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adorsys - Establishing trust! Andrew J. Zeller

With a heavy emphasis on Fintech companies, the financial industry is growing. This rapid growth has brought many problems and challenging scenarios for companies in the finance field, including finding partners that provide thorough and industry-leading products and services. Next is the question of reliability and trust, and if one feels their money is not safe, they will never put their trust in that bank or institution.

adorsys is one of the pioneers, and a leading Banking Technology solution provider. Their services are precise, efficient, and flawless enabling banks, insurance, and financial companies to offer their clients the best products. They are highly acclaimed and they are always a step ahead of the competition. Their high level of client service, along with a team of industry experts, makes them one of the most trusted banking technology solution providers in 2022!

The Company, the Journey

With a vision to enhance the future of the Banking and FinTech industry, adorsys began its journey in 2006. The team at adorsys have built up decades of combined experience in the Finance industry under many roles. This versatile experience, packed with their industry-leading skills and knowledge enabled adorsys to create solutions that enable Banks, Insurance institutions, and third-party providers to improve their customer experience and build bridges to new growth areas, such as Fintech companies, etc.

During the initial stages, adorsys never backed down from any challenge. With support from the leadership team and with a positive mindset, challenges enabled growth, personally and as a company.

From the onset, they wanted to make sure they are leaders of the pack, and their breakthrough services are unrivaled in the market.

adorsys was one of the first companies to introduce innovative Banking Tech solutions such as cloud engineering, data-driven intelligent technologies, Fintech Go-to-market services, dominating and staying ahead of the pack. 

Factors establishing the long-standing success of adorsys

It is the client-centric approach of adorsys which has led it to become one of the best Banking tech solution providers. Their focus on the transformation of business models and the digitization of businesses is one of the major drivers of the company’s growth. They guarantee end-to-end digital support which starts from the customer journey and ends with security topics.

One of the reasons behind the success of adorsys is a strong foundation, including management and investors. Another success factor is their strong lasting relationship with their clients, creating value on both sides. 

The team of adorsys is provided with a range of professional and education development opportunities. For instance, the employees can spend three percent of their annual salary on training and education. Furthermore, they have created communities and initiatives which enable knowledge sharing and informal education. These are run as workshops and input from every employee is welcome. This empowers the team to be ready for any market trend and technology changes.

The next step is to bring their superior client service to more international customers. To achieve this, they have created an International Business Division to drive further growth.

Services offered by adorsys, and how adorsys goes a step further

As an integration and technology partner, adorsys covers the entire innovation lifecycle and digital transformation process. From a technology perspective, their focus is on state-of-the-art modular, flexible, and secure architectures which are based on API and cloud technology.

They have already made more than 100 banks compliant with new EU regulations. All these factors make them one of the most reliable and highly sought-after companies in the banking technology space.

As the team is always steaming ahead, providing breakthrough services in every step, they are striving day in and out to improve and evolve their services. In terms of digital and open finance, adorsys also integrates crypto payments and prepares its clients for the new digital currencies that are taking off in Europe, the UK and the US.

Having built various wallets and with a strong background in banking and payments, they are optimally positioned to create, store, manage and transact digital assets.

By executing in the crypto assets, blockchains and smart contracts space, adorsys is capturing the next frontier in Financial Services. Their new strategic building block “Tokenize everything” will further shape the digital transformation of the financial industry.

Internationally-driven, they’ve set their focus on the three pillars:

  • Cloud Engineering
  • Data-driven intelligent technologies which include Blockchain
  • Fintech Go-to-market

They see an increased demand in these spaces. Opening new avenues to customers and markets will help them and their clients to grow and unlock value through technology and data.

New additions to the Service Arsenal

adorsys is always looking for new ways to enhance its service offering. Through client feedback, new practices and technology advances, the team is always prepared for any change in the market.

For example, they recently created a service that optimizes customer journey and internal processes for Banks, Insurance, and Fintech companies. This is aimed to save costs, increase revenue, and reduce carbon emissions at the same time with a Project ROI shorter than one year.

They deliver all this with their “execution team” within 3 months!

Leadership at adorsys

A company like adorsys which is oriented towards innovation and staying ahead of the game requires a team of leaders who are visionary and skilled experts in the field. 

adorsys has been blessed with an acclaimed leadership team, which is always managing, encouraging, and leading the services ahead with tenacity and top-notch standards. 

Andre Achtstaetter is the CO-COO (Chief Operating Officer) at adorsys.

Andre is ramping up the operations world in adorsys to better meet the expansion efforts, but also the changed requirements of their customers.

He brings a lot of international experience and expertise with Fintech, Banking, Software and IT, Insurance as well as independent financial advisory background to adorsys, including managing international growth, turnaround and international post-merger situations.

Andre has also gained Management and Project experience in: Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Austria, USA, France, Poland, Romania, Slovakia & Czech Republic. In addition, he also brings to the table entrepreneurial experience in Fintech, Coaching and Consulting.

Andre’s employee relations and the Team of adorsys

Andre is all about promoting a learning atmosphere, encouraging the team to grow, not only on a professional but also on a personal level. 

Feedback from Andre’s team is that he inspires with his positive and forward-driven energy. 

He likes to build bridges and lead the teams to go the extra mile in the organization. Injecting creative energy, and at the same time instilling a curiosity to learn and listen from his teams. 

“I love to see people having success” – Andre Achtstaetter, Co-COO, adorsys

What makes the team of adorsys unique is its diversity. Diversity not only brings people of different cultures together but also inspires a sense of harmony and a cordial environment. Since the company is inclined to high-value execution and discipline towards its clients, these values are shared by the team and are dedicated to providing nothing less than exceptional services. Also, the learning culture and learning opportunities, and encouragement help the team grow on a personal and professional level. All this culminates in a team that is organised, dedicated, and understanding towards their fellow peers and clients. 

Andre’s take on the responsibilities of an entrepreneur 

“The world moves and what was true only a few months ago may not be true anymore. The responsibility of an entrepreneur, thus, is to stay on top of the game for our customers, our employees, our partners, and investors. Through this, we achieve integrity and it lays the foundation for trust and respect which leads to great execution skills in our teams.”.

Andre’s take on constant vigilance- a need or a strategy? 

“Constant and total focus to make better decisions under pressure. I would rather call it a habit in my case.”

Special experience with clients

As adorsys is all about enabling and helping its clients, there are too many special experiences to highlight.

In general, what they see is that there are lots of companies that are willing to digitize but are stuck in the technological past. This is where adorsys comes in, builds and manages digital platforms, or helps them to integrate into the cloud.

The good news is that a lot of companies are willing to take this step but the execution is missing. Here, adorsys executes on the highest technological level, which is their strength!

“Always choose execution and do it with a cool head and a warm heart” – Andre likes to quote the mental coach Alfred Kaune (2012)

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