamic capability and long-term performance.

11.    How do you deal with your clients? What is your ‘mantra’ for a good client relationship?

At Synigoros Partners, client satisfaction is the priority. Every client of Synigoros Partners, not only receives highly skilled legal representation but also gets first-class treatment. The firm’s team conducts a unique strategy analysis before entering the litigation or regulatory work. Seniors attorneys and staff try to add a personal approach to every service. They discuss all aspects of the issue with clients, advise the clients about the options and involve them in the decision-making process. The dedicated team is always available to answer the client’s questions and keep them informed constantly.

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