Accounting Seed Inc: Transforming the Trajectory of Business in Real-time

Tony Zorc CEO Accounting Seed Inc.

Accounting Seed Inc: Transforming the Trajectory of Business in Real-time

The sweeping improvements in technology have made the lives of humans easier and faster. These enhancements in technology have changed the perception of the world for humans. The smartest minds of our generation have invented technology to change our lives, however, today technology guides us. Machines, gadgets, robots, all of us are part of this biome.

Nevertheless, the exhaustive reach of technology had some splendid results for business too. Not only have these technologies helped vendors to stay ahead in the market, but it has also changed every aspect of the business. Disinterring numerous opportunities for companies, these technologies have even fuelled major disruptions in the market. It is because of this, that every industrialist, entrepreneur, or vendor requires experts or techies who will help keep the business (small or big) afloat and act as an extended department to their company. 

Recognizing the surge in such expert solution providers and our quest to find one landed us at Accounting Seed Inc; an innovative and robust financial software solution company that transforms both accounting and business.

The Journey to Prominence

From serving over 15,000 users and 1,000 companies in all industries to building a robust accounting solution with the same flexible, fast, and efficient functionality as Salesforce, Accounting Seed Inc has all the reliable components that are designed to empower clients to take control of their business and achieve superlative success.

However, before we dig deeper into the competitive attributes of this company further, it is important to introspect the reason behind developing Accounting Seed Inc. Tony Zorc, the CEO, started Accounting Seed Inc in 2008. He would use his lunch breaks for sales calls and build the application.

Tony designed a flexible technology with a ‘CRM mindset’— one that doesn’t force users to perform business processes the way the software maker designed but rather provides a toolset that empowers users to determine how to best organize and manage the back office. He envisioned an accounting solution that can grow with companies of all sizes and accommodate their specific needs. This vision became the foundation and mission of the Accounting Seed Inc platform.

An Unmatched Leadership

Tony Zorc is renowned for developing innovative Salesforce driven accounting solutions and holds multiple patents in accounting, finance, and technology. However, his transformation from an entrepreneur to a leader was gradual, but very motivating. His journey shows us that an unstoppable zeal and persistence gives us the wherewithal to work extraordinarily hard. “A leader is all about the vision and where things are going. A leader is always exploring and expanding how they want their product/service to be used and how it can change the world, A leader is something that I am good at and that is how I continually build Accounting Seed Inc and make sure it grows every day,” Zorc comments.

An Enduring Salesforce

Accounting Seed Inc, is what we call, the nonpareil; model of perfection. This leading tech-driven finance solution provider is ahead of time and has equipped itself to meet any growing accounting challenge. Powered by Salesforce, Accounting Seed’s application allows companies of any size to adjust its product to fit their company best.

It gives companies the ability to create a solution that works with their specific accounting needs and wants. The company’s accounting dashboard gives clients easy access to key accounting needs. One can also customize their view to see the data that matters to them with its drag-and-drop dashboards. “Our solution empowers our users to make more qualified, strategic business decisions by increasing your data visibility for all of your stakeholders,” pinpoints Zorc.

We continue to grow because we pass on the power to the end-user to eliminate manual processing and duplicate data.

Tony Zorc

Quick Facts of Accounting Seed Inc.

Built for global companies, Accounting Seed Inc provides multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-ledger ready from payment to reporting. Now that it has been established how Accounting Seed Inc enhances the efficiency of its client’s business, let us see what differentiates this company from others.

  • It is fully native to Salesforce: The company shares the same API and open architecture that enables customers to run their accounting their way.
  • All its solutions are powered by automation. Hence, one can automate any accounting task from recurring journal entries to revenue recognition.
  • Accounting Seed believes in the power of the end-user. It says that each business is unique and has a different requirement and for the same, it gives all its clients a toolset, not a set of rules, whose system can configure according to one’s need.
  • Accounting Seed has a connection with more than 14,500 banks and credit card companies. It is also integrated into Stripe for payment processing and Avalara for sales tax management, along with many other business applications. 
  • Reporting can be customized to fit one’s specific needs. It provides pre-built financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Profit & Loss vs Budget, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, Custom Reports, and Balance Sheets.

A leader is something that I am good at and that is how I continually build Accounting Seed and make sure it grows every day.

Tony Zorc

Continued Evolution and Growth

It has already been established how Accounting Seed is leading the industry in terms of real-time accounting solutions. However, is that enough? The company realizes that the upstart competitors, the dire need of breakneck speed, digitalization and agility are demanding it always evolve and stay abreast of the ever-changing industry and business.

Hence, it is the company’s continuous endeavor to grow by focusing on what it can do best: creating a flexible accounting solution that manages the entire back office. Every quarter, Accounting Seed releases a product update that provides the newest and latest technology, ensuring its clients are staying ahead of the game.

We continue to grow because we pass on the power to the end-user to eliminate manual processing and duplicate data. Accounting Seed’s built-in, easy-to-use ‘click, no code’ configuration, and countless customization options allow the platform to grow with you,” shares Zorc.

A Forever Promise Accounting Seed plans to continue on the growth path it is on right now. It strives to close deals in almost any industry because the company believes that its solution can truly change the trajectory of the business landscape. As a top-rated solution by G2, Finances Online, the Salesforce AppExchange, and SoftwareReviews, Accounting Seed will continue to come out with new releases of its software so that its customers have the best and most updated version possible.

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