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Accloud - Innovation is the Change Ross James

Accloud – Innovation is the Change!

One of the most emerging services of the 21st century is Cloud solutions. As the world is pushing for digitalization, and getting their name and space in the digital world. There are many economies and thousands of companies facing a lot of challenges, especially in developing economies.

Accloud has emerged as one of the revolutions of this era, especially in the Cloud solutions space, with its unique offerings that offer emerging economies and its companies a chance to grow and develop without any resistance or limitation. 

The company and its services are built by a team of experts that have diverse experience, and successful implementations across different domains. What sets them apart is customer-centric service, which they have handcrafted from the ground up, offering the best of the latest technology, and the most when it comes to usability and scalability.

Cloud integrations and solutions at your fingertips – Accloud!

Accloud is one of the most prominent names in the IT field, offering a range of comprehensive and scalable cloud solutions. The company began its journey in 2015, with its base of operations established in London, England.

Accloud delivers a platform to help entrepreneurs in developing and high-growth economies lift their communities from poverty to prosperity, by providing tools to increase business prosperity, by enabling B2B Trading and access to micro-capital.

Their principal markets are southern and eastern Central Asia, Africa, and Latin America. All of these markets are emerging with growing economies, many of them being trading economies. Their platform and its features add real value to these growing economies and the companies in them.

Accloud empowers SMEs in high-growth markets with innovative cloud-based business management tools specially designed to meet their unique needs. They’re driven to break down economic barriers so every entrepreneur can grow at the scale of their ambition. They’re changing the world of business, for good!

Deploying micro-capital intelligently remains one of the massive challenges they are striving day-in and day-out to solve. This will supercharge the number of jobs available in small businesses. And according to the World bank, this is exactly where the world economy faces the greatest challenges over the next 20-years.

They’re unlocking the potential of the wealth creators of tomorrow, creating jobs and positive social impact, starting with India. They hope you’ll join them on this journey as they bring Accloud to the global market!

Accloud’s journey so far?

Accloud has not only established itself as one of the emerging leaders of cloud solutions. During their journey they faced a lot of challenges, withering through every one of them, owing to the team’s dedication, unwavering spirit, and ambition. Most of their early challenges revolved around technology. How to leverage and use them to their maximum potential, which ones would prove to be the best, trial runs, etc.

The next challenge for them was to create something that did not exist. They wanted to produce something completely new for MSMEs to succeed, not a knock-off of applications and services available in the market.

This challenge presented them with a tricky situation, i.e., to get funding. This was indeed a challenge because there was nothing to compare their vision to – a complete greenfield platform! Then after building a prototype the challenge was how to make this robust and very scalable to keep the costs for their target market as low as possible.

Factors that establish Accloud, and strong-hold their long-standing success?

As we learned about the challenges faced by Accloud, we also got to know more about their vision, their mission, and their class-apart services. There are a lot of factors that got them success, established their reputation, and strong-hold their brand name as one of the best.

Their growth took a sharp jump once they gained government contracts in India. They gained certain notoriety that helped them to approach large potential vertical partners as well as huge trade bodies with tens of millions of SME members

Scaling is critical for their success, which means partnering with organizations that have access to large numbers of SMEs is important. Governments, particularly State Governments in India are a natural partner for them.

What establishes their long-standing is a combination of a lot of things. One of those is laser focus, never losing sight of their purpose is one of the major reasons for their success. The company and its team believe in purpose and profit. They desperately strive to provide entrepreneurs in the emerging and growth economies the opportunity to scale in the way we take for granted in developed economies. 

It is this conviction that has pushed Accloud and its team to make a positive difference in the lives of many millions of people, continually reinforcing their focus and determination. These are some of the major reasons that make them one-of-the best in their field, and highly sought-after as a leading cloud solutions provider.

Innovative services that deliver much more than just results!

They have created a simple, easy-to-use mobile-first solution to address the challenges entrepreneurs face in high-growth markets. Their platform puts an unparalleled array of resources in the palm of small business owners’ hands, giving them the control and freedom they need to grow their business.

They also provide SMEs with access to affordable capital, which is critical to closing the funding gap and driving global economic development, as well as access to new sectors and markets, enabling growth and expansion at scale. Accloud doesn’t just offer users a return on investment – it offers a return on ambition.

They also provide an end-to-end business platform that allows B2B trading, access to micro-capital and manages the business, and is accounting compliance. They leverage blockchain components to guarantee identity and reputation and core transaction details.

