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A boost in the digital economy and overall e-based businesses has powered companies to grow faster than ever before. In this context, companies strive to give their best and provide the utmost comfortable experience to their valuable customers. Businesses are being stretched to their limits to manufacture and supply products with the proper quantity.

In this fast-paced race, businesses are willing to speed up their processes and increase the efficiency of their highly skilled staff with a focus on the highest safety. A job accident might become a reason for serious causalities. In traditional business processes, severe injuries were high, as workers manually performed many complex tasks. Today, with the rising technology with every new dawn, manufacturers and logistics service providers are increasing their productivity and ensuring safety as a critical component.

Adding to the long quest of businesses who try to provide reliable business equipment, Absolute E-Z Up, Inc. (AEUP) offers unique and innovative material handling equipment and solutions, empowering businesses in different market segments across the globe.

AEUP- a Pioneer in Technologically Modern Lift & Material Handling Equipment & Personnel

Carriers for A Safe, Productive Workplace. AEUP dominates the industry with its position as a market leader in the niche market segment. Their equipment has unparalleled results and experience as AEUP focuses on maximum smooth workflow with the utmost safety at the best prices. Their solutions and work showcase their rich domain knowledge and a flexible and agile workflow. AEUP’s products provide the cutting-edge technology to modernize business operations and material handling jobs.

AEUP’s Early Days

Mike Buley started the company in 2009. As he says, it was not the best of economies to start; as there was much attrition and consolidation within manufacturers, distribution, private companies, etc. But that also allowed AEUP to refine its processes and thoughts in a logical order. It allowed them to look at the uncertainty in the marketplace while not being threatened by it. So, they talked to many people in various market segments, retail, wholesale, new and used equipment users, service entities, etc.

With learning to ask good questions with an open mind, AEUP approached the business opportunity, which led them to establish one of their core beliefs, which they still believe in today, ‘Listen to the customers.”

Realizing they couldn’t compete with more prominent manufacturers,they had to find something where the applications existed and were needed. However, the proper equipment wasn’t being built or marketed at the time. AEUP first determined what those markets were, what it would cost to support those markets, and how those applications could take care of the issues. AEUP searched for manufacturers worldwide with whom to work. AEUP made modifications to the current manufacturer’s units to gain the North American markets’ interests while complying and exceeding its safety standards.

The company established relationships with those manufacturers determined by their product quality, attitude, willingness to support the product, and their desire to have a long-lasting relationship. AEUP started on the support side as they looked at determining these things with the manufacturer. Was the manufacturer going to support and train personnel on the technique of the product, performance, and the service part?

AEUP has had its fair share of hurdles and achievements to become a market leader in the industry. They aim to provide the best services to their clients and contribute to the various business segments.

The company perfected manuals for operating, service, parts, and maintenance. And they focused and tackled the language aspect of all written work, which has been translated into English, Spanish, and other languages being made available.

Mike says, “The company had to make the onboarding of our company and products as simple as possible. With everything that we do going forward, whether it’s another manufacturer or another product, or another market segment, our goal is a smooth process.

In determining a potential customer’s buying pattern, we asked exploratory questions. We listened to the answers. It was clear that safety was going to be a significant key factor in our success. We talked to distributors’ large chains and large and small corporations while focusing on safety and risk management. Job-related accidents, workman’s comp, claims, and rising insurance rates played a significant part in what and how buyers were making their determinations.

It was apparent that lost work hours, retaining current workers, hiring new people, and delaying flow productivity contributed to lost revenue. We aim to alleviate some of these issues.

AEUP’s Industry-Leading Offerings

AEUP’s unique and innovative solutions are technologically and cognitively advanced and sophisticated in these market segments.

AEUP has a wide selection of comprehensive electronic equipment and solution offerings. AEUP offers many solutions in low-level aerial work access platforms, unique stair climbing equipment, electric utility vehicles, tow, load, personnel carriers, and many specialty applications. The company also offers sanitizing generators which remove dust, smells, bacteria, and viruses and provide clean, pure air.

The company trains its customers to use and operate all their equipment. Another service that they provide is “On-call” or on-computer service. Team AEUP knows the performance of the equipment, how it’s built and what it’s made to do. So they can troubleshoot over a telephone or a computer. Our centers in Ohio and North Carolina provide service and parts.

