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Nilesh Mohite & Associates

Nilesh Mohite – Nilesh Mohite & Associates – Solutions Begin with Service

The labor laws came to force because of the demands of the workers or the employees for better work conditions. In India, the law relating to labor and employment is also called the Industrial law. Indian labor laws are interwoven with India’s history of British colonialism. The earlier regulations were aimed at securing the labor supply and control. 

With the resurrection of the Indian economy, multi-national companies have started investing extensively in India and Indian multinationals. This growth has made employment issues more complex. One of the most serious challenges faced by companies today is compliance, with multifaceted tax laws and labor regulations. Labour law compliance is a big deal for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to labor and employment laws, change is the only constant business leaders can expect. These ever-changing laws and regulations have always represented a potential quagmire for companies.

In today’s fast-paced industry scenario, one of the most serious challenges faced by companies is compliance with multifaceted tax laws and labor regulations. No matter which field they operate in, the companies should have a timely abidance and thorough understanding of the provisions and implications of labor laws.

Without the proper maintenance of employment laws, which cover employment standards like working hours, unfair dismissals, minimum wage, layoff procedures, ESIC, PF, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund, and many other issues related to employer and employee, establishments can face severe legal consequences. At the same time, the compliance of the sheer volume of labor laws in India produces a legal quagmire that may even affect the existence of the company, if not maintained accurately.

To acknowledge these issues, Mr. Mohite started the Nilesh Mohite & Associates, which is a leading law consultancy firm in Pune.

They provide professional or expert advice and a comprehensive set of services supported by well-experienced consultants. Before starting with the firm, Mr. Nilesh Mohite worked in a consultant office. After working with them for over three years and gaining a deep knowledge of labor law compliance, Nilesh Mohite decided to start his profession under the guidance of his father Ret. Provident Fund Asst. Commissioner Mr. Shivaji Mohite on 20th Jun 1997. And since then Adv. Nilesh Mohite, with his hardworking team, has to lead the operations of this organization. 

Incepted in 1997 as PF, ESIC, and Shop Act consultants, today, this ISO 9001:2015 certified consultancy firm has developed the skill and expertise to provide a complete range of Labour Law consultancy including PF and ESIC consultancy services

Our end-to-end service includes; 

•    P.F. Work-    Registration / Maintenance

•    ESIC Work-   Registration / Maintenance 

•    P.Tax-            Registration / Maintenance

•    Labour Contract Act-     Registration / Renewal

•    Shop Act-        Registration / Renewal

•    Labour Welfare Fund-     Registration / Compliances

•    Labour Law Compliances-     Registration / Compliances

“Within a short period we have established credibility with more than 320 Clients in and around Pune city”, says Mr. Nilesh Mohite.

Difficulties are the leading steps to the ladder of success. When one is starting with a new enterprise, there are many difficulties to be faced, the first being the client base. It is usually hard to acquire clients when you are just starting. Starting new in a well-established market, there was difficult to acquire a solid client base, but with a passionate, and dedicated team, always ready to deliver the best, surviving in the market did not seem like a great task.

“I had started this enterprise in the year 1997, with just 1 client. Catering to different verticals of industry, the company has bagged a diversified clientele which includes Berger Paints India Ltd, Jai Hind Sugars Pvt Ltd, and Uber Hospitality Ventures Pvt Ltd”, recalls Mr. Nilesh Mohite on the stepping stones of the firm.

But with the quality of their work, they have managed to stay a step ahead of everyone else in the industry. The integrated services they provide have helped the organizations navigate the complex social security laws and related compliance obligations of compensation programs in a cost-efficient manner.

Effective client management by streamlining their processes has been an important factor that has helped them to stay a step ahead. And with that also comes good communication with their clients all the time. At every step, the firm has proved to its clients that the firms’ services, solutions, and commitments will pave the path for them further generate their business values.

“We believe that each client engagement is a learning experience – and opportunity to continuously assimilate knowledge, re-look processes, and to realign ourselves to exceed client expectations every time”, says Mr. Nilesh Mohite.

This particular profession needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and so, the firm is guided by the principles of business ethics and core values such as integrity, trust, continuous learning, and partnering progress. Accountability across its operations results in on-time delivery of services and ‘Customer Delight’.

With the mission to help businesses and enterprises optimize regulatory compliance and improve their performance, Nilesh Mohite & Associates is delivering end-to-end services that can cut transaction costs and enhance employee productivity, thus contributing to the sustainability and growth of the business. From the institutional perspective, it is an essential strategy to retain existing members and attract new ones leading to greater representativeness and influence. 

“We believe that “Solution Begins with Services”, says Mr. Nilesh Mohite on keeping their services on par. 

With decades of experience in the industry and very experienced staff to assist our clients to solve any problem the team is highly involved in the compliance field and keeps up-to-date knowledge on the rules and regulations of every relevant labor law enforcement entity. We have maintained a relationship with all the Government Departments like Labour office, ESI office or P.F. office and shrewdly balance commercial requirements of our clients with the legal framework.”

 And then again, teamwork is the most important part. With a talented, dynamic, diverse, and self-driven team that works passionately towards delivering solutions, they have been able to cope with the competition. 

In the current Indian economic environment, which is marked by the globalized economy, liberalization in trade, enhanced competition and ongoing technological advancement, rationalization of manpower is one of the most effective keys to the efficiency of any organization. Rationalization of manpower does not merely mean reduction/retrenchment of employees.

What it means is re-organization of the existing manpower such that their utilization and output can be optimized. Hence, we have had companies approach us in the last few years for assistance not only in connection with the retrenchment of employees and closure of certain offices but also for: transfer of employees under transfer of a business as a “going concern”; offer of relocation options to employees on account of closure of a business unit or cessation of a line of business at a particular location; While carrying out any of the aforesaid rationalization options, the organization must balance commercial requirements with the legal framework.

And to facilitate these services with the utmost quality, there has to be a healthy work environment, wherein the team can deliver their services with dedication. At Nilesh Mohite & Associates, culture is a vital and unique part of the organization. Flexible timing for the employees as per their requirements, monthly Performance Incentive in cash to each employee depending upon reporting, performance, in-time working. They also organize a monthly meeting in the last week with the employees followed by the lunch for Staff and the issue required to be discussed with all the employees.

I always say that “Don’t work FOR ME, work WITH ME !!!”, Mr. Nilesh Mohite.

What makes Nilesh Mohite & Associates Unique?

  • The association has developed the skill and expertise to provide a complete range of labour law consultancy including PF consultancy services. 
  • The integrated services they provide have helped the organizations navigate the complex social security laws and related compliance obligations of compensation programs in a cost-efficient manner.
  • The firm has expertise with staff strength to assist our clients to solve any problem.

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