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Tony Zorc- Accounting Seed

A Business is run by many things such as customers, sales, their products/services, etc. but one of the most important aspects of a business is Accounting. Accounting is a complex part of every business as it not only revolves around expenses and revenue but also taxation and other aspects, thus making accounting a very crucial part of the efficient and smooth functioning of a business. Accounting needs to be done precisely without any error as one step wrong can cause great implications on the functioning and the overall growth of a company.

Thus, to handle such complex and delicate matters of accounting, a company or business requires specific solutions which are not only provided by experts in the field with extensive knowledge and are up to date with any change in trends and details when it comes to accounting.

Accounting Seed is the first name when it comes to experts providing accounting solutions which are not only experts in the field but also one of the first names to provide these services powered by the Salesforce platform. They offer services that are made with the client’s needs and demands in mind, made to empower them. Accounting Seed was started with a ‘CRM mindset’ which not only makes them unique and innovative in their functioning and how they deliver their services efficiently and that too in a scalable and cost-effective way.

They truly stand as one of the best Accounting solution providers, leading the innovation curve and taking the competition in the market by a huge gap, with the highest customer satisfaction ratings and unparalleled service and standards.

In conversation with the CEO at Accounting Seed, Tony Zorc. Let’s hear more about the company, its service offerings, Tony’s professional experience, and the company culture.

Tell us about Accounting Seed, and the turbulences along the journey to becoming a successful company:

Accounting Seed was founded in 2008 by CEO, Tony Zorc. While working my previous jobs as a CFO and software architect, I would use my lunch breaks for sales calls and develop the Accounting Seed application. I designed a flexible technology with a CRM mindset, one that doesn’t force users to perform business processes the way the software maker designed but rather provides a toolset that empowers users to determine how to manage and organize their back office. For years, I had pictured an accounting solution that can grow with companies of all sizes and customize to their specific needs.

My vision became the foundation and mission of the Accounting Seed platform. For the past 13 years, the company has served over 15,000 users and 1,000 companies in all industries from non-profit to retail to manufacturing and more! With Accounting Seed, we have created a robust accounting solution with the same flexible, fast, and efficient functionality as Salesforce.

A few initial challenges that I faced, like most people trying to start a business, were that I had no time, no customers, and no money. At the time I was working a full-time job at another company. I was using lunch breaks and after-hours to build Accounting Seed. But, back at home, I had a wife and four children that I needed to provide for, as well as a house and the expenses that come with it. When I first began working on the Accounting Seed product, I was dealing with a handful of personal and family trials. I had several obstacles to juggle at the time but I was able to pull through every day.

Knowing that this platform would help so many companies with their accounting was one thing that kept me going, as well as being able to provide for my family more. Accounting Seed is now: rated one of the Top 10 Accounting Solutions by CFO Tech Outlook, a High Performer by G2, a top-rated accounting app by Software World, Premium Usability app by Finances Online, a Gold Medallist award by Software Reviews, and on the Inc 5000 list. 

Accounting Seed’s easy-to-use “click no code” configuration and countless customization options allow our platform to grow customers.

Please tell us about the factors that accelerated Accounting Seed’s growth and success:

Since the start of Accounting Seed in 2008, we’ve experienced steady growth. In the first year, it was all about having a true product to put out on the market. We had to prove to people that we had an innovative solution that worked better than the leading products out there – one that would help thousands of companies make their accounting work for their unique business needs. Recently, our growth has been targeted toward international expansion. We just recently opened an office in London and are looking to open one in Australia.

It’s important to get the right management, the right infrastructure, and the correct policies in place so we can train our overseas partners to operate efficiently and effectively. Every six to eight months we look back over what we’ve accomplished and what we haven’t done that well, and we tweak them so that we can work on improving in all areas. I feel the company’s long-standing success is responsible due to the following reasons: 

  • We put customer needs first.
  • We focus on what we do best without trying to be everything for everyone. 

By honing our focus on creating and maintaining a flexible accounting solution that manages the entire back office, we continue to grow every year. Twice a year we release a new product update that provides our customers with the newest and latest technology, ensuring that they are ahead of the game. We are continually growing because we pass the power to the end-user to eliminate manual processing and duplicate data. Accounting Seed’s easy-to-use “click no code” configuration and countless customization options allow our platform to grow customers. There is no software maker telling businesses what to do.

Instead, Accounting Seed puts the power in the hands of our customers to say what they want. And, if you can put logic to it, you can make it happen! Accounting Seed empowers uses to make more qualified, strategic business decisions by increasing data visibility for all stakeholders (internal and external).

Tell us about the service offerings, any new additions and how do you take them ahead.

