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Syed Aijazuddin Founder & CEO Acess Meditech

The insurance industry is now heading down a path of disruptive innovation despite the effects of some external factors like the rise of sharing economy or even the ability to improve the operations with AI. Insurance companies are now modernizing their systems; they are improving their policyholder experience with constant innovations in products, platforms and services.

Owing to the changing structure of insurance, Acess Meditech is a leading Insurance Software Solutions provider for all segments of the insurance community and insurance product management. Their web based Insurance Management System Software solution helps to solve long-standing time-to-market challenges.

Acess Meditech The Inception-

Success is nothing but the epitome of all your hard-work, patience and perseverance. It can never be measured, because it is simply not same for everyone. Everyone gets their own set of challenges and getting past them is what counts as success!

After a few years of its inception, Acess Meditech faced challenges in the growth of their company due to the global recession. A hard time when most would have given up, the leaders of Acess Meditech, with their sheer dedication to customer service, the customer centricity, the team resilience, hard-work and commitment helped them sail through the challenging times.

When the company was started, the main product they offered was TOSHFA – ERP which is an integrated Health Insurance Management System but later on they expanded their Product technologies to offer a Comprehensive LIMRA – ERP to help manage the General Insurance product line and Operations moving ahead with the launch of Mobile Apps, E- Commerce Solutions, B2B, B2C, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions.

They were featured by Celent in their Magazine recognizing the outstanding product features of TOSHFA. Celent is research, advisory, and consulting firm focused to help the Market buyers make better decisions about technology.

Acess Meditech has been making its mark in growth by venturing into new Markets and acquiring Clients and providing a customer-centric technology services.

The Products and Services-

Acess Meditech’s web based insurance management system expertise and solution can dramatically lessen the cost of policy ownership services. They are appraised as CMMI Level- III (Capability Maturity Model Integrated Level -3 Company) having its branches at UAE & India. Acess Meditech is growing stronger with their clientele across the globe from Middle East, Africa, UK and U.A.E. They have a dynamic team with the mix of Insurance and technology expertise who always strive to deliver innovations.

AMTPL offers a focused, supported approach to provide a secure future for our clients through affordable solution that helps to meet their needs and expectations. They are offering a robust web based insurance solution, which has the flexibility of customizations to match the specific needs of clients for achieving their business goal of good service and revenue generation.

Acess Meditech’s USP is by their Products and New Initiatives – TOSHFA (Integrated Medical Insurance Management System) and LIMRA (Live Insurance Management & Risk Application) Product Services across the global market to build Insurtech Ecosystems with utmost client satisfaction. By providing customer centric, user friendly and automated solution, Acess Meditech helps its clients scale up their business by almost 40 percent. Acess Meditech has brought the benefits of customer service to the health insurance market giving it a new dimension. Its products are designed, developed and optimized in a manner to deliver utmost user flexibility, accountability and scalability.

Their products are a result of experience and technology going hand in hand. The AI Initiatives that include Data mining processes and high-level Data Analytics programming help provides insights to Insurance Companies by accurately predicting the future health trajectories of its customers and the associated utilization of healthcare resources. Their Rule based bilingual (English & Arabic) Mobile Chatbots (For Motor, Travel, Health and Medical Malpractice) to play an important role across the insurance value chain, including pre-purchase, purchase and Customer service.

There is an ease in the complexity of insurance transactions, which are traditionally characterized by manual form-filling, elaborate questionnaires, time-consuming, background checks, staff shortages and cumbersome customer service. By embracing the possibilities AI offers for innovation, insurance companies can win the hearts, minds and increase customer retention.

We would like to be recognized as a firm who will one day make a global difference – the way to the future of Insurance IT solutions & enable people and businesses throughout the world to access the best cutting-edge Insurance IT solutions from us.

The Work Culture-

Another important aspect for the growth of Acess Meditech is the work culture; because the work culture is directly proportional to employee productivity. The better the work culture, the more innovative ideas there will be on the table.

Acess Meditech has a simple work culture that boosts the employee productivity. Employee Engagement and Employee Retention are the two factors Acess Meditech focuses on. With an open door policy for the employees, where they can walk in anytime and share their concerns, Acess Meditech makes sure that everyone is just like one family. This has made it easier for the employees to deal with their personal and interpersonal issues.

The team creates a budding environment by training the employees into new verticals, motivating them, creating new opportunities for new experiences. The management is very transparent and has an unbiased fair approach with all the levels of employees devoid of any caste. The team comprises of committed, hard working and Insurance & technology experts who always have the vision to create innovations.

This dedicated and committed team is led by Founder & CEO- Mr. Syed Aijazuddin, who is an Insurance Expert with 25+ years of diversified Experience in spearheading initiatives for major names in the insurance sector with cross competencies in life & medical insurance and Assistance. He has Health Insurance Specialization & Certification from Chartered Insurance Institute – CII from UK; Health Insurance Associate (HIA) from the Health Insurance Association of America – HIAA; Healthcare Customer Service Associate (HCSA) from – HIAA & Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP) from – HIAA.

Under his leadership the company has received several awards and accolades. Some of their recent achievements include-

  • Certified ISO 27001:2013 – The Information Security Management System Applies to Software Development and Product Engineering, QA, AI, RPA, SaaS and Testing, Support and Maintenance, Support and Maintenance of Infrastructure Management Services over Cloud including Internal Support Functions like IT, Finance, HR and Administration.
  • Appraised as CMMI Level – III Dev Version 1.3 ML3 by University of Carnegie Mellon (Appraisal Number – 20114) dated till March 23rd 2016.

The way to be successful in the world is to come up with breakthrough software.

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