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The playing field for the businesses has now increased; it is not just limited to newspapers and radio advertisements, or even word of mouth for that matter. The ability of communication and the reach to a wider audience with the help of the internet has changed the working of businesses. People are now on social media, and so are the businesses. 

“I was passionate about Digital as a medium, the only media in 500 years of Human history to deliver double-digit growth rate within a decade or more”, says Nikhil Sharma and with this passion started the journey of Fabulous Media. 

The idea was to make money online with many mediums such as blogs, websites, and with it, he started an online publishing setup with multiple blogs. This was the beginning of his understanding of Google Search Engine and the power of SEO, and its influence on the growth of the businesses. This was what inspired him to do something in the Digital platform, to use the platform for something that will benefit the businesses, and Fabulous Media was established in 2008, as a one-stop-shop for all the digital marketing requirements. 

As the tagline goes, “Your Growth Agency”, Fabulous Media is focused on providing the right business solutions to make sure that your company has the perfect growth graph. May it be digital, marketing, design or even technology, Fabulous Media provides solutions to the clients to become a leader in the industry. The company offers an integrated set of services like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Websites and Applications Development, E-Commerce, Branding, and Design. It is an SME and start-up friendly company providing the best digital marketing solutions to all the companies. 

Fabulous Media designs high-quality websites catering to all your needs, and the designs are easy to use and customer-friendly, making sure that the website is attractive and easy to use at the same time. Another important aspect of marketing now is social media marketing. That nowadays is a powerful tool for businesses to reach the potential market. Such and many other digital marketing solutions make Fabulous Media one of the best digital marketing solutions company.

“It has been a rollercoaster ride for the organization since its inception in 2008”, says Nikhil Sharma on the foundation of the company. 

The Fabulous Media team has since then concentrated on a single factor, growth.

The digital marketing and the digital media is an ever-changing field, there are constantly new things coming up, new benchmarks to achieve and you need to keep yourselves and the clients updated about the changing arenas constantly. 

“We have now got this in our blood, kind of as if we have digital blood flowing in our veins that keep us enthralled with a heightened sense of what’s new in the industry. Thus we keep us and our clients on a consistent growth trajectory”, Nikhil Sharma

The businesses are molding into new forms, there are developments in all the sectors and technology is taking over rapidly. To remain in the books of the people, and be trustable can be challenging. With a proven track record of 11+ years, Nikhil Sharma’s Fabulous Media solutions have managed that too. By carefully aligning their experts with the cutting edge tech, they make sure that they achieve phenomenal results with the help of “Excellence Centres of Training” for their team. They carry out regular training sessions where a specific time is dedicated for the Team Learning, and that is how they make sure that they are ahead of the competitors.

For being relevant in the business space, and yet deliver the clients with the best and unique solutions is one challenging thing. With a simple approach of ‘Thinking and Innovating’, where there is brainstorming of new ideas and then targeting the right audience has been the key for Fabulous Media to be a step further.

To give the clients a better experience and better service, the company has come up with a few of these new ideas. One of which includes ‘Research and Audit’. Research is an important part of any project, and auditing just helps in observing the pitfalls, if there are any. Another one is the ‘Right Audience, Right Serving’, which includes the targeting of the right audience with the right information to avoid the overload of information. 

“Continuously researching on changing consumer preferences and the time spent on various networks, apps or platforms have helped us define our marketing and communication mix”, Nikhil Sharma states. 

At the end of the day, what keeps an enterprise going are the happy clientele and the hardworking employee force. It is the happy clients and the happy teammates that complete the circle of services. Being able to drive a culture of meritocracy, balancing the needs of all stakeholders and still delivering consistent growth for all, is the motivation for the company to go on. A relentless focus on growth, be it individuals or businesses is what the company calls it as their secret.

With a simple mantra of keeping the people happy, the Fabulous Media family makes sure that the team with motivation. Their ‘Team Happiness Index’ is an index of their employees’ motivation levels, a track of all of their activities, which encourages the employees for better improvement. The intake process of the company is designed to ensure that Team Fabulous is a gold standard for those who want to work in a team of achievers and pioneers.

The core values that the company propagates within the organization comprises of continuous innovation, teamwork, a will to win, a sense of responsibility among the employees, and most importantly priding in work. It empowers the teams to be responsible and accountable for their work by not just helping them deliver results but also by helping them prepare for a successful lifestyle in their professional careers.

“As of today, Team Fabulous aims to become India’s first Growth Agency, our projections are very clear and our team is continuously striving to work up to its full potential and help in overcoming the challenges in the way. This further being bolstered with state of the art technology that we have developed in the last 5 years i.e. “Fabulous Business Growth Platform” which is being launched on our 11th foundation day”, Nikhil Sharma, Founder, Fabulous Media.

What makes Fabulous Media Unique?

  • Fabulous Media provides the right digital solutions to your company to make sure you have a perfect growth graph.
  • The company crafts pragmatic digital marketing campaigns that transform the businesses. 
  • With Fabulous Media, you are sure to get increased turnovers and not just followers. 

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