Premier Health Center- Leading India to a Healthcare Revolution

Premier Health Center- Healthcare Revolution Pradeep Chakravarthy J

An unarguable trend across the world today is that of increased and fastened connectivity, something which has been propelled by global digitization. The evolution of digital devices has allowed us to be linked to each other much more efficiently and easily. 

In the life sciences and diagnostics research this has impacted in maximizing the use of equipment and presenting better results to the patients. 

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of Best Laboratory Services Providers in 2022 is Premier Health Center, a company that with its dedicated services is leading a healthcare revolution in India. 

The Company-

Established in 1980, Premier Health Center (PHC) was the first diagnostic facility providing an entire spectrum of imaging and lab services under one roof that year. Starting with one center, today PHC has 60 plus centers across the state with two processing centers in Chennai & one in Kanchipuram. The PHC lab is well equipped with the latest technology of testing machines with experienced professionals in the field. 

“Today PHC is recognized by 100 plus hospitals across the state for Hospital Lab Management, 250 plus clinics for clinical lab management, and 2000 plus referral doctors.”

Over the years of its service, the lab has never comprised in the quality of results and customer service management. This is one among the many reasons why Premier Health Center (PHC) today is a leading diagnostic services company in the state. 

Premier Health Center has also helped the establishment of many brands under one roof with the help and support of doctors, employees, customers, associates, stakeholders, well-wishers, and others. They have been recognized by the government (NABH – National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers & NABL – National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) and various hospitals for successful ventures and diagnostic services for over a decade. 

“We are ICMR – Indian Council of Medical Research approved COVID testing center for Chennai and Kanchipuram.”

Cutting Through the Complexities-

According to Martin Gaynor, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Said 

“Health care spending is high, and it is ultimately unsustainable.”

Rigid industry competition over the years with Harnessing Advanced Health Technology day by day. Other major challenges are External Market Disruption, Healthcare Regulatory Changes, and Rising Healthcare Costs. Healthcare Staffing Shortages is also one part of it. 

The Premier Health Center has adapted to the latest technology with the advancement, where results of a test taken by a patient can be received via API integrated WhatsApp Reports. Today as per the current record PHC has successfully overcome great milestones where more than 3000 plus doctors trust their brand.

What Differentiates PHC From Others?

Hospital Lab Management – 

Premier Health Center (PHC) outsourced its entire lab from 30 bedded hospitals 300 bedded hospitals, where they took over the entire lab from a hospital to run on behalf of them. These labs are managed on a revenue-sharing model. This will be managed on a revenue-sharing model. This was entirely new in the industry where at present PHC has partnered with 100 plus hospitals in the city. 

Pathology Services to home at NO COST – 

Premier Health Center (PHC) provides pathology services via home sample collection with their trained phlebotomist, where they do not charge anything extra apart from their MRP cost. Premier Health Center is the only diagnostic service company that follows its vision to provide healthcare services at an affordable price. Today they cater for around 250 home collections per day in and around the state. 

The Products and Services-

With a goal assertion that reads “Trusted by Doctors, Preferred by Patients,” Premier Health Center provides a wide array of services to meet the demands of their clients while progressing to expand the area of services.

Some of their Services include-

  • Lab Departments
  • Health Packages
  • Imaging Section
  • Cardiac and Neuro
  • Contrast Study
  • Home Services
  • Doppler Study

PHC’s inexpensive and personalized home collection service PREMIER HOME CARE, a one-stop solution for patients, is one of its important characteristics. A user-friendly, technology-driven platform that allows patients to make decisions based on time, comfort, location, and turnaround time. Patients also have the option of having samples taken in the comfort of their own homes by a skilled phlebotomist.

“We assist firms via Health Screening; consultants can tailor packages to a specific company’s needs in order to improve efficiency and quality of life.”

Premier Health Center provides reasonable pricing and personalized corporate accounts with several payment forms and wellness packages for corporates with a minimum of 10 workers up to 1000 employees, recognizing the need of the hour. This includes premium diagnostic services, a corporate level report for the Human Resources (HR) division that captures their employees’ health status and highlights special cases that may require immediate attention or supervision.

Patients get a procedure that is tailored to their preferences. They can acquire information on particular tests and profiles that need to be completed by contacting the 24/7 patient care line and installing/using the HOME CARE Service. The company provides all pertinent information, such as pricing, quality, certifications, and normal return time. Patients can then pick when they would want to get home care. 

Patients can arrange home sample collection requests with the PREMIER HOME CARE team at a time and date that is convenient for them. The request is forwarded to phlebotomists who work in the region. Based on their availability, the phlebotomist approves the request. In addition, the phlebotomist will arrive at the patient’s house on time to take the sample in a safe and sanitary manner and transfer it to the nearest PHC.

The sample collecting method is technology-driven, and samples are transported in a specifically built box with bar-coded tubes, ensuring exceptional sample quality and accurate findings. Their reports are also available via mobile apps and websites, as we live in the digital age and use the virtual world. 

Customers can get complete reports as soon as they are made available online. After the billing is completed, the patient will receive an SMS with an id and password to access the report, which will be available for viewing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients do not need to be concerned about obtaining an online report because they will receive an SMS notification once the report has been published to the website/mobile app.

Quality principles underpin all elements of Premier Health Center’s services, including:

To be the patient and healthcare provider of choice, providing a patient-centered service while continuing to satisfy the needs of local and hospital-based professionals, our healthcare partners, and all patients.

By offering instant diagnoses, we can strengthen our speedy access and communication capabilities.

To efficiently utilize assets by making the most of patient care settings, maximizing the patient and referring doctor experience, and improving access to service availability.

Maintaining a culture of clinical best practice throughout the business while assuring all team members’ personal and professional growth.

PHC’s Notable Achievements-

Consumerization of healthcare, patients are more concerned with the value of the care they receive as well as cost. More technological innovations will emerge which will continue to dramatically and rapidly change how healthcare is delivered, resulting in more personalized care, improved clinical outcomes and patient experience, and overall quality of life. 

Premier Health Center has been grown from 5 centers in the year 2000 to 60 plus centers in 2022. Today the company has the leading diagnostic service provider from Premier Health Center brand to Premier Health First, Premier Clinical Lab, Premier Medical Center, Premier Foods & Beverages, Premier Fitness, Premier Wellness, and Premier Power & Oil. 

“We have a large growing client base, adding more centers and creating new products every month.”

Pradeep Chakravarthy J- Leading the Way

Pradeep Chakravarthy J, the Managing Director of Premier Health Center (PHC), is a dedicated individual working towards revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Pradeep’s father handed over the management to him in 2000, and since then, he has worked relentlessly and formed partnerships with a number of medical institutions. As a consequence, Premier Health Center is currently one of the best diagnostic centers in the state, serving over 40 sites. Despite the fierce competition in the business, he has managed to put PHC on the map by supplying high-quality medical technology.

His persistence and futuristic approach enabled the common man to get excellent diagnosis, which was previously costly for individuals of all classes, thanks to his ambition to make healthcare accessible and cheap to the public. All of his business efforts have one purpose in mind: to improve healthcare availability and cost. Silicon India named him the ‘Pioneering Med-Tech Savant’ in appreciation of his remarkable leadership abilities.

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