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The service industry always follows stringent norms and practices. The companies working in the niche have to continuously improve their services, with accuracy and a thorough approach. CX is one of the most crucial points that every enterprise wants to get maximum scores on, but the process to achieve it is a tedious and complex one. Customer service and care require specialized training and programs, as failure to do so can have a detrimental impact on the image of the company.

This mainly happens due to disorganized customer care management and lack of knowledge. These issues can be tackled and easily handled with the help of specialists, working in the field with varied experience and expertise, providing immaculate service, training, and consulting making customer service solutions efficient, manageable, and equally rewarding.

COPC Inc. is one of the most successful companies, providing consultation, training, and other services enhancing customer service, customer experience management, vendor management, and other related services. Being the oldest in the field, they possess decades of combined experience and a team of industry experts adept to the ever-changing trends and norms of the industry. COPC and its team are sincerely dedicated to providing unmatched services, which makes COPC the first choice of their long list of loyal and recurring clients.

One of the few reasons pushing COPC Inc. to the heights of success and excellence is their expertise in CEM, they offer comprehensive, detail-oriented, highly effective, and tailor-made solutions. They are resolved to offer exemplary services to best meet their client’s needs and requirements, and in this process creating a benchmark in the Service industry. They truly deserve to be one of the most recommended and best performing CEM solution providers in 2021!

The Company, the Journey: COPC Inc. 

COPC Inc. was founded in 1996. The journey began with helping call centers, helping them achieve maximum and efficient results, but keeping priority towards the goal of improving their performance and enabling their clients to achieve the same. COPC Inc. provides consulting, training, certification, benchmarking, and research for operations that support the customer experience. COPC Standards are a collection of performance management systems for customer experience operations, customer experience management, vendor management, and procurement.

Today, COPC is an innovative global leader, empowering organizations to optimize operations to deliver a superior service journey. COPC is persistent and is relentlessly working towards enhancing its performance and services. With a heavy emphasis on client feedback, incorporating the latest technological, and constant educational advancement of the team, enabled them to create an arsenal of solutions that are easy-to-use, scalable, and efficient for their clients.

COPC goes a step beyond traditional service and support norms, with utmost standards of delivery, and customer care. These factors aided them in establishing a strong dominance in the industry and commanding a respected position amongst their competition. 

COPC faced a lot of challenges in its formative years. It is owing to their resilience, hard work, and team effort, which has kept them together and propelled them to create a mark in the industry as one of the best. Some of the challenges faced by COPC were just like with most start-ups, i.e., selling the services to the first few clients is always a tussle as people always are hesitant to put their trust in new companies and services. The next challenge was to build a brand in the industry which required the introduction of a rigorous management discipline as the industry at that time was a pretty unstructured industry.

Factors Pushing COPC to the Heights of Success

Their best-in-class services made their brand name popular, resulting in a staggering growth and success rate. COPC was and is one of the pioneers of the industry, setting the original industry standards 25 years ago. They continue to serve their clients with the same standards and believe in living with them to this day and forth. With thorough and unmatched precision in everything they do, they have regimented processes and training programs. 

As the industry norms and practices change constantly, along with quality and standards, COPC feels proud of its consistency, top-notch quality, and standards, which remain unchanged. Thriving on performance management, COPC is highly appreciated by its exhaustive list of loyal and satisfied clients. Working day in and out, setting a benchmark for the CEM (Customer Experience Management) industry as a whole.

COPC is constantly evolving and expanding its service horizon. Owing to the staggering rise in customer demands, COPC expanded and added new offerings to its arsenal:

  • Expanding outside of North America. Initially into EMEA and now further into the Asia Pacific. They work globally and have resources living in 19 countries.
  • Continually evolving their CX family of standards which provide users a complete management system for managing high-performing CX operations.
  • Developing a very successful Vendor Management Standard for buyers of CX operations that supports the effective management of outsourced service providers.

Services offered, new additions, and COPC’s plans to take these services ahead into the changing times and trends.

They focus on consulting, training, certification, and research. What sets them apart is the relentless focus and dedication towards performance improvement for operations that support the customer experience. This is their niche and because they have confined themselves to these services, they are masters of these skills. Leading the innovation curve for the services in CEM, always ahead of the competition, eager to improve and update their services and standards.

COPC Inc. stays devoted and true to its core and beliefs, showcasing it in every piece of work, and in every way, the team of COPC Inc. performs. Leaping ahead and pushing the boundaries, pursuing excellence, introducing breakthrough services that enable enterprises to become the best version of themselves, enriching every client with the same tenacity and engagement.

In 2020, COPC Inc. introduced a full-service consulting based on the customer service journey, named Service Journey Thinking. They are now helping organizations take a holistic view on improving the customer experience from both the frontstage operations (customer-visible) and backstage operations (behind the scenes). It consists of helping organizations understand how to view transactions from a multi-channel approach rather than analyzing one service channel at a time and helping them create an all-encompassing service blueprint to identify performance and process gaps.

COPC never stops innovating, and thus, they have created a new CX Research department to meet the expanding needs of their clients for industry trends, customer-centric reports, consumer studies, and much more.

Constantly monitoring industry trends as they continue to evolve their CX Standard and perform research for customers. Always welcoming a change, ever ready to adapt their services based on the needs of the clients and ever-evolving changes in consumer preferences and behaviors. These factors ensure their services are always ready for changing times and circumstances but also ensures their presence in the industry as the one-stop solution for all CX requirements.

COPC Leadership Image

Leadership at COPC

Kyle Kennedy is the President and Chief Operating Officer of COPC Inc. and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of multi-national teams worldwide providing consulting, training, research, and certification services. Kyle also leads the global certification program. 

He is a member of the COPC Standards Committee and is a Certified COPC Implementation Leader. Kyle has deep expertise in customer experience management and a successful track record of running large operations. Before joining COPC Inc., he was the chief operating officer of Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a provider of technology-enabled services, software, and consulting for higher education enrollment management and fundraising. 

Previously, Kyle worked for 22 years at Harte-Hanks, a global direct marketer where he focused on contact center and fulfillment services. While there, he served in many roles including group managing director where he formulated and executed the global account management and service delivery strategy. Kyle holds a BBA from The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Baylor University.

Work culture and the Team of COPC

At COPC, clients and families come first for COPCers. The team supports one another and is always striving for nothing less than excellence, no matter what they do. Enabling everyone around and associated with them to be successful, both professionally and personally. When times are tough, the company looks after and supports its employees. The management is always there for the COPC family. This not only ensures a cordial and stress-free environment for the team, making them perform their best, present the best work most authentically and accurately possible.

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