Their unique USP is that although these components may be available separately, they provide them in one seamless, easy-to-use platform in multiple languages, all in one place!

What sets Accloud apart from the competition in the market?

They provide a way to take a macro service and “micro” it digitally, allowing them to very economically distribute, micro-loans, micro-finance, micro-capital, micro-insurance. This is a massive change commercially and will enable services that have never been easily available in emerging economies to make a real difference.

By allowing virtual cooperatives, they can facilitate aggregated purchases for better pricing from suppliers, but also aggregate sales into tier 2 and tier 1 cities to provide much better prices and therefore income. 

They can provide fractional ownership of large capital items and so greatly improve productivity and profitability. The blockchain supports their implementation of fractional ownership and will change the fundamental economies for many micro-businesses.

Their services are always up-to-date with the latest trends, technological advancements, and the market’s needs. They not only achieve this but put the perfected services before any other player in the market. They do this by closely listening to their clients, and better understanding their unmet needs.

This can be tricky because sometimes they have no idea what the gap in their needs is! But it’s also an exciting part of what Accloud does. Accloud and its team are regularly introduced to additional needs that they can often see a way to deliver in their platform. They also provide an API, which enables third-party developers to add more functionality to their platform.

Is there any new addition to the list of services?

They are gearing up to launch a micro-capital product as opposed to the traditional micro-loan. Many entrepreneurs are afraid of micro-loans and the impact that a default may have. 

They are releasing a trial product that will provide real capital and require a share of revenue over the following 5-years as repayment for the investment. It’s an ambitious program that is seeing a lot of excitement in India and Africa specifically. Their blockchain identity and reputation modules along with direct access to reliable accounting information make this possible and one of the most looked upon solutions.

They have also had discussions with large accounting firms that would love the information so they can better understand what makes one micro-business perform and grow into a goliath. This would potentially allow them to identify and support such companies much earlier in their growth.

All this will go towards perfecting and evolving Accloud and its services. Enabling the team to stay a step ahead of the market’s needs and deliver solutions that are indomitable and capable to fulfill any and every need of the customers.

Chief of Command at Accloud

Accloud is a highly tech-oriented, innovative company that has no bounds for creativity, and no room limit for mediocrity. Its vision, mission, and services speak highly of its work culture, its team of experts, and its highly talented leadership.

Ross James is the Founder and CEO of Accloud. Ross has established himself not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as a visionary and motivating leader. He has led Accloud and its team to glory, and its services from scratch to become industry benchmarks.

Ross began his professional journey by importing computers from Taiwan and helping small businesses digitize their enterprises. Later, he set up a manufacturer in Taiwan to sell into Europe, USA, and Australia. 

Ross and his team developed software to make setup and configuration easier and faster. That morphed into importing high-end networking and disk array products from the USA to Australia. “Utility computing and its successor: Cloud Computing and my belief in virtual communities changed my professional direction to where I am today”, Ross adds  

Ross founded Accloud after seeing the need for an innovative, unique solution to the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs in growth economies. When the World Bank warned of a crisis in SME job creation in the developing world, Accloud set out to build a platform for economic growth and financial inclusion that could bring businesses into the formal economy, creating jobs and social wellbeing.

Ross believes that entering one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and recognizing the incredible impact that Accloud can have in India is one of the key achievements of his professional journey.

Employee relations of Ross, and client experiences.

Ross’s idea of looking after employees is to be real, to give them opportunities, to support them in their growth. Sharing your vision with employees often is also important to Ross. Accloud’s team is unique because of diversity and passion. They are here to make a difference and that inspires them individually and collectively.

“When describing our mid-term objectives of helping entrepreneurs lift their communities from poverty to prosperity I was taken by the response. “You will change our lives forever, by giving us self-determination.” The concept is one we take for granted, but this comment came in middle Africa and hit me hard. It drives me personally very hard”, Ross adds.

Ross’s take on the rat race out there. How does he cope with it?

No, it’s not a rat race. It’s the reason we get up and work at building a better world. If it feels like a rat race you aren’t an entrepreneur. A lot of life is about how we process information … events … circumstances, so the world can be our canvas to process as we choose. The world is anything but a rat race to me, but an exciting challenge to bring out the best in us.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Strength and success go hand in hand, so embracing the tests that challenge us and growing in strength is important. – Ross James, CEO, Accloud

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