Accounting Seed is one of the few accounting platforms powered by Salesforce. Our application allows companies of any size to adjust our product to fit their company best. We give companies the ability to create a solution that works with their specific accounting needs and wants. Our accounting dashboard gives you easy access to key accounting needs. You can also customize your view to see the data that matters to you with our dynamic drag-and-drop dashboards. We are different from other accounting solutions because:

  • We are fully native to Salesforce. We share the same API and open architecture that enables customers to run their accounting their way.
  • Our solution is powered by automation. You can automate any accounting task from recurring journal entries to revenue recognition.
  • We believe in the power of the end-user. Each business is unique. We give you a toolset, not a set of rules, to configure the system the way you desire.
  • We are connected to over 14,500 banks and credit card companies. We are integrated to Stripe for payment processing and Avalara for sales tax management, along with many other business applications.
  • Reporting can be customized to fit your specific needs. We provide pre-built financial reports such as Profit & Loss, Profit & Loss vs Budget, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, Custom Reports, and Balance Sheets.
  • We are built for global companies. We provide multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-ledger ready from payment to reporting.

We are constantly updating our software so that our customers have the latest updates with technology. We are expanding into the enterprise market by offering features such as our multi-currency, multi-entity, and multinationals. Recently, we have increased our batch processing capabilities, which allows companies to schedule jobs to be performed in the batch size they need. With batch processing, we will be adding new consolations features for enterprise-level companies, including reporting. Additionally, we opened an office in London to better serve our EMEA customers and to further expand our accounting solution to companies overseas. 

Accounting Seed’s work culture is all about embracing your passion for your role.

Accounting Seed plans to continue on the growth path we are on right now. Every year, we strive to close deals in almost any industry such as because we believe we have the solution that can truly change the trajectory of the business landscape. As a top-rated solution by G2, Finances Online, the Salesforce AppExchange, and Software Reviews, we are confident in the technology we possess and will continue to come out with new releases of our software so that our customers have the best and most updated version possible.

We are going to continue to attend a variety of events in the Salesforce ecosystem like Dreamforce, and events within the accounting industry itself such as Accountex and AICPA’s ENGAGE. These events give us the chance to start new partnerships, meet new prospects, and connect with current users of the system – all of which contribute to the trust we are building within this industry daily.

Please tell us about your professional experience and your take on the competition in the market.

Throughout my career, I’ve held many different roles from business development to software engineer to CFO and CEO. Not only am I an entrepreneur, but I see myself as a leader and a manager as well. A manager is someone who tells one what to do based on the company’s vision and mission and will execute the company’s projects/tasks at hand. A manager is something that I have noticed is not my strong suit. A leader is someone who is all about the vision and where things are going with the company. A leader is always exploring and expanding how they want their product or service to be used as well as how it can change the world.

A leader is something I see myself as good at and it is exactly how I build the Accounting Seed brand and make sure it continues to grow. To me, an entrepreneur is someone willing to take a risk with something, as I did with starting Accounting Seed. Every day I have to take risks to better the company that can either go well or backfires completely. Either way, I am learning and growing every day and it is something that I have become a lot better at doing. 

My passion for accounting and getting people a better accounting system that is easy to use is my main mission and I love it! So, to me, I don’t feel that there is much competition, and it doesn’t feel like “work” because I see how much it matters. I started this company and created this platform because I love doing this every day. I enjoy making e our product the best it can be to ensure our customers are getting the best technology – something that other applications cannot provide.

Getting into the details of accounting and our software is something I love and love to see the small improvements of it each day. It is extremely rewarding as a CEO to see how far the company and our solution have come since 2008. Knowing that I have a solid team to work with and grow with, makes every day at Accounting Seed worth it! 

For me, competition is a motivating factor. I was a gymnast from 8th grade through my freshman year of college and never liked losing. I competed at a national level and would always look at my competitors to see how I could one-up them in the next round to win. I think that friendly competition can always bring out the best in employees. It shows them that when they put their mind to something, no matter what it is, they can achieve it. Sometimes having someone to beat gives people that extra boost to want to out-perform another person and that is something that can make or break a career.

Tell us about the work culture at Accounting Seed and what makes your team unique.

Accounting Seed’s work culture is all about embracing your passion for your role. When you show that you are passionate about your work, you don’t need to be micromanaged because there is a wall of trust that is built with someone who shows they are passionate about the company and completing their work. I keep my employees motivated and driven about Accounting Seed and their day-to-day tasks by incorporating a little fun into their weeks. We like to schedule company happy hours, lunch bunches, team-building exercises, etc.

This is a way to stay connected through the pandemic and have something to look forward to as a fun break from work during the day. I find it important to incorporate a good culture of fun as well as good teamwork.

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