About Esmiere:

Esmiere is founded by Ms. Subarna Ghosh, with nearly 3 decades of professional experience as a Marketeer and Media Owner. 

Esmire Meet is a Closed Door & Focused Market Place Interaction between “Tech-Product-Ready Startups” founded by “Women”and Businesses with Significant interest in them.

Esmiere is focused on Startups founded/co-founded/led by Women  Entrepreneurs offering “Revenue Generation” & a Range of “Professional Services”

Esmire Meet is a Closed Door & Focused Market Place Interaction between “Tech-Product-Ready Startups” founded by “Women” and Businesses with Significant interest in them. The company is focused on Startups founded/co-founded/led by Women Entrepreneurs offering “Revenue Generation” & a Range of “Professional Services”. Here is how it is transforming these new startups.

Esmiere creates Marketplaces, Strengthens existing Revenue Streams, and identifies Alternate Revenue Options through recurring engagements with Women Entrepreneurs for their POC/Revenue-ready products. 

Esmiere has experienced Advisors and Professionals with Relevant Domain Expertise to support Startups in taking a major leap forward to start generating revenue and work toward becoming a healthy entity significantly driving trust around all Stakeholders and leading to enhanced valuation.

On 14th of June, 2024, Esmiere organised a Market Place Meet at IIT Delhi Campus.

This was “The FIRST EVER Startup-Market-Place-Meet” where nearly 10 Start-Up Founders got to interact with both Potential Buyers & Industry Leaders (Advisors) along with  Senior Officials from Indian Army & Navy. 

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