Tradition and Technology

tradition and technology

Tradition and Technology – Technology impacting Agriculture

The modern farms and agricultural practices are completely different from those a decade ago. With technology playing a vital role in this transformation, farming has become easier and efficient, with routine use of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture, such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. With the help of these technologies, farming has become easier. 

With the targeted agricultural techniques, farmers now no longer have to uniformly water the whole field, or apply fertilizers. They can use minimal resources and target each different plant differently. This has helped the farmers to achieve-

  • Greater field productivity
  • A decreased and limited use of fertilizers and water
  • Less runoff of chemicals and other harmful substances in groundwater
  • With the use of technologies, there also is a reduced effect on ecosystems

 Artificial Intelligence, like robotic technologies, is helping farmers to monitor natural resources like air and water quality. The use of precision agriculture technologies can help the farmers save resources and time, like the optimized use of fertilizers. These technologies will also help the farmers with easy traceability. As the technologies will merge in farming, access to the food supply chain will be easier. The farmers will have greater access to the credit market and will also open up great opportunities. 

Most of the food is usually wasted. In some countries, the food is wasted before it even reaches the people. This calls for advancements in the supply chain. With the help of technology, the supply chains will improve and it will decrease food wastage. There will soon come technologies that will help the farmers to increase their efficiency, profitability, and productivity. The new technologies will surely improve the farmer, animal, and consumer livelihoods, which will also provide better work environments, food safety, and security. 

People are coming up with portals for the farmers where they can find appropriate markets for their products. These applications have helped the farmers to find the best deals near to them and get a better price for their produce.

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