MARCH | 2022

The Most Trusted Banking Technology Solution Providers to Watch in 2022

The Most Trusted Banking Technology Solution Providers to Watch in 2022 features,

adorsys is one of the pioneers, and a leading Banking Technology solution provider. Their services are precise, efficient, and flawless enabling banks, insurance, and financial companies to offer their clients the best products. They are highly acclaimed and they are always a step ahead of the competition. Their high level of client service, along with a team of industry experts, makes them one of the most trusted banking technology solution providers in 2022!

With a vision to enhance the future of the Banking and FinTech industry, adorsys began its journey in 2006. The team at adorsys have built up decades of combined experience in the Finance industry under many roles. This versatile experience, packed with their industry-leading skills and knowledge enabled adorsys to create solutions that enable Banks, Insurance institutions, and third-party providers to improve their customer experience and build bridges to new growth areas, such as Fintech companies, etc. 

West Gate Bank Correspondent Mortgage focuses on developing third party relationships with community banks and credit unions with a desire to grow their mortgage presence. They offer secondary market mortgage and portfolio products to enhance an institution’s housing menu. 

West Gate not only purchases secondary market loans, but also services these loans locally and offer a non-solicitation agreement. A few differentiators are their ability to implement new products quickly, a streamlined manufacturing process with minimal overlays, and access to all staff for a white glove approach. 

Amy and the BuyNowTeam started their journey with the SouthState Bank in December 2019. They were lucky enough to have a staff that supported them and their team from the very beginning.

SouthState Bank’s mission is to make the mortgage process easy. They aim to achieve this by ensuring that loan officers are working closely with the client every step of the way. Amy and her team don’t look at a customer as an application, they find it important to be with a company that is as supportive and cares about the customer’s experience.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought drastic changes to all the industries and the Financial Services industry was not spared either. But the SouthState Bank fully utilized this time to outshine and set themselves apart to provide their clients with a more efficient experience through improved technology.

The face-to-face aspect of the Financial Services industry is still evolving, and SouthState Bank has been able to thrive in this new environment with its exceptional technology features and personalized customer services to each client. As now, more than ever, the client deserves to feel a more personal connection to their financial institution, and Amy and her team are proud to provide that in each aspect of SouthState Bank.