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The digital health tracking industry has been growing steadily since about 2018, driven by an unprecedented growth of popularity in wearable health trackers. The shipping of such health tracking devices is predicted to reach a sizeable 23 billion units by 2022, as suggested by a CCS Insight report. 

This surge of interest indicates a key shift in the way people interact with health. Presently, with far more restraints on their time, with people often working 10-12 hour jobs, visiting the doctor for every small ailment is problematic. 

Wearable health trackers offer the user a means to connect with their bodies, maintain a record of health data, and respond in time to avert ill health. It’s a pre-emptive system, which focuses on prevention, rather than on curing an already present disease. 

Problems at the blackboard

Usually, digital health-tech producers face problems at the germination level. How can a device not impact the user’s life negatively, and yet be disruptive enough to stand out from the other options available? 

If makers can think past this hurdle, it’ll herald success for that team. Designing the device, thus, is one of the most important steps in adding value to the digital health industry. 

Dipitr and Digital Health 

Among other things, wearable health trackers devices are equipped to help you with chronic ailments. So, regulating back pain, headaches, or neck pain is possible. But, to be effective, the base of these problems had to be tackled. And, that’s what Dipitr managed to do.

Tracing common head and upper torso aches to bad posture, we decided to develop a smart posture corrector. Dipitr’s This device would have to be smart, easy to use, and effective. It would act as a digital alternative to the posture correction braces and belts already available in the market. After much brainstorming, Strack came into being. 

Posture and its importance

Posture is crucial not just for physical wellness, but for confidence as well. It’s one of the first things people notice about other people. Poor posture can lead to many missed opportunities in life, not to mention the added troubles of severe neck and back pain. Longer work hours spent entirely sitting at desks is one of the prime culprits behind the medical issues stemming from bad posture. 

Strack – An Innovative Posture Corrector

Strack is India’s first wearable posture trainer and corrector. It’s a tiny device, but it performs multiple functions which are key in getting you back to a pain-free life. 

It’s a real-time posture tracker, which can monitor the progress of posture training. Lightweight (only 15 grams) and user-friendly, one needs to wear it on their back and calibrate it to its free mobile app. Every time the user slips into bad posture, the device vibrates, allowing correction of stance. Strack comes with a built-in 30 days of posture coaching, which has daily goals to be achieved. This regime helps correct posture in about two weeks. Inactivity for an hour will also make it vibrate, reminding the user to take a break and stretch.

Thus, Strack tracks and corrects your posture issues without being invasive, or hampering productivity. Traditional braces do not allow this freedom, making them less useful. 

Beyond Traditional Medicine

Innovations like Strack help cut back on medication and visitation bills. Instead, it helps you mold your life into a healthier routine. It also helps medical providers, by maintaining records of back health, making it easier for them to treat patients.

For us, in the industry, the responsibility does not end with producing devices. Dipitr recognizes this and encourages clients to take care of their employees’ back health by offering several survey tools and customized back health surveys. 


Amir Valani is the Founder and CEO of Dipitr, a company based in Bengaluru, India. His vision for the company is futuristic and health-oriented. 

Dipitr is dedicated to innovating disruptive tech gadgets which aim at enhancing the wellness and daily lives of the users. Growing 30-40% every month, it is well on its way to becoming a leading tech company. They have recently launched Asia’s first 360° posture care solution, Strack. 

Valani combines a brilliant educational background from IIM, Indore, and SMU (Texas) with an experience of 20+ years in entrepreneurship, product management, and marketing.

He has also worked in positions of high responsibility at several prestigious companies, including Paras Marketing and Aga Khan Education Service. Technically sound, Valani ensures that Dipitr never lags in terms of technological know-how. 

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