Harpreet Sachdeva – IgnisTec – Disrupting the Disrupters

Harpreet Sachdeva- IgnisTec- Disrupting the Disrupters

Harpreet Sachdeva – IgnisTec – Disrupting the Disrupters

Blockchain is the growing list of records, which are called as the blocks. These blocks are linked using cryptography. In the beginning, the blockchain was something which was considered as a technology supporting the Bitcoin only. But after several years, the experts and people today have realized that this blockchain technology is far more than that. The blockchain today is helping the organizations to ease their operations in several ways. Looking back at the technology to see how it has evolved is always fun. To evaluate all the steps it has gone to become the evolved and a better version. The blockchain is rapidly solving the problems on its way and is emerging to be the biggest thing in technology. 

Indian network demographics changed largely after the 2016 demonetization. Digitalization was given a superior stand, and almost every next business was adapting to it. To help resolve these complex issues, break them into simpler forms; Mr. Harpreet Sachdeva came up with IgnisTec, a company that provides blockchain technology solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

Mr. Harpreet has completed his education from the US and has worked there in the same niche. He observed there that the blockchain was much simpler, and the efficient use of it made the systems work faster and better. And he thought of moving it to India. 

“The biggest strength of our country is its mass”, says Mr. Sachdeva. 

For the mass of a country; the vision was the difficult part. The ultimate motive of IgnisTec is to provide the clients with new ways of connectivity, which are better and even more efficient. To facilitate this, the firm provides services that will give the user AI-powered systems that are adaptive, efficient, and offer simpler solutions to complex problems. 

Through their three significant platforms-

•    Social3.in

•    Drinkmates- Holistic Social Networking

•    Chatbot- AI Assistance

IgnisTec is serving parameters of speed, security, and scalability to the companies. The salient feature of this platform design is the utilization of distributed networks to generate amplified network processing power. By enhancing processing power with low latency, they produce faster real-time experience. Layered protocols digitally safeguard both privacy & data by creating a protected Ecosystem. Authenticity is monitored by encryption keys to provide an extra layer of security against potential threats. 

The fundamentals of Merkle Tree are used, in which a large number of data chunks are securely combined to continuously extend the branches. This makes their models highly scalable. Also, the experience is made even more hassle-free and profound with their carefully designed machine learning ability on large data. IgnisTec uses AI coded Intelligent Algorithms that rely on self-learning and hence boost the performance. They have systematically utilized coded AI agents that process large data and predict results more efficiently. IgnisTec provides its clients with efficient platforms, assuring lesser complexity in the working. 

We now live in a world where innovation is the only key to success. IgnisTec is a platform where the experts have been innovating new for the benefit of their clients. They have their own three different and novelty platforms- the Drinkmates, Chatbot- AI Assistance, and Social3.in.

Drinkmates is a platform that gives a unified virtual identity to the user. Using these identities, the IgnisTec team has created algorithms that handle the data reputation. This is real-world social networking, where community trust is built on protocols, the security of exchanges & Profil-o-meter: data reputation system. The added AI assistant personalized for each user makes the future of connectivity fluid. The Chatbot is their AI Assistant system, Intelligent bot(s) assisted automation for booking, customer service & business operations. Machine learning makes these tools smarter to improve the customer experience. 

“IgnisTec has worked on to build products allowing the user to use it daily feeling secured”, says Mr. Harpreet Sachdeva

The company also realized that people need to be updated about the crypto news. Thus they have developed Social3.in, which is their crypto news journal. It is an online video journal to follow all the latest news fast-forwarding people to the future. This platform is educating the public on the blockchain and crypto-future to foster innovation & digitization. 

With all the changes happening around, and the digitization wave hitting everyone, it is only evitable that multiple companies come up with ideas. This has given rise to great competition in the market. It is possible to survive this competition only if one takes it healthily. And that is one-way IgnisTec works. Learning something new that has come up, and then innovating new ideas to stay a step ahead. 

All this is only possible with a strong and dedicated team. To keep the employee force-driven, the best way is to have transparency in the work. Being a young start-up, it still has a long way to disrupt the industry. 

“With the team & the possibilities, the Indian market can rest assured to see some of the most unforeseen and most useful products by IgnisTec in the future”, says  Harpreet Sachdeva, CEO IgnisTec.

What Makes IgnisTec Unique?

  • By enhancing processing power with low latency, we produce faster real-time experience.
  • Carefully designed machine learning ability on large data makes experience profound and hassle-free.
  • With platforms of IgnisTec on your side, you can be assured that no task is complex anymore.

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