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“Our units are sturdy. But all machines are subject to wear and tear. We have parts available in those two facilities for shipping at any time the next day or overnight. We have, on occasion, provided a simple fix to a customer’s machines that they have in their inventory while not necessarily ours. But our technicians are well qualified and have excellent mechanical aptitude. Their expertise in electronics and hydraulics has created situations where they have, on many occasions, taken a customer’s stranded asset and turned it into a revenue-generating unit,” Mike commented.

Absolute E-Z Up offers something unique to the industry, which is Fleet Management and its optimization. We help guide when a customer should replace a unit or dispose of and right-size their fleet, depending upon incoming jobs or demand. In addition, AEUP can advise on how to maximize the residual value of that equipment. So, when the customer trades it in, the highest value is realized while not competing with others selling the same product simultaneously.

Mike commented, “Our goal with our services is to make the buyer comfortable with their buying decisions, and for them to be happy and satisfied with us because we support them in the unit every day.

We realize customers’ inputs are essential. It often helps in determining the design in the manufacture of our products. We analyze what the market needs, not just produce and then ask the customer to react to what we have built.”

The Driving Force

Striving for perfection takes any company forward. Working with AEUP’s team of experienced veterans and input from our valued and knowledgeable customers is what creates and enables growth in our companies. Absolute E-Z Up has a mix of military veterans and seasoned professionals with over 200 years of sales and service Industry knowledge.

The company is currently infusing younger people and staff members with various skills and talents to bring new ideas. They recognize they have to be a leader today and tomorrow to help the company stay competitive. There are no egos that get in the way of us satisfying the customer. AEUP’s credo is
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, and that truly drives their success!

There is no secret formula. No secret recipe for Success. There’s just Caring! Thinking about what you’re saying, how you’re doing it, and carrying it Forward– being honest and transparent. It’s all about people.

Mike Buley – A veteran leader and anchor of the growth of Absolute E-Z Up!

AEUP’s status and respect in the market and the technology-led workplace equipment space are due to their handpicked team of industry experts and masterminds and their ace and unmatched veteran leader, Mike Buley, President.

Mike’s experience has varied over many different industries and products. He served for three years in the military. After that, he worked in retail and wholesale in Firestone Tire and Rubber Corporation and then seven years with a worldwide confectionery manufacturer. He then moved to the finance sector, where he worked with a financial institution for four years. After that, Mike earned a great deal of knowledge in the equipment business for 26 years with Genie Industries as a territory manager, rising to the level of Vice President for Sales and Distribution Development.

Mike said, “I can say it was a privilege working with and for some of the best people I have ever known internally, as well as with people I had the good fortune to call customers. I went through much success, whether it was rewards, financial gain, personal growth, but all of those customers I still call friends today. I’ve also gone through some hardships with some of those customers. But through it all, I have come away with one thing: a lot of happy thoughts, a lot of memories, and a lot of smiles.”

The whole thing is about people, and if we don’t recognize people as the backbone of what we’re doing, we’ve lost touch with things. It just can’t be cold steel; it just can’t be a hydraulic hose; it’s truly the people with whom you are in contact. You’re going to face adversity. What are the style points you get along the way? How you solve the problem and how you treat your customer is the vital part. So, yes, it’s a learning journey still going on, but on course.

Overwhelming Customer Experiences

Talking about the overwhelming customer experiences, Mike says, “I think one of the things that come through in the testimonials that we get is just how much a customer has enjoyed how we treated them. Yes, we’ve satisfied them as a customer, we’ve supported the product, and we’ve checked on how the customer is doing. It’s a never-ending journey, and situations and people, and positions change all the time. But as the residual effect, we leave satisfied customers, and they are confident they will receive help in the future.

We have customers who call us or prospects who call and tell us, “You know, I’ve seen your unit, and I operated it, and I think it could save us money and time while enhancing our safety.” It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Looking Ahead

AEUP continues to believe in its customers. As Mike says, if we ask the right questions, know our industry, know our products, we should continue to grow. The company will continue to invest in its people, as they are an essential asset. When bringing on new product lines, it’s the training and the thought process for each product offering for the clientele.

And team AEUP knows that works because they’ve asked their customers! They aim to keep upgrading the company. They are currently going through a website upgrade and web page upgrade to enhance the interaction between customers and products. AEUP is focusing on the audio-visual mode of communications as much as it can. Team AEUP is confident that this is going to benefit the company.

We always strive to achieve. We do make mistakes. But it’s on how you approach admitting that mistake and correcting it. That makes all the difference in the world. Nobody’s perfect. But it’s on how you treat people going forward. Honesty and transparency are paramount in every transaction we make.

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