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Coping with technological advancements and the new business needs are incredibly essential to prosper in today’s business world. IT services and solutions are a necessity for almost every other company these days. To ease this process, Arun Thiyagarajan came up with a business model to provide complete business solutions, under a single roof. 

“The inspiration to start this enterprise was my brother  Krishna Kumar (in the US) who guided me by introducing me to well-established brands and companies providing global innovative solutions and services”, Arun Thiyagarajan, Founder Swathi Business Solutions. 

Swathi Business Solutions deals with various kinds of consultancy services. Their area of expertise is their in-depth knowledge and the understanding of the various Information Technological needs of the businesses. They focus on building good relationships with their clients all over the world and providing them with professional services. Swathi Business Solutions offers on-site consultancy services. There are many experts available, with their expertise in different fields, which help the companies to strengthen their resources.

Swathi Business Solutions offers services in the following areas-

•    IT consulting

•    Staffing (Contract & Direct Hire)

•    R2D – Ready to Deploy Resource

•    SAP Consulting

•    Corporate Training and Workshops

•    Recruitment Audit

•    Social Media Audit

•    HR Audit & Process Implementation

•    Software Development (Solutions developed with the help of Technology partners)

•    Multimedia

•    Technical Writing & Software documentation 

•    Advanced Certification Programs

 “In my way of thinking, success is a process that is not instantaneously achieved. Hence, there is not just one thing, but a combination of different traits, which helps me reach the destination”, says Arun Thiyagarajan.

Hurdles are a part of every race. And the one who passes through them all is the real winner. Considering the highly volatile and competitive business environment, taking the business forward was not an easy task. Changing scenarios, the new emerging start-ups and so many things happening around, any enterprise must stick around to the core processes that will keep them going in the market.

The fact that Swathi Business Solutions is providing professional solutions to businesses all around is because of the experienced, professional, and committed team. The convergence of Information Technologies, the ideas, skills, language, and different cultures is what they focus on, and it is what keeps the company going. 

“We are flexible with new ideas and technological advances, which help recognize upcoming requirements and constantly endeavor to exceed expectations of all at different stages of development”, says Arun Thiyagarajan on how he has tackled the challenges. 

Having had 18 years of experience in the consulting industry, he knows that companies require proper training sessions and other business solutions for their efficient running. And that is the aim of Swathi Business Solutions, to provide excellent professional services to the companies. Although this requires thorough research of the market and the company’s needs. By implementing various techniques in the business, Mr. Arun has kept the services at par. Some of these techniques include:

•    Being process-oriented

•     Updating the client with inputs in terms of what is prevailing in the market.

•     Understanding client requirements very clearly. Be free to ask for any clarifications before you start working on the requirements.

•    Availability of the particular resources in the market in the current scenario     

•    Level of the organizations they are available like Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier -3, etc. 

•    The compensation range would be available.

•    Awareness of Technology

•    Do not compromise on your quality at any point in time so that your standards are maintained. 

•    Be free & open to your clients. Tell the client openly what is possible & what is not possible.

And with all these processes and new techniques to handle the client needs, there must be no glitches in the running of the company because, with the competition prevalent in the industry, they are bound to happen. But, if you have to survive, then you have to cope with the competition, and probably find new ways to adapt to it. 

For the business solutions market and the overall market, customer spending is slowing down. This has given many in the race advantage in the aggressive market. It applies to Swathi Business Solutions too. But the reason they are still in the market is that they have applied different strategies for their functioning. Keeping track of facilities, infrastructure, people, and their skills, and deciding the actions to be taken which are appropriate for the enterprise are some of the strategies Swathi Business Solutions employ, to make sure that they are a step further in the market. Analyzing the competitors, the market, and the customer has helped them to understand and predict new ideas and strategies to imply. 

“It is also vital to understand the competition and also help my enterprise to prepare in case of any deficiencies”, says Mr. Arun on keeping the business a step further. 

To accomplish growth and success and help others to optimize their services is the goal of Swathi Business Solutions. And to achieve this goal, strategies to reach specific business objectives need to be implemented. With a new market, Swathi Business Solutions Company is working on new strategies for a better client base. The main aim is to increase our market share by inviting more customers by using web-based technologies for cost reduction and efficient service.

This leads to increased productivity and ROI. Continued network with other organizations in relevant industries to learn about their tried and tested innovations, participation in industry-related seminars, sessions, and symposiums to understand the latest innovations to keep abreast of all technological developments and ensure that our business is taking adequate advantage, revision of the on-going activities as a continuous improvement approach to maximize our business and productivity gains and to invite external agencies or resources to study and devise necessary plans to help grow our organization are a few strategies the company is working on to take the enterprise further. 

“I have set my goal & that keeps me going till I achieve that”, says Mr. Arun.

And with a team that is as passionate as him, Swathi Business Solutions has today formed a healthy and supportive client relationship with all its clients. Taking time to understand their issues, listen to what they have to say, and then delivering quality services to the client has been the success mantra for the company. 

“This helps us with learning a lesson to forego such challenges in time ahead”, Mr. Arun

Build a successful relationship with a personal connection

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What makes Swathi Business Solutions unique?

  • Providing excellent professional services to the companies. 
  • Flexibility with new ideas and technologies.
  • A thorough understanding of the clients’ needs in order to provide the best solution.

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