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The Healthcare industry has parted ways from most of its traditional practices. It has now joined hands with technology, and together it has improved a lot. Technology has had a great impact on the Healthcare industry. With this scenario in mind, and to develop smart Healthcare solutions, a few experts with experience in the field of Healthcare Quality, efficient hospital operations and functioning, Healthcare branding solutions and Healthcare Finance, joined hands to deliver its best to the industry and started the journey of Healthcare 360 Degree in 2017.

“We used all our resources to focus on service excellence, design best solutions and use core competence of innovation and expertise to deliver the best to our customers in healthcare business”, says Leslie Richard on the foundation of Healthcare 360 Degree. 

Being the founder director at Healthcare 360 Degree, Mr. Leslie Richard with his team realized that there was an abundance of expertise in the metropolitan and the tier I cities. However, it could barely percolate down in tier II and tier III cities. These cities were unrealized and untouched, and this was a perfect opportunity to set up a business and to provide healthcare facilities to them. 

With a 16+ years’ experience in the Strategic Planning & Projects Expansion, Marketing Strategies, Brand Promotions, Hospital Commissioning & Operations, Projects & Consultant Acquisitions, Corporate & Trade Sales, Health Insurance, Healthcare 360 Degree was bound to happen. There was a lack of basic knowledge to the field and the company aimed to change this view. There were many consultancies in the market, but no one was providing One Roof solutions. And so, Healthcare 360 Degree set out to be a one roof solution for every Healthcare customer. 

The company works on evidence-based practice and believes in return on investment for the clients. They extend their services in the following areas:

  • Hospital Due Diligence & Bank Report
  • Hospital Architect Planning with Design .
  •   Accreditations (JCI, NABH, NABL, NHSRC, QCI )
  •  Healthcare Training & ROI 
  •  Marketing & Operations Outsourced including Merger & Acquisitions 
  •  Healthcare Funding 
  • Healthcare Events & Summit    
  • Hospital & Healthcare Brand Building

With the tons of experience in the field, there still was pressure to cut costs, improve efficiency and also simultaneously improve the quality and quantity of healthcare. 

“The pressure to do more with less was never easy, but we carried a very optimistic approach throughout the delivery of all our projects”, says Leslie Richard. 

The greatest strength Healthcare 360 Degree possesses is that they provide all the Healthcare and Medical needs under one roof. There have been emerging trends of Healthcare IT, so whether you want to optimize the existing IT system, or if you want to acquire a new platform, or develop a customized solution, the consultants at Healthcare 360 Degree will guide you in every way and help you become an efficient system. Healthcare industry is now turning towards the greater use of Telehealth and Telemedicine;

Healthcare 360 Degrees will recommend you only the most appropriate technology for the specific needs of your company. They will also help educate both your providers and patients to ensure speedy adaption and maximization of these platforms. Looking forward to ensuring quality with low cost has been the company’s key feature. 

“My Motto sentence is only in the dictionary “success comes before work” but “there is no short-cut to success”, Leslie Richard, Founder Director, Healthcare 360 Degrees.

As the director says, there is no short-cut to success; the company employs an honest and dedicated approach towards the client, and that is what makes the company different from others. While being hardcore professionals, the Healthcare 360 Degrees team also puts all their heart and soul in every project they cover. Continuous communication with the clients, regular updates through visit reports and documented observations/suggestions, providing 24X7 back end support besides the front end support required by the client are a few of the key features of the company that has helped them be a step ahead from others. 

Keeping the services at par is the motive of any company, and for this many companies engage different kinds of activities and performance rewards for their team. After all, a motivated and encouraged team with the zeal and passion to do something is what matters the most. At Healthcare 360 Degrees, they use the performance indicators for the team and analyze their performances regularly. Focusing on client satisfaction, the team has matched its service standards with international service standards, leaving no stone unturned for client satisfaction. 

For this, they have curated a simple work culture. They assign verticals to the employees that have expertise in a specific field and involve them in planning and execution. They set quality performance indicators for their employees and analyze them regularly. Including the employees in the brainstorming sessions is a regular practice at Healthcare 360 Degrees. This makes sure that the employee force is actively working in their allotted verticals, and this keeps the bar raised for everyone else. 

The team has been experimenting with new and different methods to improve the quality of their work. Adding resources, manpower, and infrastructure so that there can be even more verticals in the service list is the future the company is looking at. A few of the verticals people might see coming would be-

  • Implementing the Blockchain Technology for Hospitals & Healthcare Organization. 
  • More Focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence) with proven R & D 
  • Training through TeleMedicine with focus on ROI  

A result driven perfectionist with a fair understanding of the complex matters and the ability to look for the solutions rather than focusing on the problems, Mr. Leslie Richard, Founder Director of Healthcare 360 Degrees is in to change the way healthcare is viewed, ensuring quality work with fewer resources.

What makes Healthcare 360 Degrees Unique?

  • The company is a leading healthcare and medical recruitment agency with strong experience in comprehensive healthcare project management for new medical and healthcare start-ups.
  • Healthcare 360 Degrees is India’s upcoming Awarded Healthcare Consultancy.
  • The Healthcare 360 Degrees team has hand-picked experts and facility planners, architects, supporting staff.

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